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Childhood Growth "Treatments" (And Other "Treatments") - International/Professional Sporting Com

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posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 05:46 PM
Would childhood growth hormone treatments (amongst other "treatments" in childhood that spur on muscle/bone growth etc) affect qualification for international sporting competitions?

E.g. Let's say that your parents paid large and outrageous sums of money from when you were about 7 years old up until you were 18 in several "treatments" that saw you grow into something akin to this (6ft10, adapted to respective sport - e.g. running/swimming):



You subsequently stopped such "treatments" completely in 2010 and since 2010, you've been training for swimming competitions without use of "prohibited substances", would you be allowed to compete?

Take note - you, as a child had no disorders whatsoever. Your wealthy parents simply sought to give you an advantage (e.g. proto-designer babies).
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