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Random Acts Of Kindness-Food For The Soul. :)

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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 04:58 AM
Hi guys, trying to start a fun/happy thread topic here if I can. They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. They do witness a lot! I think kindness is food for the soul! It is always a good thing to "feed" the soul with good works and deeds,
The other day, I brought a bowl of chicken soup and some fresh baked rolls to an ailing neighbor lady. She seemed thrilled beyond measure! I was happy to do it as I once saw this lovely woman when she was feeling well, pick a bouquet of pretty, fresh flowers from her garden and give them to a little neighborhood girl who always was admiring the garden. That lil girl ran home so excited. Two weeks later, I saw the little girl rescue a tiny, scared kitten and she has cared for it to this day. Random acts of kindness and "paying it forward". I love that!!

I bought a brown couch once but didn't care for it and offered it to a young, struggling military couple that didn't have much. When they saw the like new brown velvet coach, they literally jumped for joy. Fickle me wanted a sectional yet I was happy I seemed to make them happy too.

One time, I was shopping and a fireman was getting a cart and I was near the flower concession. I mentioned how pretty only one rose can be sometimes and have more impact. Later, on my way to my car, the young fellow approached me with a rose and wished me a good day and walked!

Another time, a lady at a check out line ran outta money and started to put things back, the gentleman behind her said no and paid for the rest of her purchases, She and her 2 kids had tears in their did I.

Husband and I watch the birds from our porch and we have seen folks be very kind at times. It warms the heart and feeds the soul. I hope others here have nice stories to share relevant to such things. I thought it would be a happy kinda topic for a change and who may give some folks ideas of how to pay a kindness forward and make someones day. I hope so!

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 05:40 AM
reply to post by shrevegal

For you.

Have a nice day

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by VoidHawk

VoidHawk, Way cool! What a neat surprise and a lovely way to start my day. Hugs to you for your kindness!! Smiles too.

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 06:12 AM
I was just remembering my old neighborhood. A teen girl there was injured and in a wheel chair and had a terrible seizure problem as well. Husband was always buying me teddy bears for Holidays. One day, I ran out to her as she past by, with a big, cheery red teddy with a bow and all...she was so happy and surprised! I was so glad I did that as 2 days later she died of a fatal seizure. I hope I bought her some small measure of joy.

So many sick children nowadays. Another neighbor boy with Cancer didn't seem to have much good going for him. Husband builds computers for a hobby. We gave the fella a new laptop plus one of those tablet/kindle type dealys. He looked worried for a minute about money maybe? We told him it was free...his eyes lighted up like Xmas trees then.

I love these kinds of things..random acts of a chain of kindness and love that can spread around. The more people see such doings and may get ideas to respond in kind, the better. I call it my chain of love...would that it could grow and grow and encompass the world some day...a dream of mine!
Any stuff to share folks? Would love that.

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 08:03 AM
I do these kinds of things a lot (my wife tells me I have some kind of hero complex)....but one I remember well is we were sitting in an ER, my wife waiting to be seen, but doing OK. A mother and her young daughter (tween age) were sitting there too. I had overheard where they'd been there for a long time, and whatever calamity happened, they hadn't eaten all day, and both were hungry and thirsty (but they dare not get up and leave for fear of being called during that time). I asked my wife if she wanted anything, ran to the McDonalds on the corner, and got food and drink for the mom and daughter too. They were very grateful and it made me feel better to help.

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 08:37 AM
If I see a chance for a random act of kindness I am doing it.

I have always believed in doing something good for someone else at random!
Random acts of kindness are awesome!
Back when I was an assistant manager of a restaurant, i saw this homeless guy digging through our dumpster, so I went out and asked him to come inside. At first he didn't want to and was concerned about customers feeling uneasy with him there. I told him I could care less what they felt, I was treating him to dinner. I sat and talked with him while he ate, and once about every two weeks he would come back and get a free meal from me.
(I gave him my free food that I would get being an asst mgr.)

The homeless man never took advantage of it either, and he started to come by at slow times when there was no one around.

My boss found out and I was told it was against company policy to give that food away, but that he would turn a blind eye

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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by shrevegal

Hello shrevegal. Hope you are doing well today. I also will do acts of kindness if i am able to. Im not one to turn a blind eye like so many. I helped a young girl not long ago whos little one had cut there head open by a fall. I ran them to emergency and waited for them some 2 hours or so. Then took them home. Luckily the little one was fine
. But i cannot believe how many people walk past and do nothing. The girl was in a state and people just stared and went about there business. Not hero status im afraid but will have to do seeing as i live such a boring life!!!!!

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by shrevegal

Starred and Flagged milady. I appreciate such heartwarming fare. We helped out a young Navy couple too back in Virginia Beach: beautiful young bride just starting to show her pregnancy and a real sweet good looking kid for a husband. Got a certificate the young man got his CO to sign, just for looking out for them. It's framed next to my dolphins. I often wonder how they have made out, but as much as we did for them I know we got more back.

Love and hugs and thank you for bringing up some nice memories.

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 05:56 PM
Hi all...Now that's what I'm talkin about!!! You guys are great! That's what it is all about. We are all in this thing called "life" together and whenever we can bring a smile or a kindness or help of some kind to someone in need, that is the best feeling in the world. To me, even while just shopping, it always feels better/right, for me to walk around with a gentle smile. So many folks walk around and seem as if they are zombies or that they literally are seeing through people, as if others do not exist. What's so hard about a smile. I heard it takes less muscles than a frown so it is good for our own appearance too.

I'm hoping more folks will have comments. I took so long to check back here as we have been having severe lightning storms and they creep me out and i usually stay off of tv/computer until they pass. We are expecting storms here all week...ugh.

Anyhow, glad to see the comments here so far. Hugs and Blessings and the best to all you sweet and kind hearted folks. Love ya! Hugs! ^j^
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posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 10:57 AM
Nice to see a heartwarming thread! I learned from my parents from the time I was a small child what acts of kindness can mean to those giving and to those receiving. I was recently a receiver of a wonderful gift. It all started when I received a free tomato plant for my front porch. I had no pot to put it in so I went to a local church thrift store to purchase one. I had about $5 to spare for one but the one I wanted was $7.50. So I asked the clerk if they were negotiable on it. Well the supervisor recognized me from before and gave it to me for a $1. I was so thankful I told her I would drop a poem bye.

The next day I dropped it off and she really liked it. She knew I had been looking for a new comforter for my bed so she told me to go back and pick one out. Even though my bed was a full size my future plans were to get a queen bed. So anyway I picked out one that was part of a set, which included skirt, sheets and pillow cases and pillow shams. She insisted and gave me the whole set. Two days after making my full size bed with the queen size bedding I received a call from an artist I had recently met. He said he was moving back to southern California and didn't want to have to ship his bed so he called to see if I wanted it. I explained I couldn't afford to buy it and he assured me it was free. It is a like new Sealy Posturepedic with bed frame.

I am a firm believer that when you practice random acts of kindness you will also receive them. I had really been hoping and praying I would have a new bed before my knee replacement surgery in July. It is important to be a good giver but also a good receiver! Shrevegal thanks for giving me the opportunity to share.

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posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 11:02 PM
R.A.O.K!!! I like doing these acts, it makes you feel good inside. You all gave fine examples and I'm happy to hear from people like you

I'll share a recent one of mine with you. It's rather small, but I know it helped him out and meant a lot to him.

It was a few months ago when the snow and ice was starting to melt off the sidewalks around town. Pulling up to a red light in some traffic, I saw this man trying to drive his electric wheelchair on the sidewalk but he was stuck in a heavy mixture of snow, ice and slush. He wasn't going nowhere and seemed to have been there for several minutes already...

I watched him struggling, driving a bit forward then backwards with no success... Some folks even walked right beside him and did nothing. I peeped a few people in their cars also looking at him but no one did anything. He was near a corner store so when the light turned green I simply parked at the store and went out to help him.

He was happy, offered me a smoke
and we went on with out lives.

posted on Jun, 28 2013 @ 05:13 AM
grayeagle and Dominar, that was wonderful to read...what ya'll said! That's the dealy....doing and caring and then does us all good and is food for the soul, warmth for the heart and who knows...what we share may give someone else an idea or inspiration to do good and that is never a bad thing!
Thanx guys.'re the greatest!

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 12:29 PM
We have no soul.

Everything is connected to the brain.

posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by GroundhogDay

I do believe you are right anymore...the way people treat other people. The proof is in the pudding and when ya get enuf pudding thrown in your face...well then, yep. I don't believe about the brain thing either tho, considering some folks have their brain located in their anal orifice.

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