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Healthcare sector shows what is wrong with our financial system.

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posted on Jun, 8 2013 @ 06:46 AM
Clinical retirement homes and the elderly that get their care at home every day, they are often subject of discussion. The past showed us that at times , clinical care was sadly enough unavailable because a shortage of personal. Health care offered people who can still live in their homes, with some extra care have seen prices rising and time shrinking ever since the government is cutting budgets everywhere.

This is just MS news and bad enough, that we simply spend less to our elderly, who worked hard and long to get this exact care when they grew older. Their lifetimes alone have not only build up these social insurance, it also got wiped of our rights as social security, because all the money has been invested badly.... Like poofed out of existence.

A news paper writes : Sector has 3.6 billion Euro cashed on their bank accounts. Outrageous !!

They hold on to it because they will need to let go more people and their jobs, but the salary rising of the people that manage these corporations rise so fast, that it's needed or they can't pay up. For next years changes of course.

People that lead an organization designed for the aid of our families, will be demanding so much money, that our elder family members will again receive less care with less.

Worse thing is that these parts of the work in health care, were managed by the teams that actually provided the care and served the patients. Planning and managing was part of the job and money now spend on people that are separated from where it all happens is a wast of money, time and more.

What I want to say is that my once so beloved country, where people worked hard to pay for their retirement and extra cost that comes with the passing of time. The same people that payed for these public assurances, are also the last that benefit from decades of working for a good old day.

At this point pension money is lost by unfortunate investments, what we can pay for ourselves by the way. All social responsibility this country used to be proud of, is cut from budgets, wiped from existence and what is left is payed to people that aren't even really necessary.

I hope I won't live to make my retirement, cause when it's my turn, there might be nothing left to spend my little extra money on, cause a nurse won't be hired because some dick thinks that should be arranged by professionals , who cash so much I can change my own catheter and bag of #, cause it won't happen if I don't do it myself.


change is always an option. Don't let others fool you to make bad choices. Influence, money, power... It means crap whn you're in a wheel chair with a flat tire, and nobody to fix it.


I hope I made my point clear. i got in the middle of a fight, over stuff I said that was taken as insulting.
Woman are a pain in the opposite side of a misunderstanding. Or I suck at explaining...

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