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Private Investigators after me?

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posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 03:20 PM
edit: MOD please move to appropriate forum, posted by mistake in Religion forum...


To start off, I've been very sick for the past two weeks... I've been off work for about 14 days. A week ago as I went outside of my apartment building, I saw a man on the other side of the street in his car taking pictures of me. I really didn't think much of it, he could've been taking picture of the building.... But why would he be on the other side of a 4 way boulevard to take his shots?

Second event not long after and this confirmed my suspicions. I went to the emergency because I had chest pains and numbness in my left arm. It was 2 in the morning. There was another woman in the waiting room. But a minute or two after I got there, two man entered the waiting room, dressed very clean came in talking together. They went for the complete opposite side of the waiting room, sitting next to each other. Now these man looked as healthy as one could be, dressed very similarly and they kept looking at me every few minutes. The triage nurse went to see them and told them that the area they were sitting in was only for people with flu symptoms so they came closer to me, the row of seat right in front. There's vending machines right in front of their seets and both are looking at me through the reflection of the glass.

One of the guy look at the other and tells him that after all the pain is not that bad and he's gonna leave.. I look at him and I say, You've been here for 2 hours, it's almost 4 in the morning, there's no one else in the waiting room and you're gonna leave? I tell him he should stay. He decides to leave anyway, but the other guy that came with him is still sitting.

At this point, thoughts are rushing in my head and I have a deep down feeling that "something's" going on. I tell the other guy : "Oh you're not leaving? You guys came in together, you look like your friends and both of you are sick at the same time? He tells me he knows the other guy because he's always at the hospital. The man still in the waiting room went to the toilet for 5 minutes and came back. I wait another 15 min and the first guy comes back ! He sits right in front of me and tells me that after all, he has decided to stay. Now the two guys are not sitting together, not looking at each other and the one that came back from the toilet atttached a work credential id card to his back pocket, which is pointing right at me, sitting behind him. It wasn't there 5 mins before.

The man that came back after leaving receives a phone call and leaves for the bathroom. Now a third tall man dressed all in black enters the hospital, looks right at me and walks towards the alley where the toilet is. I can't see the toilet from where I'm sitting, I know exactly where it is but I stand up, go see the nurse and ask her where the toilets are, she points me to the alley and I start walking towards the toilet. There's no one there, I go sit back and at this point I keep starring at the other guy still in the room with a little smile. The tall man comes back from wherever he went and leaves the hospital, again giving me a weird stare as he leaves. A minute or two later the other man comes back and sits again right in front of me. He engages with me and ask me why I'm here, keeps repeating that I should come back another day as it's gonna be hours before I see a doctor. I tell him I have to stay. I ask him why he's here, tells me he has terrible pain in the neck. Now after he says that he starts rubbing his neck for the next hours, as if he's trying to convince me it's true.

At this point what I'm thinking is that my employer has PI on me for being sick or something like that. It's a very strong feeling, if you ever had something like this happen to you, you know the feeling of being watched. But something weird happens... The guy asks me if I think the new smart meters are the reason we're sick, asks me what I think about them, I answer that I know nothing about it and that it'd be unlikely that the smart meters have anything to do with it.

It's now 5AM, doctor calls my name, I stay in the doctors room for a good 20 minutes. When I come back, the 2 guys are gone. They haven't seen any doctor, not even the triage nurse when they came in, they both stayed there a good 3-4 hours and left just like this.

I work on the field for a big telecom company so I know it's not uncommon for them to investigate on employees. But what made me wonder is the random questions on what I think about smart meters that have been installed before. In a previous post, I did mention something about wired smart meters connections in phone cabinet box. So is it all related or only coincidence?

Do I have any rights about NOT being investigated by a private company? Should I mention it to my boss or workers union? Should I call the cops on them?

Thanks for reading and sorry if my english is not perfect !

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posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 09:09 PM
bump *if legal*

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 09:21 PM
You said your English isn't great - are you thinking your being profiled? I don't know your background so am just wondering based on that comment.

If you see them again I would straight up ask them. I had a guy taking pictures of my house once and he was trying to be all sneaky about it. I walked down the street and kindly asked him what he was up to. Turns out it was for a refinance. Strange story though

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by Dianec

Not at all, I'm natively french from Quebec and mostly learned english reading and listening to movies, I guess I write it the way I'd speak it. I'll take the compliment if you didn't notice it.

posted on Jun, 17 2013 @ 12:05 AM

They're killing off people they don't need with EMF. Buy some copper screen and turn your bedroom into a Faraday Cage. There's also a website selling cloth with silver in it to make curtains and cover your block the EMF.

They already gave you intermittent paralysis of your left ain't got much time left. Your central nervous system is already toast.

What you saw weren't PI's....military intelligence. They're the ones using the new tech to kill off folk.

Rapture is here...ain't God doing it.

posted on Jun, 17 2013 @ 12:38 AM
Sounds like they know people who are working in that field are getting sick due to the smart meters and probably tailing you as they don't want to have to pay out law suits which is going to happen sooner or later.

This is just a guess, not like one can be sure.

The post above made me see red though. If that post above is true, about the military and their genocide. They haven't got a chance of getting away with it.

posted on Jun, 17 2013 @ 01:38 AM
You probably were investigated.

I see the slippery slope to you going for compensation for your health problem. 2 weeks no work, unless your boss is totally crooked and suspects you'll run away whistleblowing, you probably have some group like Infragard on you, which is affiliated with FBI. In case you haven't looked out your window lately, there's a totalitarian information state outside.

Here's the thing, they have a staff, they have a budget, now all they need are subjects/suspects/targets/victims (whatever), and you were the person of the day.

They don't announce their presence do they? They just show up. At the cafe, at the clinic, on Christmas driving to the movie theatre, at the thrift store, at the hotel, on the metro train, the bookstore, the soup restaurant, the roads around your house, the truck stop, the hospital, for inpatient and checkups Breakfast, lunch and dinner, if it's public they're there, observing. Their skill set is what's intuitively or instinctively disrupting, even in plain clothes trying to act invisible, because they know how to shoot at a target, and shout at and chase people, or have military experience with knives and twisting people into pretzels. They actually fit the mold of a predator, so their hunting and tracking is what's going to set off some alarms and red flags, just sitting around doing nothing. The fact that they're there on a purpose and their purpose is you? Authentically scary to a non-public person. I don't blame you for being weirded out when you're outnumbered while lame.

I'd treat them as predators until they prove it otherwise. You're likely getting multi-agency investigated. That means a bunch of loose people from all around get called on something like temp job, having various backgrounds and current jobs. They're working whatever work is available. It sometimes depends on what you did on the Internet the day before you went outside.

Oh lets see while investigated for example I've found a lot the agencies (FBI, DIA, Navy, Secret Service, NSA probably, CIA, maybe DHS, USMarshals, State Dept.), except regular police, plus people from volunteer fire departments, shooting range instructors, media people, a variety of military intelligence, criminals probably with fake IDs connected to political party groups (terrifying)... and I guess they stopped following me with 4 cars everywhere for several years and just bought a house nearby, bribed out the neighbor too. Spun my head off in paranoia and still not accepting responsibility for the emotional distress, and it's not through yet. I wish I were making this up, it's been painful, and I don't get what they're getting at, and maybe some of their chasing was coincidental to some other big events at the time.

So my point with you is for holding your job alone you probably want an attorney in case your boss is trying to oust you, to have the number ready unless you want to quit. Don't bother staying around to play police state bingo with the investigators, don't get greedy for money, don't flip out into vengeance. They could be evil, you never know; they could be seriously judgmentally impaired with personal problems and roid rage, you don't know; they could have friends or relatives who are into bad things and are trying to cover it up, you don't know. For sure they are armed and maybe just dangerous to you, so take precautions and don't assume. Do it before they move in next door and camp out on a mysterious agenda but you know it's oppositional by design of them approaching with fakery in the first place.

They're not after you, you are just their object to follow to justify their paycheck. They are after an invisible idea, and they don't really see you. They see what they want to see, and likely in their setup their secret unofficial name for you is enemy. It's not fair, it's not true, you can prove it otherwise, but they don't care, about as much as nurses and doctors don't care about your health, they just process you for the money to keep their power. Get your legal life squared away and that's mostly all you can do in the union right now.

For all the snoops in your life there are probably 90 percent or more of normal everyday random outside people that couldn't and wouldn't understand your stress of being investigated if you brought up the subject. They'd resort to the psych-out (crazy, take meds, etc), which just adds to the humiliation of trying to be understood, so skip them and go to the attorney, not the police for that, unless someone is really harassing or threatening you.
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posted on Jun, 17 2013 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by MrMaybeNot

I wasn't commenting on your writing - that was fine but rather wondering what your national origin was to see if maybe it was profiling. Actually very descriptive story. Hope you figure it out.

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 05:16 PM
Here's what I would do if I was in your situation. Now bear in mind I am a bonafied Southerner and a redneck. Now I don't know if you have any firearms, but I would sit in front of my window in a comfortable chair. And when I noticed them I would scope them with my 7mm Rem mag. If they take off real quick they are watching you, and they now know you know.

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