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Reality Check with Ben Swann: Obama administration under fire - IRS and AP

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posted on May, 15 2013 @ 04:07 PM
Hi, me again. I brought Ben & Reality Check with me. Hope you don't mind.

Points made in the video (for those that can't view):

Reality Check broke the IRS scandal a year ago when Tea Party groups in Ohio and 6 other states claimed the agency was targeting them

The IRS was seeking names of every board member; as well as names of family members and hundreds of printouts of FB and social networking pages from the groups

Claims of only low-level agents knew of the IRS's actions are falling apart --- Office of Inspector General states that senior IRS officials knew agents were targeting conservative groups as early as 2011, including Lois Lerner who was told on June 29, 2011

An independent, non-profit journalism group called ProPublica says the IRS leaked conservative group information to them; including applications or documentation for 31 groups, 9 of which were not approved - meaning they were not supposed to be made public.

Eric Holder says he is confident of those involved in the AP scandal investigation and has known them for 'a great many years' (great! :@@

Finally - what most of the media isn't telling you is that this president has gone after whistleblowers and leaks at an unprecidented rate. The NY Times reports that President Obama has saught prosecution of whistleblowers more than every other president in history combined.

And that is Reality Check

NYTimes - Obama v. whistleblowers

WSJ - Obama v. whistleblowers

A portion of the WSJ article:

There are also questions about how the new whsitleblower provisions will be enforced. Obama criticized the whistleblower provision in a statement he issued when signing the bill into law.

He said the sections “could be interpreted in a manner that would interfere with my authority to manage and direct executive branch officials.” The statement said Obama will “interpret those sections consistent with my authority” to direct the heads of executive agencies to control employees’ communications with Congress if the communication is unlawful or would “reveal information that is properly privileged or otherwise confidential.”


posted on May, 15 2013 @ 04:31 PM
It's Nixon level of douchebaggery...

Wonder how they will distract from it, Syria? Ap seizures? Or something else...
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posted on May, 15 2013 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by six67seven

I consider Ben a brother in arms!! Even though he isn't a veteran he has done more as an honest journalist to protect our Republic than most, and yes I mean those whom have served!

posted on May, 15 2013 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by six67seven

With the whistleblower provision not to his Extremely High Puba's
liking, somebody must be doing something right about the separation
of powers for a change. As for Eric Holder's hair: I doubt it will become
too much longer until the Inspector General is done-- just from the
regular flames coming from it.
You know 67-- I'd still like to see an old-school Dylec following each and
every one of these guys around and streaming constantly... if no man
is an island, too many of them are acting like a B.Empire unto themselves
lately. A sign of the bad times

posted on May, 15 2013 @ 09:09 PM
Great!!! we get to stump on our chest and demonstrate how corrupt our political system is.

The end result will be:
1. Nothing will come of it.
2. no prosecution and no accountability.
3. Democrats will blame Republicans and Republicans will blame Democrats.
3. Squirrel, did someone say something about Angelina Jolies Boobs . What were we talking about.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 11:07 PM
well as much as we rag on the MSM day in and day out, at least there are certain individuals, not always sitting in front of a camera reading a teleprompter, that have a clue. one of those individuals being jake tapper.

Obama said he respected the role of a free press and voiced support for a new media shield bill, but added that he made "no apologies" for going after leaks:

"When we express concerns about leaks at a time when I have 60,000 troops in Afghanistan and intelligence officers around the world who are in risky situations in outposts that are sometimes as dangerous as the outpost in Benghazi, part of my job is protecting what they do, while still accommodating for the need for the public to be informed."

Speaking just after the press conference wrapped up, Tapper said this was not a worthy response.

"That's what every president says. Every president, whether it's Nixon with the Pentagon Papers or George W. Bush with the NSA wiretapping story, every president exerts, 'I'm doing this to keep you safe.' A lot of people in the public, they say that's enough, and they believe it, but the truth of the matter is that it's not enough of an answer in and of itself. That's why there is Congressional oversight of the executive branch. It's not enough just to say we're doing it to keep you safe, because the moment the American people cede that territory, then presidents can do whatever they want."

When Wolf Blitzer noted that Attorney General Eric Holder had said that the leak that the AP reported was a very dangerous one, Tapper interrupted, saying, "That's what they always say." He then added, "This administration has used the Espionage Act more times to go after whistleblowers ... more than every other administration combined. So this is a very aggressive administration when it comes to squashing freedom of the press."

That's why I say any moron can be president... because they all say the same sh*t on loop, year after year. no original thought... complete puppets. yes, we all know this already but that doesn't mean the anger doesn't still exist.


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