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Do you treat people as Loving and Generous as you would treat Jesus?

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posted on May, 15 2013 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by pheonix358

Wow, another deja vu moment. I could swear I read the exact same post two years ago. The only difference is that this time, it follows after tridentblue. This time, I'll give the star to tridentblue.

I've been pretty much an anti-Bible sort for a long time(personal), and very vocal on this forum ( about most of the Bible ). People make fun of other people all the time when they catch someone quoting parts of the Bible and ignoring other parts.

So what if they only quote the verses that sound good to them? That's a good thing.

posted on May, 15 2013 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by kingofmd

In context Jesus is speaking about the judgment of the world according to how they treat the Jewish people during the coming tribulation.
That is complete nonsense. The context is the coming of the Son of Man (from Daniel 7).
Jesus is indicating that he is the Son of Man by saying he is going to be the one sitting in the seat of judgment. He is giving a preview of how he is going to be judging, and a warning of what his standards are going to be.
Those standards will be how people treat their fellow man.
The "context" that you are thinking of is the fabricated context within Dispensationalist Cult propaganda about how the Jews will be restored to their "former glory".
The judgment that you are referring to is one in the Old Testament about how the Assyrian Empire was going to be Judged for destroying Israel. That already happened so there is no future fulfilment to be expected.
This cult is the result of John Nelson Darby turning normal Biblical interpretation on its head in order to get support within Christianity for the Zionist movement bent on stealing territory from the country of Palestine to set up their own "Jewish Homeland".
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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 07:30 PM

Originally posted by pheonix358
reply to post by arpgme

Do you spend your time arguing with Jesus?

No, that would be like arguing with a figment of your imagination.

Do you spend your time being mean to Jesus? Do you spend your time sharing smiles, joy, laughter, and kindness with Jesus?

No and no for the same reason. I do not mind what you believe in. If Jesus exists then by definition he is a hybrid human/alien. He is not here. He is supposed to be coming back one day.

Religion has so many holes in it as it is without talking to beings that aren't there.

If you talk to Jesus it's fine, if you hear other voices to chat to, you are insane. Lock them all up and be done with it.


This is so obnoxious. This thread was created in the "religion" section and it is about religion. It is not in the "breaking news" or "current events"... there is no reason to come in here and debate the foundation upon which the thread is based.

You don't go into threads about Superman's abilities and just say, "pffft, Superman's not real, this thread is stupid". Seriously, dude. Don't "participate" in a thread where you can't even agree with the category that it's in.

For example, I participate in religious threads about gods I do not believe in but I participate in them with the assumption they are real because those are the basic parameters of the thread. If I were not willing to play along, how could I possibly contribute? I'll debate about whether or not somebody in the bible was good or evil or whether or not I think their god is a jerk but I don't just tell them I don't believe their god exists.

May as well go around to every Burger King drive through and announce that you are vegetarian. Do you also poke your head into random peoples' houses just to announce that you will not be playing croquet with them that afternoon?
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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 11:27 PM
reply to post by Cuervo

Exactly, Cuervo.

I am discussing these Bible Verses I pointed out, whether or not Jesus is real is irrelevant.

If there was a book where superman said these exact words, and I said "do you treat others as loving and generous as you would treat superman", I doubt people would be saying "he doesn't exist!" people will take it as the hypothetical it is and whether or not he exists would be irrelevant to what is being discussed here.

reply to post by AthlonSavage

AthlonSavage, that would be difficult to determine. What if someone was brainwashed by violent video games, Television Shows, Movies, Music, and even their own parents to act a certain way... will they still be responsible and receive those "bad points"?

It is a tough situation and I suspect that even the people that we call "evil" are either brainwashed or shortsighted...

posted on May, 19 2013 @ 03:21 PM
When I come into contact, with even someone who has the polar opposite view/opinions/personality as I do. It's him who tells me, do not judge. If they are wrong, its unimportant. Its their's to have and keep. And its yours not to destroy, but absorb. They are not unintelligent or ignorant. They just don't know. Wait for them to finish, then tell them your side. If its truth, it will resonate.

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