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How Has Putting On Your Spiffy "Hoffman Lenses" Sunglasses Opened Your Eyes?

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posted on May, 20 2013 @ 12:18 AM
I'm rather new here, but I've been into this line of thinking for as long as I can remember; it just needed evolving. I was raised Mormon, and being a female in the Mormon church brought a lot of shame and manipulation. More so than the already present male dominated society. I asked questions in church, until I got to the answer "well, just because." That is never satisfying, and will only have a child to ask more questions. It was obvious church was a scam by the time I was 7. I also moved to a new state where the social indoctrination and structure was way different than what I was used to, which told me social realms where not reality - they were subject to manipulation. Though, at that young of an age, how could one vocalize it? I was a "tomboy" and let me tell you, when your mom wants you to get married off at 20 she will try her hardest to prevent you from being yourself. Which taught me children were subject to manipulation by parents, church, and social realms. I got into high school and realized the main focus of it all - do what you're told or get in trouble. Men can't think if you're not dressed like a sexless human. Policing on a public level, it was all something I never understood WHY people thought that way. I'm autistic, and I guess that's what saved me from the programming of sorts. I had to train my brain to deal with things, and in turn, I am able to paint pictures with my words to point out illogical beliefs. I feel liberated despite the obvious restraints. There is not one thing someone can say to me that hurts me. After a sexual assault I learned cops blame the victims because of social rules. I learned the only person that will protect you and liberate you, is you. I have had a luck with finding the right books, threads, people, when I need it. I was born with 8 severe heart conditions and that gave me the best view of the medical industry and how corrupt it is. American Heart Association, cares about people enough to advertise on almost anything but doesn't care enough to teach women their own heart attack symptoms...

My neurology has been described as a disease, and inferior, but I have to disagree. Yeah it's problematic because the world is set up for ONE brain pattern and tries to train people to become like that, and will indirectly punish those who don't fit in - and also because a lot of humans lack respect. But seriously, if I was born 100% normal, I wouldn't be where I am now. I love it. All the pain, suffering, manipulation, has educated me more than anything else could have.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 10:31 PM
The Serpent Race arrived about 12,000 years ago when the earth was in the 5th orbit and since they live in water, they had to make a new home for themselves. Earth's inhabitants didn't want them here so the Serpent Race dropped a couple hundred asteroids down upon the people and that seemed to shut them up pretty quickly. The Serpent Race locked their Gravity beam on Lemuria and blew it off the planet (and a little more) leaving half a planet. Earths continents shifted to re-balance the planet which now has a tilt and a wobble. THEY then moved earth to the 3rd orbit to get it away from the asteroid belt... the ex-continent of Lemuria. Next the Serpent Race created a wormhole and sucked all of the water off of Mars and brought it here to fill up THEIR new swimming pool... the Pacific Ocean. This was the cause and the only cause of the Great Flood. Now THEY LIVE peacefully 38,000 feet beneath the waves where THEY snack on little children and, oh yes, while THEY create a strategy to take over the planet. THEY have probably done this to a dozen planets, so a new strategy is not needed.

The Serpent Race, the Serpent, The Great Dragon, Dagon, Lucifer... all the same. THEY are master geneticists and have crafted the DNA of the Jews to be THEIR little slave race. Lucifer is their God and they are Gods chosen people.

Then again I could be wrong.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 11:21 PM
When I read George Orwells 1984 when I was about 12. I saw so many parallels being drawn that it sparked quite a few questions in my mind.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 11:29 PM
Got into UFOs when I was 10(1970) and it has gotten more complex since.

posted on Aug, 5 2014 @ 12:28 AM
Been questioning everything since I was running around in diapers.

- Mom and dad gave up on trying to answer my "silly" questions.
- Sunday school gave me the boot because of my "inquisitive" nature.
- Teachers loathed it when I raised my hand in elementary class.
- Teachers laughed at my "interesting" thought processes in high school.
- Professors encouraged my "rebellious" nature in university.
- Employers fought and argued with me about my "opinions".

... and it's been a slow slide further and further down the rabbit hole ever since.

posted on Aug, 5 2014 @ 08:31 AM
Good question, S&F!

I've been wearing them for as long as i can remember.
Luckily i'm kinda weird, some call it ADD.. My mind is always over analyzing everything.
Ever since i was little society just confused me, it was always trying to turn me into something i'm not.
So i have always been asking questions.., too many questions maybe, because they seemed to drive my parents nuts

To me it seems hard not to find these glasses sooner or later.. How can you not ask questions when most things around you have questionable motives? Other than greed for money, greed for control seems to be eroding our ways of life. It's starting to look like 1984, everything is turned upside down, merging and melting cultures is seen as multicultural, all of humanity's bad qualities are praised and rewarded, doctors destroy health, social media is making us anti-social, i could go on and on.
But the biggest eye opener to me has to be the blatant propaganda and manipulation we see in the media. Almost everything we see in popular music, TV programs, commercials and movies.. feels wrong to me, these things convey a double message.. it's always a positive that can only lead to a negative.

Also, EVERY senior person i talk to tells me exactly the same thing.. we have become incredibly anti social over the past 50 years. Communities used to be strong, everyone knew each other and helped their neighbors out in times of need.
These days.. especially in urban areas.. everyone keeps to themselves.. life has become too fast paced, stressful and competitive, so we have become afraid of each other, we don't really know our neighbors and we all close our blinds at sunset. Big families are a thing of the past, in fact normal families will be next, almost everyone i know comes from a broken home.. and that is all you see on TV too, which is loudly encouraging us to cheat on our spouses.

Watching society take a bad turn, and seeing that turn being encouraged by the ones in power..
Watching all the pain and suffering in the world,
while the ones who should be looking after us, are only looking after themselves..
Watching technology being used for all the wrong reasons..
Watching the new generations become increasingly detached and immoral,
drained of motivation other than the material and egotistical kind..
Watching our troubled history repeating itself over and over again..

Who needs glasses? It's everywhere!

Now i may seem crazy.. and i think i am,
but i'm glad i think the way i do because it has taught me how to be a better person, how to separate the bull# from things that matter. How to stay positive while fighting the things controlling me, because as soon as you let them get you down.. they win. Besides, why would we be sad about it, it's part of human nature, for good reason.. because without darkness there can be no light. Instead, when the opportunity strikes.. get angry and fight back!

posted on Aug, 5 2014 @ 09:22 AM
a reply to: this_is_who_we_are

Albert hoffmans


Opened my eyes to the true nature of the universe at 17 or so

My world was never the same again
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posted on Aug, 5 2014 @ 09:34 AM
Well, reading Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus! Trilogy around the same time as the Vatican Bank P-3 mess was coming down certainly was an eye-opener.

posted on Aug, 5 2014 @ 09:34 AM
a reply to: bluescarecrow

Finally! We've been looking for you.
Apparently your glasses have an extra strong prescription and they have been recalled.
Please, carefully pull over and take the glasses off.
Our service rep is on the way.

Joking of course. I'm with you but I'm not sure how the older inhabitants of earth could have readjusted to being suddenly much closer to the sun than what they would be used to.

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