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The News is the News is the News .... or is it?

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posted on May, 27 2013 @ 09:41 PM
Interesting story about many Government officials being related to many News Media people.

Some names in the article are very familiar and begs some questions.

According to a May 11, 2013 article by News Busters, “CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the National Security Council (NSC) on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi.”

The article also said that ABC president Ben Sherwood and Special Assistant to Barack Obama, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall are brother and sister.

Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Tom Nides, who turned in his resignation in February 2013 is married to CNN executive Virginia Moseley, according to a November 18, 2012 article by MSNBC.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is married to ABC News contributor Claire Shipman, according to her official biography on the ABC News website.

Hmmm. makes ya wonder for sure.

see the article for supporting links....

Does This Explain Why Mainstream News is Seldom Challenged? Do the ‘Relationships’ between NYT and Other MSM and WH, DOS, DOD, EPA? Affect Our Perspective on Benghazi?

Do ya think these "relatives" share information and actually steer news stories to be favorable to certain political people?

or is this all just 'coincidence' ?

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by xuenchen
is this all just 'coincidence' ?

Q: "Is this all just coincidence?"
A: Nope.

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