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Reflexion of the same thought

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 04:18 PM
"Reflexion of the same thought represents a multitude of images reflected in the waters of your mind before the thought decides in what way to grasp."

Well,a single thought can create a multitude of images of us,images from which we can choose at a certain point in time.

And that image represents the decision that the thought has made for us.

That is why we must try to choose the real image of the thought.

Which is something very hard.

Because the rest of the images are just reflections of the same image only distorted,just like in many mirrors,when you see many images of the same thing and never know which is the real one.

Because decisions in life depends of many factors,and the main one is the power of analyzing of the mind.

But those factors ,called decisional factors,can or cannot give you the necessary amount of information that can lead you to the best decision.

I know,hard to take the best decision.

Because is like a travel in the future.

A future that you don't know.

Because you do not have the enough necessary elements to create the right path for that right thought that can bring you to the desired future.

And this because the elements that you analyze are taken' from the immediate environment near you,without having the possibilty to extend your senses beyond the place you are,in time and space,as time and space.

This is why the reflexion of the thought is creating a multitude of you without knowing which one is the real you,although you may think you know.

And this because the analyzing power of the mind is floating at the superficial surface of the thought,creating reflexions.

It is like having many accounts here on ATS,and for each of them you assert a personality, by this way splitting your personality.

I mean dividing your esential energies,a reason to demultiplicate yourself in reflexions of many mirrors.

Many times without the possibility to make again an whole of the same image.

And this is something that you even cannot realise that is happening to you.

And is taken your trust in your self away from you,because off the posibility of reconstructing of your splited personality.

Because you cannot choose from the many reflexions of the same thought.

Well those multitudes of images of the thought are like step by step frames of the same movie in high speed in fractions of seconds each of them reflecting your multitudes of personalities,of which you can choose,but choose carefully.

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by piequal3because14

Reflecting and Projecting...Projecting and Reflecting.

Set your scope as you guesstimate your assumptions, an endless cycle of what is, and what could of been, followed in lock step by what should of been. Trial and Error, constant reconfiguration of what is, into what could be. You reflect and you assess all while you procrastinate.

Which one is the real you? In the constant flow and jungle which people like to project themselves outward on a daily basis moment by moment? There all real, but they are also all like the clouds in the sky, floating things which sometimes resemble something to the eyes which beholds it for but that specific moment. You look up you see it and you think to yourself "humm that one looks like a horse"

And then, the moment moves on and your minds eye wanders on, because its just a cloud. But the cloud however is still there. And in another few moments it to moves on, drifting in the winds of change, however it will always be there if albeit. That it will not always be a cloud.

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird
Before the winds of change stays the reflection of a horse made of white clouds which will be projected in the colors of many thoughts gathered from that jungle.



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