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Shot in the hip!

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posted on May, 21 2013 @ 03:04 PM
Just wanted to share this with you as I was quite surprised myself and now a bit worried!

I started to keep a ' dream journal' because I tend to have very vivid dreams that often play out like movies and some ten to be very repetitive so thought it would be interesting to keep a note of them. I started to record my dreams about a month ago and do it as soon as I wake so I don't forget details.

For the past 6 days or so I started having terrible sharp pains in my left hip bone. I've never suffered this before and definitely didn't come about as a result of an injury. It's not related to movement at all, just every 15 minutes it feels like someone is putting a knife into my hip bone, it lasts for 20 second then goes but takes my breath away.
As a result of suffering multiple pulmonary embolisms ( blood clots in lungs) a year ago I have to take warfarin for life. This can cause bleeds and a Dr friend has suggested I could be bleeding into my hip joint....all symptoms make sense. Am a bit of a wimp and don't want to rush straight to hospital so spent all day in bed yesterday to rest hip and it seems to be improving.

Last night I happened to glance at the first page of my dream journal which was the very first dream I recorded a month ago but had totally forgotten about - i dreamt I had been shot in the left hip, was laying in hospital blood pouring from hip but the drs and nurses and my husband in my dream just brushed it off as being nothing serious and I couldn't get anyone in my dream to take my injury seriously!

I was shocked to remember the dream of about a month ago which was about exactly the same area I am now suffering with. Very odd and now I am worrying that my dream, or at the very least my body is trying to tell me something!
Something or nothing? What do you think?

Thanks L

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 09:17 AM
To me this is something. I think your dream told you something there and you should listen!

Always better to double check, if it was nothing, good for you, if it's something, you at least found out about it and you can start doing something about it.


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