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There was a bad omen this morning, this dream accompanied it

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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 02:49 PM
This is not part of the dream. Today leaving my grandparents house there were thousands of dead insects outside the back door, they were so thick in numbers that the floor could not be seen. Linda thought they were pieces of wood and picked up a handful. I interpreted this as a bad omen, it was one of the most uncomfortable things I have seen.

Upon returning to my house I decided to get a little sleep, this is the dream that accompanied me. There was

something about a bear and a tent to start, nothing important. When it got weird was when I received a call from this Russian kid. He was playing a game of baseball with my friend nick. They wanted to know if I would join. I

did not want to go at first because it was almost dark, but was so bored that I decided to. The place I arrived was no baseball field, it was a dirt bike course. I was on something that was able to navigate the course but I

cannot recall what it was, I think it had four wheels. Anyway I saw the Russian kid and went to talk with him. In the middle of the conversation another Russian, who was big, tall and bald showed up with a gun. He held up 4

people or so, myself included. When I first saw the gun I jumped over this metal mesh fence, but I fell in the process and stopped trying to escape. He asked the first kid where the best place to live was, I cant remember

what he said but the man just laughed and killed him. Then he asked me, I knew he was expecting me to say America, but I said nowhere, they all suck. He looked angry and shot another kid. A random bicyclist rode by

saying mother Russia, and the bald man gave a ho-ah, but whatever the Russians do.
At this time I decided to try and run, i don't think i was shot at. I somehow ended up in my grandparents

upstairs room, they were somehow downstairs and on the way up. I barricaded the door and went to the window, opened it and kicked out the screen. I got on the roof, that's when i noticed someone was coming after

me. I did a precise jump from the roof to the grounds and a tactical roll, it was about 20ft high, but the one chasing me was already coming around a corner. I cant remember if he shot at me or not but I charged him,

fought for the gun, took it and killed him. I put my foot over his mouth so he couldn't scream, this muffled the gun noise as well for some reason. Then I started running, almost immediately I heard an engine rev up and

knew it was the same man. I dodged beside a wood fence that could not be seen through and waited for him to pass. When he passed he knew I was close and got off his motorcycle, this is when I charged from behind,

shooting as I ran. I could see the bullets flying matrix style, my first two went high, by this time he had started to return fire. His first shot missed, my third connected to his chest, my 4th connected in the same region. His

2nd caught me dead in the gut, it didn't actually hurt very bad, but was extremely uncomfortable. My 5 and 6th shots went true and he finally stopped shooting.

At this point it was known the fight was over and we started to talk, I cant remember what about but it was friendly. I remember saying that I had heard a gut shot was one of the most painful and slow ways to go,

laughing and looking at my blood soaked shirt. We somehow got to my grandparents house, my grandfather was sitting at the table with us. Everything was cool until the bald man started acting fidigtly. He started

reaching for something, I put the small revolver I had taken form the man I killed to his head, the bald man slowed down. I realized that he was reaching for another gun, don't worry its unloaded he said. I opened the

chamber, it was fully loaded.
Thats when I snapped for some reason, I had this feeling he was going to keep trying to kill me even though he

had 4 shots in his chest. I tried to shoot him in the head with the larger gun I had just taken from him, the pin struck but no bullet was ignited, no shot fired. Then very quickly he pulled out yet another gun, this one larger

than the other two combined, A huge revolver. He never turned to look at me, just sat faced forward on his chair, I was standing behind him, this next part happened very fast. The first shot he took was just to the right of my

face, I switched to my small revolver and put a round in the center of his skull. It seemed to have no effect and he shot again, this time a little closer to my face. I managed to squeeze of two more rounds right into his

head. No effect still, that's when he said, that little pea shooter cant hurt me boy, as the three good sized holes leaked blood. His revolver pointed right at my eye, I moved out of sight and grabbed it, he was weak from the 4

shots to the chest and 3 to the head. I managed to get his revolver, and emptied the rest of the rounds through his brain, this gun made the other holes look small, he finally died.

It was after this whole ordeal that my grandfather, who had been calmly sitting throughout the shootout said something very unsettling, and it led me to realized many even more disturbing facts about the entire ordeal. He

said everyone has to have a good gun fight or something like that, and he looked pleased. Thats also when I realized that I had been enjoying the entire process, and was feeling really good. At that time I felt that in my

dream I had really enjoyed killing those people, and I was just using them trying to kill me as an excuse to satisfy that lust. At this realization my adrenaline and feeling good turned to shame and feeling very weak and

sad. I started to cry the same way I had when I was a little kid and then woke up. I just remembered that when me and the bald man I had shot him, and that he had put one in my gut for fun alone. I remembered then that

he could have shot me very easily when I tried to escape after he started shooting the kids at the dirt track. It dawns on me know writing this that he could have easily taken me out at any time throughout the entire ordeal,

also the one shot to my gut almost woke me from the dream and really effected my dream self. But this guy took 4 to the chest and 8 to the head before he quit.

And the way my grandfather was talking after the whole thing, no compassion, no sorrow, he looked like a king in the gladiator times, enjoying a good show. I feel that in the dream I was set up to do all those things, and

even the bald man was in on it. Like I said, today started with a bad omen, it is no suprise this dream accompanied this day.

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 03:14 PM
This is not an introduction. So...Im asking...why not?

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 04:27 PM
A lot of dreams are you being tested and you passed believe it or not.

I have gone through shoot out dreams too. And I am a woman!

I had to prove I could shoot someone. I always tried to run before I was finally cornered and I had to do the deed.
I hate killing snails for goodness sake.

So don't feel too bad-you cried at the end, this is what you are supposed to do if you are a compassionate human.

Wait for the 'talking about your feelings' dreams, now they are scary!!! lol

posted on May, 15 2013 @ 02:17 PM
hey thanks!

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