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My alternate reality dream

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posted on May, 21 2013 @ 10:44 AM
I started decide to wright down this dream after reading a thread on dreams traveling thought parallel universes.

I had this dream couple years ago. I have it written down that I don't remember how the dream starts.

Here the dream starts I had car the window got broken in and I go in to my house or apartment (not sure witch it is). I go to my bedroom that has gold sheets on the bed.

I meet another me from another universes (I think he was running away from his universe the dream skips here some how I learn how to travel between universes, now rereading it I notice that there is a lot of skipping in it).

I tell my mom that I am going to another universe and I am letting the other me have my place to live at when i am gone, i had a wet rag that i though on my bed.

(the dream kinda skips here) There was long flash. (I want to say there was images of me traveling a lot of other universes) I am living with friend's place. When the universe starts to collapse by slowly getting eaten by this fog like stuff. I meet this ape like guy( kinda like the apes form planet of the apes)and 2 to 3 others and we start to talk. I tell them i am from another universe, they tell me they have device they point to it. The device looked like a small tree or bush to me, it even had things that looked like leaves on it. The monkey guys said it is an artifact powerful enough to move me and the remaining population to another universe.

they told me they needed help moving the tree like thing because they have been moving it pretty far. I walk over to the tree and see that the wall of fog is about to take the tree so left it up and moved. after a long journy we end up back at my place in that universe we put the tree in the next room to mine.

I go to meet my other alternate realty family and I start to tell them what the fog meat( i kinda wish i could remember what it meat to) and started to tell them about the tree device and then my alternate realty mother said where would we "go to your universe "(she said this like she steal did not believe that i came from another one). I step out of the car on to an empty road see the wall of fog in every direction. I shudder with fear.

I am back to my original universe not sure how i got back. I go to meet someone that know i went away. I wonder how the other universe is doing. we go to my place i left and went to my room and it looked like no one been there an along time. I find out i have been gone for 4 years. I pull the rag off the sheet and there was mold there so start taking the sheets off. after a little bit I go out side and see my old car that got broken into with a cop car and a tow truck by it.I say it took them 4 years to do something about that. Than I ask the person with me what happened to my other self and they said he went insane and started to kidnapping people to cope with thing.

I was about to start to tell them about the other universe collapsing( then i wake up with filling like i went to a lot
universes that had the fog stuff in it and i was running away from the fog ).

posted on May, 21 2013 @ 11:11 AM
That's interesting to me because I have dreams all night long about alternate realities. They are usually just a little different. Honestly it is incredibly boring to me. Apparently all the "Me's" are really, really dull.

posted on May, 21 2013 @ 10:54 PM
I remember having to choose between medications - one was drowsy and one increaced appetite - if I took the one that increaced appetite, I imagined that I had put on a lot of weight and my voice even changed.
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posted on May, 23 2013 @ 09:21 AM
I have had one too.

It was still the same me, but in another universe. I remember talking to a girl with dark blue hair and eyes. We were talking about how school makes you dumb. It was in a universe where the New World Order has succeeded in making humanity it's slaves I think.

Sad, sad dream...

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 07:50 AM
I going to put another dream here because I don't feel like making another thread for my dreams. I just fill like putting it down it been a couple weeks where I haven't been able to remember my dreams.

Here it is.
Not sure how it begins, but I was in a park like area with this new couple (I was there as there counselor I think).
The guy wants to tell his father but was Indifferent from him, but wanted his father to know that his girlfriend was pregnant and wanted him in the picture.I some how new the father to and he was mad at his son(looking back i think it was that his father thought his son didn't take life seriously and this would change his mood imminently some how).

I get the father and his mother to come and meet us at the park and I tell the farther that his son has something he needs to tell you. So i get them together. (They stand facing each other with me right by them).
I think the father was willing to listen but the son would mess around and not tell his farther what he need to tell him. That makes the farther mad in turn that makes me mad,( I think the farther was about to punch the son and that would turn the sons anger would then be more on the farther, so that why I think i did what I did next).
I get between them and get in front of the son and yell tell your farther what he needs to know. But the son refused so I punch him to the ground, I turn around and tell the farther for him the real reason I came today, the madness he had melts away than he picks up the son and hugs him.

I walk away disgusted with the son. I walk to a water fountain because I was thirsty ( I soon woke up thirsty so that the easy part to interpret lol). Some one that was watching what just went on said I did good job but I said I didn't fill like I did a good job.( I woke up with a fill like the son hated me now , I was like good at least you hate that's better than that Indifference's you had and than go get a drink of water.)

Kinda an interesting dream I don't get many 3rd person dreams. fill free to interpret it if you want.
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