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Ethnic displacement and the long term social implication

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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 12:20 AM
Over the past twenty year's I have being a native Briton noticed a vast change in the ethnic landscape of Briton, many city's including London the capital are now in the situation of finding themselves to have a minority British born population as the immigrant's population has increased, as well as allowing mass immigration into the UK the previous British government has given an amnesty on an almost annual basis to the vast and deliberately under estimated illegal immigrant population.

Primarily these immigrant's fall into two group's.

Primarily Eastern European's looking for work usually with no permanent residency plan's and a propensity to send the bulk of there earning's out of the British economy back to there home county's, they are hard working and work for minimum wage which mean's that employer's love them over the British workers in spite of the common sense fact that the wage paid amount to a drain on the British economy in the form of a loss of money that is taken out of internal circulation and sent into other European nation's,. Predictably the British work force often feel betrayed by government here as we can not see how being in the European union is helping us.

Primarily Islamic by religion and not vetted or checked for criminal or other issue's. These are almost exclusively male and female's only account for a small percentage of there number's, they are usually of the age 15 to 50 and believe that the united kingdom is a utopia in which they can achieve a quality of life they never could back home often fleeing war and social poverty in there own nation's there are now entire area's of London were the resident immigrant population has created a secondary shanty culture in there back yard's converting there garden she's and garage's into bedroom's they sub let to these people illegally and in breech of our law's.
Coming from a polygamous culture they often have no wife's and look around for women to marry often marrying native English women, they form an underclass of illegal employees usually working for the same legal immigrant community that provide there squalid accommodation's and are the most visible alteration in the structure of the social structure of the united kingdom coming from a truly alien background.

FIRST OF ALL I Don't want to hear mindless racist comment's this is a respectable web site so I want to hear intelligent and civilised opinion's and argument's on this matter,. I have my own opinion's and won't speak them on here but welcome a discussion and feel free to disagree with my statement but please provide an intelligent reason why.

One final comment I am no supporter of the BNP so if that is were your sensibility's lie please remember I am British and don't like Nazi's though we are too heavily saturated by immigration for such a small nation and though is promoted a cosmopolitan outlook it is now harmful to our own people and totally destructive to our culture.
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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 12:26 AM
Many parts of America are in the same boat, though everyone will say how wonderful immigration is to avoid being seen as not politically correct.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 01:19 AM
Immigration can be dangerous, just ask the native Americans...

America has faced wave after wave of immigrants and survived them all, all where faced with mistrust and down right hatred, despite that America flourished.

How ever in the past the key was assimilation, much like Rome that insured those brought into the empire assimilated to roman culture, the wave of immigrants years passed would adapt to their new environment to the benefit of all.

Problems seem to occur when the immigrants refuse assimilation.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 02:08 AM
reply to post by benrl

When I think about it ... here in the UK we have a shortage of 'social' housing, schools are

full to overflowing, the inevitable unemployment statistics and the state of the economy

Whatever that can possibly be done
We cannot increase acreage = land ... and

it often reminds me of some of the crazy antics got up to years ago by people trying to get

into the Guinness Book of Records

* How many people can you get into a Mini?

* How many people can you get into a phone box?

* How many people can you fit into the o2 arena?

* How many people can you fit onto a football pitch?

* How many people will fit into a square metre?

* How many people can you fit in a black cab/yellow taxi? And now

How many people can you fit into the UK??

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 03:11 AM

Originally posted by benrl
Immigration can be dangerous, just ask the native Americans...

America has faced wave after wave of immigrants and survived them all, all where faced with mistrust and down right hatred, despite that America flourished.

How ever in the past the key was assimilation, much like Rome that insured those brought into the empire assimilated to roman culture, the wave of immigrants years passed would adapt to their new environment to the benefit of all.

Problems seem to occur when the immigrants refuse assimilation.

I agree. The Native Americans were demonized from the get go. Colonization drove them from the north eastern coast and it spread. They justified the Native American's removal through propaganda papers claiming they were savages, would scalp you, and what not. Then, wherever they were moved, resources were found. So the next justification was they lacked literacy in the settler's lexicon to even be considered 'land owners'. They were deemed ineligible for 'rights'. There was a tribe from Georgia, I believe(going off history class et al), that actually took the time to become literate in the English language and file the paperwork necessary. They still were forced to move west. Then come the oil fields they were put on.

Cherokee Treaty with the United States 1785

post 1785 treaty link source

By 1823, the state government and citizens of Georgia began to agitate for the removal of the Cherokee Nation, in accordance with the agreements of 1802 with the federal government.[23] Congress responded by appropriating $30,000 to extinguish Cherokee title to land in Georgia.[24] In the fall of 1823, negotiators for the United States met with the Cherokee National Council at the tribe's capital city of New Echota, located in northwest Georgia. Joseph McMinn, noted for being for removal, led the U.S. delegation.[25] When the negotiations to remove the tribe did not go well, the U.S. delegation resorted to trying to bribe the tribe's leaders.[fn 6] On December 20, 1828, the state legislature of Georgia, fearful that the United States would not enforce (as a matter of Federal policy) the removal of the Cherokee people from their historic lands in the state, enacted a series of laws which stripped the Cherokee of their rights under the laws of the state. They intended to force the Cherokee to leave the state. In this climate, John Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, led a delegation to Washington in January 1829 to resolve disputes over the failure of the US government to pay annuities to the Cherokee, and to seek Federal enforcement of the boundary between the territory of the state of Georgia and the Cherokee Nation's historic tribal lands within that state. Rather than lead the delegation into futile negotiations with President Jackson, Ross wrote an immediate memorial to Congress, completely forgoing the customary correspondence and petitions to the President. Ross found support in Congress from individuals in the National Republican Party, such as senators Henry Clay, Theodore Frelinghuysen, and Daniel Webster, as well as representatives Ambrose Spencer and David (Davy) Crockett. Despite this support, in April 1829, John H. Eaton, the secretary of war (1829–1831), informed Ross that President Jackson would support the right of Georgia to extend its laws over the Cherokee Nation. In May 1830, Congress endorsed Jackson's policy of removal by passing the Indian Removal Act, which authorized the president to set aside lands west of the Mississippi River to exchange for the lands of Indian nations in the east. When Ross and the Cherokee delegation failed to protect Cherokee lands through negotiation with the executive branch and through petitions to Congress, Ross challenged the actions of the federal government through the U.S. courts. Also, the Supreme Court ruled that the state of Georgia could not force the Cherokee Tribe to move out of Georgia.

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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 03:16 AM
You want to stop migration?

Then stop colonialism, practising imperialism and making conflicts in their territories under the name of (our government’s interests).

Instead of complaining just take a look at every single immigrants/refugees (both economic and political) they all have something in common….. They are there because of YOU GOVERNMENT created so much misery in their countries that they have no choice but to flee and leave one way or another.

Open your eyes and focus to find the source of the problem not the problem itself.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by Abstruse

I know that is totally true about the native American's whom we now know to be at least in part ancient European's whom migrated from the east as well as the Asiatic tribe's whom migrated from the west over the bearing straight land bridge.

There were many truly SAVAGE thing's done by the white settlers from the many European race's whom settled America including the murder of native American's and the use of there skin for decorative leather, there hair for decorative use, there bone's for knife handle's and carved ornament's and even the rape and murder of native women that in may cases were gutted while still alive and there ovaries' hung on the hat's of cavalrymen I believe this happened under Custer and his men, no one can heal or put right these crime's and time will never erase them but the world must move on.

We in the UK are being out bred by the Islamic Asian immigrant's and some have taken to deliberately having as many children as they can in order that the generation there children are born into will have a higher percentage of there own people and the successive generation will then be in the majority, this is because of both religious commandment's that they should take over the world as they believe there god gave it to them and also a deep racist hatred of the British.

I am Also one eighth Maori and feel for my Maori cousin's in that they were given a Treaty that said one thing in Maori and another completely different thing in English, I am descended from Maori nobility on one side through my fathers family and on my mothers side have an ancestor whom fought in the New Zealand Mounted Police during the Maori war's.
Though a bit hidden the fact is the Maori took the islands off another people called the Mori Auri whom they eradicated 7 hundred years before the European's got there.
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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by amkia

I have never colonised anyone (though I have tried with a few good looking ones) but seriously that is so tired and out of touch that it shows a lack on knowledge, the truth if you research properly and not by anyone whom has a vested interest is, In Africa the British were by and large a good influence and under our control they received LAW, EDUCTION, INFRASTRUCTURE and INDUSTRY but they were locked as far as social mobility was concerned, most African colonies fell into civil war within a decade of our withdrawal, Famine and social injustice ruled while greed, corruption and tribal hatreds resurfaced.
In India the Muslim minority hated us for taking control off them of the vast majority of Indian's and indeed prior to Ghandi's appearance the Hindu majority and the Sikh were actually better off under our leadership as well as actually preferring our justice to the Injustice of the Islamic rulers whom were tyrannical and cruel (One major reason for the partition of India they (the majority) were never going to ruled by the Muslims again), you might want to read up on the history of the British east India company and how the Indian peasants petitioned to be ruled by the British even welcoming the British when we took control.
In china WE ARE guilty of a terrible crime and that being the opium war's for which we the Americans and the French are all guilty but for the most part if you are looking for cruel and unjust conquerors then look to the Belgians (the Congo), the Spanish, the Portuguese and the Arab's.

Sorry if that does not fit what you were taught or the fact that under British rule, most especially in the 1800's (The white man's burden was a phrase that came to account for the massive task of civilising the tribal provinces), the people's of our colonies had massive population increases due to enforced law, good food supply, peace and just rule but we can not be held responsible for the propaganda of those whom claim otherwise or the self justification of the west hater's whom follow a child molester that married a six year old child called Aisha now can we.
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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by benrl

Yes, I agree with you. Speaking as a individual who is of multiracial heritage and respects the Stars and Stripes. We as Americans need to help immigrants become apart of our country. If we alienate them then we risk chaos within our own country. If reading and watching videos of immigrants who have found both happiness and success we need to continue on that road. Just my two cents.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by Phoenix267

Both you and Benrl are correct but my issue is not and never was a matter of race it is a matter of both space and culture but in America you have near enough 300 million now use google earth and look at how small in comparison Britain is and figure out that the official estimate is 65 million then factor in maybe 7 or 8 million not on the census and you have 72 to 73 million in this little island and it has cost us our unique heritage, for over 1400 years church bells rang out every Sunday now our politically correct local government (Like your county legislature but more powerful) have banned almost all church bell ringing on noise abatement ground's but the minaret's that have sprouted up around the country are allowed to shout through megaphone's at full volume at 4am and are not subject to these law's as far as I know, now a council in the south of England has banned flying the George cross in case it offends Muslims. three years ago a Hindu mayor in Preston banned Christmas carols at Christmas so please try to see it from our perspective and see the powder keg that is ticking in this country.

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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 03:31 PM

Ethnic displacement and the long term social implication

One theory rarely discussed anywhere takes everything happening today and instead of eclipsing all but a single shred, proposes a larger battle going on behind the scenes.

The theory says that there is a war between those who favor creating a fascist empire from what we know as the 'west' and those who would create a socialist hegemony in the same spaces. The divisions our nation (and others) have been indoctrinated into are based on these two behind-the-scenes power factions working to achieve their goals.

One thing else this theory basically does is to take the NWO and TPTB terms and turn them on their ears because... there isn't just one!

In a way, it explains how two American presidents can be so very different in aim and so similar in tactics. Bush and Obama were the public faces of each faction. On one side, Bush was an effort to use conservative America to create the fascist police state and on the other, Obama is being applied to dilute the vote of the conservative bloc by way of flooding the nation with illegals who would then follow his lead in creating a socialist police state.

The theory says this has been going on since the very first volley was fired in this war; the assassination of Kennedy.

Sound crazy? Sure it does... as crazy as opening our borders to millions of illegals and as insane as the Patriot Act.

No matter which wins, we look to be the losers.
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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by redoubt

Not that crazy sounding just very, very hard to prove and there would have to be some very powerful behind the scene's player's maybe even corporation's hedging there bet's or a very powerful elite with near total ownership of some very powerful corporate entity's using surrogate's to hide there influence but creating and controlling both camps while they steer it toward there long term goal of absolute control.
In Britain Cameron answers to his BOSS at the CBI an influential none elected private members club that represents the large corporate business interests and makes a mockery of any concept of British democracy when they can have the law's they want passed in parliament and the people can not, when his boss at the CBI asks Cameron jump's.
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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

You missed out the will find hundreds of Chinese in most university towns and cities. Obviously most are temporary residents, but they are also extremely hard workers, and are highly popular with service sector industries because of their affable attitude and excellent work ethic. Most work as well as study, especially the girls.

And many do stay on for post graduate courses, and will stay if they are able to.

Similarly, a significant portion of the science sector in universities are employing Eastern European post graduates who DO locate here permanently...must be causing quite the 'brain drain' in Eurasia.

Personally, I like the diversity and new blood has a revitalising effect often, in more ways than viva la difference and I'll take the rough with the smooth.

posted on May, 17 2013 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by KilgoreTrout

You are correct but there has always been for at least 200 years a link to the Chinese people via Hong Kong and the oldest Chinatown's are in Liverpool and Manchester were many Chinese sailors whom worked for the British settled and married Primarily Irish catholic woman (I do not draw a distinction between Ireland and Britain because despite the hatred and war that has often gone both way's we are tied at the hip, more British than know are of at least partial Irish descent and vice versa), the Chinese were an integral part of our navy via the famous Chinese laundry that every naval ship once had and also they could be found in the old (and Far better) British hospital's were they would boil the laundry 3 time's and press the sheet's to immaculate perfection) they are a great hard working addition, the East indies are our people even though they are black and we are white in that they never asked to be taken from there home's as slave's in the 17th and 18th century's also the shameful and evil practice of breeding house slave's by raping the most attractive black girls so that there off spring would be lighter skinned mean's they have in a very great many cases ancestral claim to Britain even if some idiot's here don't recognise this fact. The Indian community is primarily hard working and industrious as well with only the (And I am sorry if I offend anyone but the truth is reality) Muslim community of primarily Pakistani origin being the cause of concern along with the African immigrant's from Muslim nation's especially the Somali's and other than that the great over spill from the eastern European nation's, not the poles, my concern is not race but the economic and social structure that this will create, a strong nation may help the world if ethically run but a nation that take's every one else problems when it is not in a situation to help itself is sadly doomed and that is exactly were I believe we are now as it may be too late to do anything about the situation but I do despair as I see a Muslim country slowly taking over from within like an inexorable cancer that we can not fight without resorting to method's that would surely damn our soul as a nation.

My sister is married to an Iranian whom was in the Revolutionary guard that overthrew there shah and he also has a picture of himself in the Iran/Iraq war holding an Iragi officers head with a bloody knife in his hand and is grinning wildly (I hate the guy as he abused my nephew sexually). Do Ihave a problem with Islam yes.
It was founded 650 years after Christ and is based on the teaching's of a man whom claimed Christ had killed a CHILD for interrupting him while he was writing in the sand. Muhammad married a six year old child called Aisha whom went bald from the trauma after the first night all her hair fell out, there Koran tells how the child brought her toy's with her and goes on about how beautiful she was though it claim's he only began having sex with her when her hair grew back (Wonder why it fell out then) at the age of NINE. He expressed an interest in a baby girl whom was crawling around on the floor two years before he died (Thank YAHWAY) and said he would like to marry her when she could walk. He kept a Christian as a slave and told his men the Persian woman would lie on there back's with there leg's spread so the Arabs could rape them, Shall I go on about this abomination that the politically correct would give there own children too and create law's to silence the truth. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

Many people as individual's and even some interpretation's of Islam (BUT not the two mainstream ones) are not that bad actually as we are all people when all is said and done but he married a child for goodness sake how can any one call that god's will as it is most certainly not, you don't pluck a fruit before it is ripe and you do not marry a child only an adult at least no by god's law's.
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posted on May, 17 2013 @ 01:57 PM
The debate goes on thanks to LUXUS on his thread I suggest any one interested treat that as an addendum as well as a thread in it's own right, Really great piece, Before someone say's it I have never seen sea shells like these before and certainly not 400 million year old one's this is one hell of an oopart, What was that about ancient civilisation again.

posted on May, 17 2013 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Not really sure what point you are making, and as I have no emotional attachment to the 'history' that you relate, so I can assure you no offence caused. One may say though that much of the attraction of those coming to the UK is that there is a comprehensive system of justice here that prevents, to a certain extent, such atrocities. I have always been proud of our asylum laws, for example, and long hope that the UK retains it status as a source of refuge for those suffering persecution in their home nations.

I have no interest in lambasting one belief system over another, anymore than I am attracted to banging my head up against a brick wall. No nation is without stains in it's past, the UK, least of all. The same goes for most belief systems, and I never advocate tarring everyone with broad strokes of the same brush.

posted on Sep, 1 2015 @ 08:23 PM
This is a little late coming, I feel it is right and correct to point out that at the time I made this statement and thread I was not meaning to be racist but now realize I was overly nationalist, we are all human being's on a tiny world and only if we can learn to care about all of our brother's not just the one's that fit into our own national identity's or preference's, well only then can we save our world and our race for we are really just one race.

The problem is and always was a small minority of ultra elite wealthy whom have engineered this whole fiasco, call them what you want, illuminate, NWO or any other title but in truth they are so far above any such elitist club's that these club's only serve them as tool's.

Why you must ask yourself has the birth rate in the developed country's fallen so drastically since the second world war and more tellingly since the 1960's with so many IG Farben (a german pharmaceutical company that was and remained even after the war linked to the Nazi Elite but also more to the Elite whom were positioning themselves to control the Nazi state when hitler no longer served a useful purpose for them).

Well look at it this way, it is easy to rile up a crowd and blame a scapegoat and that is all the Nazi's really were but behind them were some hideously intelligence person's who only sought there own end's and not that of any racial group (unless they could keep them below themselves and so cement there own position's).

So why has the developed world's birth rate fallen, IG faben linked chemists worked for every government in the developed world after the war, working on Water Purity etc and they also founded many consumer brand's and cosmetic as well as other medicine producing company's.

Dumb the intelligent educated population's down, make them docile, reduce there birth rate and they will not pose a threat to these people, indeed in time's of crisis they will turn to these people for the solution to the problem that the same people have so cleverly engineered, Get it?..

The Third world were not directly targeted as they did not pose a threat and were not seen as anything other than useful worker drone's for these elite so there birth rate was not tampered with, the higher IQ of the western developed nation's however posed the most immediate threat to them.

Can you do your logarythm's in your head, no, well your grand father most certainly could as that is how they were educated in school, our generation on average are more informed but more docile and perhaps much less intelligent.

Flouride in water makes a population Docile and also reduced average IQ while evidence for benefits to dental health is actually not conclusive and some even believe it is harmful to the teeth.

PCB's supposedly from broken down plastic's (strange how they enter the potable water table that is supposedly fed from reservoir's) mimic female sexual hormone's in males and male hormones in female's, this reduced sex drive and also affects behaviour, especially since many of these compound's are bio accumulative (they stay in your body and continue to effect you long after ingestion).

So it is too late to winge about culture, we have non anymore anyway and it is time that we turned our attention toward the guilty party's, the ultra elite whom have commited this trans national and whole racial crime against the entire human race and started with those they feared the most, there own people.

And it is time we embraced our brother's whom are only trying to survive, take the tragedys of migrant's drowning and suffocating, an afghan boy of 17 with his grand mother in a wheel chair whom had walked to Europe pushing her all the way (that is like Marco Polo almost) and see there indomitable human spirit and take inspiration from them they deserve some admiration for they have the will we have lost.

Either way the elite have truly dug there own grave's as it will in time backfire on them.

I am sorry if anyone took my post as racist, perhaps it was at some subconscious level exactly that and I am actually ashamed of that fact.

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