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Man rescued by best friend after car plunges into lake

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 07:20 PM
I thought this was a fascinating story out of New Orleans. A car was struck on a bridge causing it to go over the railing. The man who came to his rescue just happened to be someone he knew very well.


Authorities said Myer was traveling in the right lane when a motorist in the left lane was apparently cut off by another driver and suddenly changed lanes, striking the car Myer was driving. Myer's car climbed atop the bridge railing, hit a pole and plunged into the lake in a matter of seconds

"I started to undress and take off my boots and belt," said Bruhl, of Folsom. "I glanced over and see the guy on top of the water. He was floating on the spare tire and the officer had thrown the life ring over and was trying to get it to him." Bruhl then heard someone calling him by name. "I looked over and thought it was Ryan or one of the police officers." The voice was coming from the water. "He said, 'Colt, I'm in the water. It's me, Matt.' "
A second look over the bridge railing revealed that the man Bruhl was trying to save was Matthew Myer, a friend since childhood. Bruhl was stunned.

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