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Now that Prism is uncovered, can we call stop referring to everything as Echelon?

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posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 09:11 PM
My first education into the world of clandestine spying was a tell-all book written by Mike Frost of the CSE which was a Canadian spy agency which later was eaten up into the creation of CSIS, Canada's current form of an alphabet agency responsible for all things James Bond.

We all see it on ATS, numbers of threads supposedly outing the "NWO", the "Powers that be" and the pretty standard of all current actions being labeled "Echelon" as if some outdated, outed program from the 60's was still in full force running under the same name.

As I said, Echelon was my first education into government spying:

In 1994, long-serving Communications Security Establishment Canada employee Mike Frost wrote a tell-all book, Spyworld. He alleged he knew of several illegal spying operations - including tapping the telephone of Margaret Trudeau, the wife of the prime minister at the time, to see if she had been [redacted]. Mr. Frost, who said he was treated poorly by an uncaring employer, complained of being spied on after going public (Fair Whistleblower).

I recommend "Spyworld" to anyone interested in the subject, to gain a glimpse of how it all started. Echelon is encapsulated in the book for all that it was, and it gives a you insight into how sloppy yet how professional the program was in the past.

The most important thing here though is that it was in the past.

People are always referring to Echelon as if it's still up and running with the same people behind the helm.

I realize the media and pop-culture in general is reluctant to use the go to word for a description of all things clandestine surveilling, but, since the real name of the current program, "Prism" has been outed, and earlier versions like Carnivore were also outed... I don't know why people don't refer to them for the current name.

It's just like when any act of mind programming simply gets called, "MK Ultra..."

As in, "The NWO totally MK Ultra'd that guy, blah blah blah..."

Similar to the ignorant act of labelling everything a false flag.

"My McDonalds cup had Chinese lettering on it! False flag??!!"

Calling anyone with a modicum of influence or power, "The Illuminati..."

"Charles and his brothers of Bohemia are Illuminati agents and Vatican assassins!"

I just see the whole thing as the equal to TMZ reporting on Kim Kardashian's Assets.

We heard about the Utah Data Center before it was built. It was covered in a number of magazines and popular news outlets. We've heard of programs that took them helm after Echelon faded from the limelight. We know way more than anyone gives credit too... and instead of having intellectual discussions on the matter it seems like people would rather express the shock and awe of a 5 year old when a new transformers or spiderman toy is released at Toys 'R' Us.

Why the ignorant adolescent dialogue when it comes to this stuff? Why can't we talk about it form a purely logical and intellectual standpoint? I mean, if you were paying attention none of this stuff should come as a surprise. Prism is not earth shattering news.

In other countries we are also clearly aware of programs that are going on which are really no different, directed at the general populace and especially anyone in power. I think the main difference here, is that people do try to claim the governments of the West are not like their Asian or 3rd world counterparts. But for anyone with their ear to the ground, they can see this is a naive fantasy for those that would lie to themselves for some personal superiority which can be projected to anyone not in the on the moral superiority bandwagon.

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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by boncho

you expect accuracy from conspiracy thieories ???????

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by ignorant_ape
reply to post by boncho

you expect accuracy from conspiracy thieories ???????

There's always wishful thinking.


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