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7 Students arrested for water balloons.

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posted on May, 23 2013 @ 11:28 AM

Seven teenage students in North Carolina were arrested on Thursday and charged with a misdemeanor for throwing water balloons during a school prank. A parent was also arrested during the incident. The seven boys, all between the ages of 16 and 17, threw balloons filled with tap water as an end-of-year prank at Enloe High School in Raleigh. The balloons were rumored to be filled with “other substances,” but Wake County Public School System spokeswoman Renee McCoy said “all indications” were that only water was used. Six of the teens were charged with disorderly conduct. The seventh was charged with assault and battery for hitting a school security officer with a balloon.

There you have it. Prank played by high school students, while I am not saying they shouldn't have gotten reprimaned by the school, this is something else, leads to criminal records. I am sure the charges will be brought down however theses kids or there parents at least had to pay bail to get them out. speaking of parents, the one that got arrested that day this is what happened:

Kevin Hines said saw Raleigh police officers acting aggressively towards a student they were arresting when he drove up to the school. "Being lifted up by the neck and taken down hard," Hines said. Hines said he tried to intervene was but was told he didn't know the whole story. Hines complied and said he wished to speak to the principal. "You're just trying to cause trouble. Get out," Hines said an officer told him. Hines said he then attempted to talk to a lieutenant but was approached by two officers and threatening with a TASER. Hines said he told the officers that wasn't necessary. "They arrested me on grounds of trespassing," Hines said. "So, they put cuffs on me and carried me away."


Surely the school recognizes that kids will be kids and it was harmless no harm no foul and all that right?
Ha, You must be new here if you believe that

Renee McCoy, a representative of Wake County Public Schools, said they rely on the training of the Raleigh Police Department in these situations. "We leave those decisions up to Raleigh PD," McCoy said


I don't what this world is comming to, I mean when I was in high school we threw water ballons on the last day of school, hell in the last week of school someone drop water buckets down on students in the busiest hallway then threw flour down after it, He got caught and wasn't allowed to walk at graduation, if that happened now forget it. Water guns were used in school and detention was handed out, but now martial law.

One Parent at least is standing up to this

The mother of an Enloe High School student has filed a complaint with the Raleigh Police Department after an officer threw her son to the ground Thursday as police responded to a water balloon battle at the school.


posted on May, 23 2013 @ 11:45 AM
Busted for throwing water balloons? WTF I would send those little terrorists off to Guantanamo if I were assaulted in such a way. Has the security guard filed a suit against the company that packaged those balloons to be sold as assault weapons? Is there an upcoming ban on water balloons? Perhaps the total number of water balloons being allowed in a package should not exceed five total projectiles.

To think kids threw water balloons at people during a school prank is simply appalling. Where were their parents? Are they going to be charged as accessories to the horrific crime?

Seriously I am going to make a telephone call to both the school and the police department today commending them for their bravery in apprehending these criminals. The horror the horror of it all.

When kids can't throw water balloons during a school prank, release some crickets into the hallway then there is something really really wrong with the world. I am ashamed to live in a Country that has run so amok as to charge children with a crime for water balloon tossing.

This makes me so very happy I never had kids. I thought I would avoid bringing them up in a world full of war, Monsanto foods, toxic waste, pollution and a piss poor economy. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine kids being charged with crimes for tossing water balloons. I am angry at sad all at the same time.

Just added, I did call the high school just now and let them know how I felt about charging kids with a crime. I would recommend that we ALL do the same today. Do not swear, do not make threats, just tell them you are ashamed of them and that they have failed as educators and humans. Just to make it easy I added the schools information to my post. FLOOD THEIR OFFICE WITH CALLS !!!!!

Enloe High School
128 Clarendon Crescent Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 856-7918
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posted on May, 23 2013 @ 11:53 AM
Wow, this is pathetic. On yesterdays news here in north east PA there was a "Ritalin Ring" busted at Crest Wood HS (I think it was the HS) with 3 kids being arrested. Basically these kids who were prescribed Ritalin were giving them to other kids.... "Now now now lil' Joey, only doctors can give you drugs, don't be sharing them." Now the whole school and students are being searched at will. Our school and police systems forgot they are here to serve and protect, not give everyone they can a fine or record. I graduated in '06 and back then students were only given detention or in school suspension for water balloon level incidents, and the police were the good guys. Now their heads are so far up their asses they forgot what their purpose is. Just because a few crazies the past 2 years, now they treat all kids with force for a prank. What happened to having a little fun, before school let out.
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posted on May, 23 2013 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by Sheepherder91

The seventh was charged with assault and battery for hitting a school security officer with a balloon.

Is it possible that this is where it all began to be unfun? I bet the "cop" happened to get in the line of fire. He could ahem just stood by arms folded and watched to be sure it didn't get out of hand. But nooo! He probably pulled his whistle and strode into the fray grabbing at kids in a futile effort to deballoon them.

I bet he has a habit there of wandering into kids fun and blowing his whistle. Damn wannabes. Whats the matter officer, did you take this job in the first place because you hate kids and want to punish them? Whats the matter Private Pyle? Didn't your mommy and daddy love you enough when you were a child?

Of course the kids there adore him...

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 12:43 PM
How would you feel if you were a guard at a school to protect the people around and little punks hit you with a ballon. How did the guard know it was just water. Never ever throw things at people. Those kids hit people with projectiles for no reason. Come on we are better than that. How would you feel if you were walking home then out of no where you're hit with "stuff" for that split second you don't know it's water all you can think is I'm being attacked. Those kids got what they deserved water or not. Could have got a kid in the face and hurt them. Allergic to latex. There are just some things that you use your descression about. Just saying.

Release frogs or something into the school but never lay your hands or harm others unprovoked. I was attacked by kids throwing water bottles that when they hit the ground they exploded. Had I have been armed at the time it could have been very very bad for the kids that decide to be racists against me and my bro over not letting a group of nanners steal my phone. Out of a group of 4 kids with a truck none of them had a phone I thought it was fishy so I continued about my business until they threw water bottles at us and made racial slurs.
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Before I take heat for my word usage I don't judge people on what they look like I judge you on your actions all day every day.
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posted on May, 23 2013 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by marbles87

I'm not saying they should have gotten away with it. There should be some kind of reprocussion, but charging them with misdemeanors is a little excessive. I get they didn't know what was in them, and the intial shock of "what did I get hit with" is there, but once they found out it was just water, I don't think it needed to be taken this far.

A slap on the wirst by the police
A slap on the ass by the parents
A stint in detention by the school.
I think would be enough but Instead jail time and criminal charges?

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by Sheepherder91

They are minors. Once they turn 18 they are free and clear and forever they will always remember not to do stuff like that. Make an example but do no permanent damage. Kids make mistakes but unless you punish them they learn nothing. Detention is not punishment it's a free study hall. A slap on the wrist just means I almost got away with it.

In a very very small way it was terrorism for those who they singled out. The act of doing something to cause a scare or fearful mindset is terrorism. The same stuff we are trying to stop.
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What would have happened if that cop returned fire on them. Was it worth it... Over water balloons and the cop would have been 110% in his right.
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posted on May, 27 2013 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by marbles87

Assault and battery for water balloons, though? Really?

What's next? Murder charges for killing a dandelion?

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