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Quick question. Is Third eye related to sleep?

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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 10:59 PM
Sometimes I think its not really related towards this reality, people seem to
be mistaken it, with this new age stuff that doesnt work.

People say monks/buddists take 20-50 years to achieve it? or they just
are lying? Now you see people on the internet, claiming thirdeye/enlightnment
without any experience, just more new age stuff they made themselves
trying to appear intelligent and post techniques online
(they be like dont drink fluoride, take this vitamin etc.), i bet all they
have is maybe 1-3 years experience and they think they are already pro's.
Im not trying to bash anyone, its nice that people are trying to help out each
other with information, We wouldnt of came this far without it.
I just wonder only.

I think meditating is really just sleep awareness, while you are sitting
30-60mins, your body might fall sleep while your mind is awake, hence
why people are mistaken dreams. Its like when you lay down to sleep,
and if your mind happens to be aware/awake accident, then you
see or experience something freaky. Reminds me of the
ganzfeld effect, while ganzfeld means to strip you of your senses
eyes and hearing, thus, induce hallucinations, like meditation sort of,
since you have to remain still for a good 30-60mins, might fall asleep
for most people.

If i meditate before I sleep, good 20-30 mins, I tend to have like a good
4-8 dreams or so all ranging from good to vivid. Before when
I never knew of meditation, I didnt even remember my dreams at all
, and now I have like TONS OF THEM and I remember them too.
Fav dreams are flying just like most people, cause its funny.

When I think about it, in my dreams I can close my eyes and see through them,
can examine some objects much better, even able read. If I focus
and close my eyes, I can just teleport myself to different area.
People seem to say its asteral, but all it really is dreaming within
the little world in your brain.

I believe our brain is just too powerful of a tool. Our brains deserve much more credit
than it does.

Hopefully my rant makes sense.

posted on May, 19 2013 @ 12:52 AM

Originally posted by aerial
I think meditating is really just sleep awareness

Yeah, that's exactly what meditation is. And that's one of the ways it's often described as by meditation teachers.

Although, I'm not really sure what you're trying to say--what side of the fence you're on. I couldn't tell if you think meditation is just a relaxation technique or a spiritual activity.

Either way, even if it's "all in your head," (for that matter, where else would it "all" be if not in your head?) that doesn't discount the metaphysical, spiritual significance of meditation.

posted on May, 20 2013 @ 09:43 AM
I really think the new age philosophies are very dangerous. Think about it, you're working with something that is obviously very important and powerful, but with scraps of knowledge that are poorly stitched together. Since when was that a good idea?

I know there are people who are just naturals at spiritual gifts. Some have to work harder in others. In the Yoga Sutras [as interpreted by Sri Swami Satchidananda], it says if you unlocked a power in one birth, but did not reach enlightenment, you have the potential to come across that power more easily in your next birth. In the Sutras it says the mental modification supported by the cognition of nothingness is sleep. We have thought of having no thought, which I interpret as we just ARE when we are sleeping, and experiencing when we are dreaming. Then I'd have to go into different types of sleep, dream states, and all sorts of other things he doesn't mention...

I do believe the third eye IS linked to sleep. The more stable and powerful your third eye, the better awareness you have. Awareness is really the trick to dreaming. It's what allows us to be lucid, and enter other dream states.

These are all based on my interpretations of the Yoga Sutras. I am trying to teach myself basic Sanskrit to get a better understanding of these Sutras.

Now, onto the people who claim mastery over such things in such a time span, there is a quote that I keep in my mind at ALL times. "Beware the guru on the golden throne"
One who has reached enlightenment or awakening does not need to advertise such. Business advertises. People who wish to sell something uses that strategy. If someone claims enlightenment, but can't even do what I do on accident, I don't trust them. I don't trust anyone who claims to be of a higher awareness state right off the bat.

This new age stuff is really... building of the ego and false self, in my honest opinion. We are all students, so what right do we have to forget that and act like a teacher?

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