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The "Holder" Leak: What Do You Think It Is And Why Is It The Worst Leak In Thirty Years?

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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 03:16 AM
Ok I fed my cats so I can update you. I read an article on Fox with an update earlier today. So now we are hearing that there was no risk or grave danger. The plot was not much different from the underware bomber we heard about. It was just a cover-up, like I said.

Oh and I think I failed to mention this. But this was a big PR time for Obama. See it was the 1 year anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

John Brennan, now CIA director, praised the work of U.S. intelligence officials and said that the Al Qaeda plot was never an active threat to the American public.

Brennan’s comments seem to challenge the reason the government pressed the news organization to hold the story as well as Holder’s claims that the leak and published report endangered Americans.

Questions raised over administration claim that AP leak put Americans at risk

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posted on May, 22 2013 @ 05:14 PM
Maybe this was "it":

For the First Time, Obama Administration Admits Drones Have Killed 4 American Citizens
by neo96
started on 5/22/2013 @ 05:48 PM

The OP:

Originally posted by neo96

Attorney General Eric Holder admitted in a letter to Congressional leaders on Wednesday that the United States had killed four Americans in drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan, the New York Times reports. President Barack Obama is set to give a major speech on national security on Thursday.

So 4 Americans have been killed by Obama but wait for it.

n the letter, obtained by the Times, Holder revealed that the administration had intentionally killed radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki with a drone strike in September 2011 in Yemen. While the U.S. has been largely suspected of responsibility in the assassination, the administration has never admitted it until now.

Awlaki was 'intentional'.

The letter also said that the United States had killed three other Americans: Samir Khan, who was killed in the same strike; Mr. Awlaki’s son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, who was also killed in Yemen; and Jude Mohammed, who was killed in a strike in Pakistan.

So the other three just 'collateral damage' !

“These individuals were not specifically targeted by the United States,” Mr. Holder wrote.

Anyone buy that?

I don't, and really not even a peep about it given current events on both domestic, and foreign issues specifically targeting of American citizens' is normal operating procedure for the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

4 Americans denied their right to 'due process'
4 Americans denied a 5 star luxury all expenses paid stay at club Gitmo because Gitmo was more 'barbaric' .

Want to know the real deal?

Those 4 Americans were targeted because of their politics because in Islam there is no separation of church, and state.

Is this what awaits for those who make the administrations enemies list?

Something to think about even if they aren't targeting you, and they are targeting someone else they want them dead so are you pick your friends 'wisely'.

posted on Aug, 6 2013 @ 03:05 PM
Perhaps this was it:

President's Adviser Illegally Gave Benghazi Stand Down Order - Oh Oh....
by elouina
started on 8/6/2013 @ 02:55 AM
the OP:

Originally posted by elouina
On September 11, 2011, the presidents key decision maker for Benghazi was his adviser, Valerie Jarrett. According to a source that provided information to the Conservative Report, while in the situation room of the Whitehouse, Ms. Jarrett denied Cross Border Authority. The problem is, that “Cross Border Authority”, is an order that can only be issued by the Commander in Chief, himself.

If this is true, then Obama is guilty of dereliction of duties, besides the fact that he just didn't give a crap to take control of the situation himself. I would just love to find out who this source is, although we may never find out. But still what this information does, is provide some new questions that need to be answered.

The military-order, not to initiate action, saving our men in Benghazi, was issued by the President's Adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

the decision not to take action was made by a person, to whom the people did not elect, nor did the Congress have confirmation power over.

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