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What really happened in Fatima?

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 04:52 AM
In a 1980 interview for the German magazine Stimme des Glaubens published in October 1981, John Paul II was asked explicitly to speak about the third secret. He said: "Because of the seriousness of its contents, in order not to encourage the world wide power of Communism to carry out certain coups, my predecessors in the chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication. On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much:if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message.

1. "in order not to encourage the world wide power of Communism to carry out certain coups, my predecessors in the chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication."

Does it mean OL speaks of WWpower f communism WILL carry out certain coups?
Or does it mean OL speaks of yet UNKNOWN power held by the USSR, let say EXTRATERRESTRIAL connection?
In anyway, what would a consecration change? Perhaps USSR will not carry out coups, as it practically didn't. Or perhaps USSR/Russia will reveal to the world the Beneficial use of that ET force, rather than its destructive use?
Or Russia could switch sides from this ET force to another good ET force? Roswell is much before these words, so at that time USA has already been in contact with a certain ET force, perhaps different from the one that USSR was presumably in contact with.

2. "if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message."
That is an absurd. The pope sacrifices millions. Exactly if they will die they must know. These words of JP2 show how little respect to life on grand scale. I have no words to explain what I feel to the once beloved JP2. These words betray humanity.

But they show something, that the event is of such a magnitude. That is something positive that JP2 is continuing to do even after his death. These words of his match the yet unknown 3rd secret to its closest mirror, Neues Europa text. But I have no illusion, Neues Europa is far not the entire text. Otherwise it woudn't be published.

Perhaps, my speculation, that grand disaster could be lessened if Russia first is converted.I.e. if the extraterrestrial forces that Russia posses are put in service of humanity.

1984 consecration brought the end of communism. But it didn't bring the era of peace. Still pending is the planetary event.

Let those who know, speak! Their time is running out! Damn, it has nothing to do with myself., This conclusion must have been made by hundreds of clergymen. They are just too coward to speak, not to lose their well paid jobs! Their character is well known from multiple scandals. Let now speak in front of the imminent disaster.

And if there isn't imminent disaster inside the secret, then why they are afraid to tell it?

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 05:24 AM
preemptive strike, in case they take me down:
those hidden societies in the catholic church date back from the Templars. They took knowledge from not only the Temple Judaic tradition, but ultimately from the pyramids. Listen to Nassim Haramein and his in-depth research (he is physicist but does great on ancient history topics too).
What it has to do with Fatima. I will just skipp the Middle ages "magic" that allowed to see thru space and time...
The same people have no interest to be made known the real situation. Because that is to reveal eventually whom they serve. Many would call those hidden ET masters "draconians" as that name already entered among the ET classifications. You can listen to many ET researchers about that. The point is that those ETs are numbered and not that dangerous today. But they will be tomorrow. When that tomorrow is, only God knows. Yes it is connected to Revelation 12 and to 2 Esdras 15 "dragons".
Even the most honest servant of God could actually involuntarily serve them. But I will not hide it that all evidence leads to that: someone inside cover catholic organizations deep inside had and has connection with a hostile ET race and draws power from it. That race may not be exactly the race Tom Horn speaks about as "soulless creatures". There might be more than one.

The question is which race is Russia connected to? Is it a terrible race or not? And how would the Vatican exit from that stalemate. One of the exits is to exit the institution altogether, as Malachi predicts. Especially if it matches with planetary cataclysm in fire.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 05:33 AM
to phantomfire and all who want to know: yes I am Russian, a Russian descendant and a Jewish descendant.
I am not considering myself Catholic in today's perverse catholic church, neither Orthodox. I'm considering myself a Messianic Jew. Thanks to my heritage but much more thanks to the realities of today. The churches messed it up everything to the point to send us alive to hell by false practices and perhaps by secret connection with draconians and other ungodly aliens. I doubt anyone of them will make it thru the rapture or rescue from that planet as organized structure. Prove me wrong! Until now the churches esp the catholic church do everything possible to repulse more people. Fatima is excellent example of how the most devote people were attacked constantly for their honest beliefs.
Perhaps individual bishops will be rescued, thanks to special grace of God, to bring the sacraments further in the galaxy. But not necessarily roman catholics. Who knows, only God knows whom He appointed for that mission.

Phantomfire, most of your conclusions about myself are wrong. It took me more than 24 hours to answer you in detail. Hope that helped someone who reads all that and makes his conclusions. The time is short for everyone of us.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 07:28 AM
29 years after the false consecration of Russia by John Paul 2 and "all bishops" we gather the fruits of the grand falsity before God and men. It would be better if Russia was never half consecrated. Or if she was really consecrated by name. (if that all story is true, something that might not be so sure). We will soon see the full extend of consequence of not obeying God's plan, on such a gigantic scale. What use of all WYD celebrations that JP2 organized? Did you count how many young lives were spent in vain, believing of a "civilization of love" to come on Earth here and now? At that time I was one of those fools, going on one of these festivities invited by friends. Those friends stopped believing that much sooner than I do! Now I expect what is logical consequence of so much falsity plus secret perversity of priests, plus who knows what more (evil aliens for ex) to show its outcome. No don't call me to be against Fatima, to save the skin my ass (what an expression for a devote catholic) or to defend the Russian national interests. Haven't you read my posts to know I try to take impartial position on politics? If someone is pro Fatima it is me. Not the common people like me are the ones to blame. It were the popes who were against Fatima, and their cardinals who knew it and lied the world. Not exactly John 23 because may be he never believed it for his quite short pontificate. Still he could build a bridge and avert war with USSR at his time. Now all fundamental catholics cry against him, as if he didn't what he did, all would be fine. He saved the world then! But the others did believe Fatima yes? Why didn't they save the world, why didn't they consecrate Russia or whatever is inside the secret? How is possible, and now when that generation is old closer to natural death it still doesn't have the courage to cry out? Not against John 23 who opened the church and made it possible for you catholics to even talk and think free! Where are those who were youngsters at that time? Where are their voices to call for declassification of Fatima? Perhaps I am wrong and there is a completely different thing inside. Shame, shame , shame on catholics as well as their bishops!

I don't know anything about the new pope, the time will tell. But the time is quite shortened now in 2013, almost a century after the apparitions. Why not Our Lady to be accompanied by angels with flying devices? Because the fundamental catholics said so? Just check the device of your bishop if he ever invites you, because it might be the one of those I was talking about, namely quite much winged reptilian.
I said tons of info to receive the catholic outrage. Thanks so much! I will offer it but not for your souls, rather for the salvation of Atheists and other religions who didn't have the grace you fanatic catholics have. You don't even want to touch the other sides.
What were guilty the beautiful Russian songs to pour that dirty water even on them? Is this all about to be "catholic" i.e. "universal". Let me doubt it deeply and honestly. I am the real catholic, in the real meaning of this word.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 07:41 AM
Alla Pugacheva in pre-consecrated Russia sings "the ancient clocks" how the time cannot be returned back. I suggest fundamental groups like Fr Gruner's first of all learn the culture of the country they want to convert. And learn the people that are people and do not dream of nuclear bombs usually. But why I am continuing that talk if the response will be what it was.

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 09:26 AM



1, Assess, describe, label Fatima as from God or even from "good" purported ET's.

2. Assess, describe, label one purported ET race over another purported ET race as good or bad. The literature of the whole of the phenomena can readily be interpreted as casting all of them as AT BEST chronic LIARS and DECEIVERS . . . and more likely gross abusers of humans. There is nothing remotely clearly Christian, holy or good about them.

3. Put any faith in any purported "race" of such fallen angel critters whatsoever. Their predictions as well as descriptions of reality have been demonstrated to be grossly flawed to out-right false repeatedly.

= = = = = = = = = =

BTW, I encourage you to limit the length of your paragraphs to 5-7 lines--certainly no more than 8-10 lines.

And, you tend to write "devote" when you mean "devout." They are very different words.

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 12:09 PM
The issues I discussed in length about Fatima are as real as possible for everyone who follows that topic, be it catholic, other christian, or specialist researcher like Tom Horn the author of Petrus Romanus. I don't think I said anything outside the good manner, or bon ton in French, but if it is so I am sorry. The reptilian agenda is just a suggestion that the catholic church secret societies will either prove or deny by their actions in the nearest future. The current status quo is the most unsustainable thing I have ever seen in my entire life and will not last long.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 01:12 PM
Only to correct a previous post: I will determine my attitude towards the catholic church based on the next moves of the new pope who appears to be the last one in Malachi's list. Everything depends on that. Perhaps many people expect that to determine their attitude. Including bishops and cardinals, or fallen away catholics. Or other christians. About my heritage, you may wonder as you want to. Everyone could learn Russian, even YOU. I am not obliged to give you information of private nature online. Messianic Jew is good in my view so here it is your answer. But let not repeat again and again. The poster before me is just as right - I will not spend more time for endless talks for people who just refuse to get it. Or may be their refusal is intentional, and that puts a bunch of more questions. Let someone investigate them. What I have written I have written. Quod scripsi, scripsi.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 01:51 PM
Don't worry so much, this is conspiracy forum.

When I woke up this morning I already Forgave You.

LOL, you probably feel I'm the one that should seek YOUR FORGIVENESS. .


This is the truth about why I do not wish to continue posting ( however sometimes I get a strong desire to share a viewpoint or reveal something about Fatima) :

- you are one of the very few that wish for me to post, to give your threads activity. (maybe not any more : ) )
- I have seen the dangers of being a CONVINCING date-setter.
- I feel responsible for the consequences, I'd rather refrain from repeating the cycle every year.
- I have enough material to succumb into the trap of date setting again and again.
- I stated that I would stop posting any way.
- Don't trust myself to avoid saying certain perceived truths that may put souls in peril in the future.
- Don't believe in most of these recent day prophets, some of my insights would not go down well with the followers of such prophets
- I'd rather avoid being declared a hypocrite by heaven.
- few will believe the truth at the moment of decision any way (everyones ego's and conspiracies will get in the way, as if God planned it that way).
- getting 50 people to believe something that may not be true in the first place, is not enough. Waiting for the right moment until the truth reveals itself, and potentially hundreds of thousands could be convinced of the truth.
- At this point no one can guarantee when the events shall happen.
- This topic diverts far too much of my attention away from far more productive activities/skill learning that should be attended to in the real world.
- A person that is spiritually prepared is a million times more prepared than a person prepared only physically or only with "knowledge."
-- Even self proclaimed prophets I have supported could be false prophets.
- Even the devil could be inflicting damage through me with some of the "signs".
- I am confident that I would know when the big events are on the tip of just arriving, thus not worried, I am confident I will have time to make the right decision at the right moment before the wave of destruction.
- I am built to seek truth for myself, not built to stick around for religious propaganda purposes.
- Have been wrong before in a big way.
- Don't feel I am the right person for the job.
- I have defended my position about Fatima in the past, I do not feel obligated to repeat myself to serve other people's purposes.
- Nor do I really feel a need to make everyone believe in Fatima.


2012NEWSTART, I hope you can forgive me. I truly wish good and happy times for your life. But I can do nothing much for you. My interests are in another direction. God Bless You and Good Luck.

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 01:59 PM
"- I am confident that I would know when the big events have just arrived, thus I am confident I will have time to make the right decision before the wave of destruction" - 3 days according to many. The humanity will be given 3 days to decide its fate.

There is nothing to forgive, Phantomfire, we exchange views that may happen to be hotter than intended. I am also not without fault.

You may want to review the next Russian art music of space prep. of youngsters - an article that I prepared. I will leave it as stand alone article and will not comment it further. God bless!

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 02:07 PM
Russian ET in art and music in the last decade

There is a process going on in Russia that I noticed to be already a fact in 2008 and on. It is to propagate the ET presence among the younger population. The same process is going on in USA under the screen of movies like Star Wars and now Clone Wars. In Japan under endless cartoons of Transformer-like ET. Russia does not have that quality of film making effects. The efforts apparently are concentrated in performance of young pop singers.

in 2008 Volshebniki Dvora had big success on multiple stages across Russia with their song "Count the stars". The lyrics present a virtual talk between someone who will go with a "comet to see the sunrise on a far away planet" and someone left on Earth.

In 2010 March, a mega concert dedicated to Gagarin but having little to do with Gagarin flight itself. It represented a virtual tour among the stars and contacts with different ET civs. Some were hostile, but at the end were converted by the children-travelers (the public) and by the children-singers. That is an issue that should have struck the so called Exo-politicians in the West. They see the ET as good, bad, neutral, but they do not fathom the possibility of their CONVERSION. The Russians did so and did it for 7000 kids with a lot of music and performance.

In 2011 the space concerts repeated although on lower scale in smaller cities. At the same time one of the best children's pop groups Neposedi held its 20th anniversary concert in a Kremlin hall with one of the songs "What is it the sky/heaven". I posted that song on several different performances. (the word sky and heaven is translated with only one word in Russian "nebo". Similar is the situation with the Latin, Italian, Spanish wording. That is additional motive for re-reading the Gospel!)

There are more performances that I cannot report all. But the trend is clear enough. The youngest in Russia are clearly told in unending art performance that the ET reality is near even here. They subsequently will grow older and will bring the next generation in on the next performance. It is a part of the life, as perhaps for an American kid is the next series of Clone Wars spending time infront of the TV. By the way, all American movies are available in Russia including Clone Wars.

I don't know what ET civilizations are behind that. Russian documentaries on ET speak of contacts with Grey (abduction), Orion, Cassiopeia both positive. Kirsan Illumsinov ex-president of autonomous republic said he was voluntarily taken on board a ship and given a ride to a star. He is aso president of world chess association, so any "insanity" is ruled out. His bodyguards could not find him for half an hour while he was taken from the balcony of his apartment. You can listen to his interview in English. But my intention was not to retell all contacts registered in Russia. Rather to make it known to those of you who do not speak Russian (you could learn it!) that there is a public campaign among the children to educate them about ET presence via art and music.

Is it connected to Fatima? Russia - bad guy, Russian ET - bad ET? What if it is vice versus and that frightened Vatican prelates of the near past to death? What if Russia hods the key to rescue from planet Earth? What if the Christians saved physically on the new earth (read 2 Peter) will be mostly Orthodox Christians? Think about that! How about the Jews who immigrated in Russia - anything in common with the lost tribes? Why that interest in Russia and not in Israel instead as precondition for the Second coming? Because it is not the second coming now, or because of the Russian Jews known and unknown, or both of the reasons. You think and answer. Including by using the 2 Esdras book that is inside the Latin Vulgate and original King James Bible, today almost forgotten. It says more on that and other issues that I discussed, like the lost tribes of Israel that appear at one moment in future. ALso, Dragons - 2 Esdras 15 destroy Babylon using a star, their own. Welcome to the future!

The newest Russian kids' song about spaceship travel (quality not that good but the kids are lovely) performed on April 12, 2013 Gagarin flight. The lyrics tells how they prepare the spaceship to start after 14 minutes and determine certain space route on space maps (on the background) to other stars and far away planets. And how they believe the ship will reach them. Quite advanced for such young kids don't you think so? Everything is ready only needs the start. Perhaps we have to take some courage from them. While I do not know whose exact ET race is behind that, I can admire the readiness and efforts made by the Russian art-music industry to get that message right where it belongs to the youngest our future.

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 08:58 PM

I'm guessing the next doom of interest is war in the Middle East (Syria and Iran attacked by NATO). Less than 4 months? Less than 12 months?

At what point does a nation launch war against Israel, I won't dare guess.

While Pope Francis could be making big unpopular changes next year.
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posted on May, 27 2013 @ 01:40 AM
Phantomfire I don't have time or resource to comment on that new topic now.
However I want to clarify from your previous post, that you repeatedly put me in someone else shoes. As in our PMs I clearly told you I am not that person(s) that you think they /he/she did this or that post online, in blogs, or whatever. Now you say I did Russian songs online. No I didn't. Pls evaluate only my posts in this forum, if possible only on this and relevant topics. Appreciate your interest but not the person is important rather the topics discussed. You don't have to spend time investigating my personality, and that is not something that the people are here reading or posting. You can use your time to answer a bit of the hot Fatima questions or others. I posted a clear diagram.

I would also add, and that might be my last contribution to this thread that has more than one poster anyway, that the rescue in spaceships do not need to be extraterrestrial rescue. The fact is USA has a fleet of secret spaceships that are capable to save a great portion of population in USA or elsewhere. The most well known are named by researchers as TR-3B triangle shaped. Stargates spoken of by Dan Burisch in Project Camelot capable of transporting instantaneously people from Earth to Mars or beyond. Yes like the movie Stargate, only explained by Area 51 scientist. Henri Deacon is another scientist who talks about stargates. Other unknown tech. I don't know how much reverse tech the Russians got from their ET, but it should be remarkable too. So when I talk of planetary rescue I understand first and foremost the physical rescue of the population to continue life on another planet, in case this planet is doomed. And only then I discuss this or that ET race willing to do it, or now - this or that earthy power capable to do it. I also suggest that the different earthy groups of peoples will be saved by different means/ET and to different locations. For as long period of time as the earth will be uninhabitable.

Pope Francis' time is ticking, as that of everyone of us. I'm awaiting the loudly spoken changes before the conclave. If you remember then the cardinals were divided along the lines of reformists and romans. What happened? Of course this is their work to do. And our work is to wait and seek changes. Not only if we are catholics. It concerns the world and its survival as I tried to explain so many times. Including but not only based on Fatima.
I don't understand what more is waited for. Jesus to come on clouds? (ANd if that happens would be it a hologram?) The disabling dream of "nothing happened again" that the mankind is deeply inside now after Dec 21, 2012, will violently end soon. You say Mideast and that might be the case. Or asteroids. Or aliens.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 02:23 AM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
What happened in Fatima 1917?

Three superstitious Portuguese peasants had an unverifiable religious experience.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 02:36 AM

Originally posted by Phantomfire707
While Pope Francis could be making big unpopular changes next year.

You call them "unpopular" but may be they are unpopular only for the tiny minority of catholics with pretty fundamental views and average age above 60 may be 70. I guess they do not surpass 100,000- 200,000 people or at most 1 million. They might be saints but their views are totally outdated. The rest of 1 bln 100 mln church AND the rest of the world 6 bln people expect big changes. Not exactly from the pope personally, but yes from the pope because he is the leader of 1/5 of them. Not all of them, but the Muslims are concerned what the pope is doing may be more than many catholics are. The list of possibilities is long and not everything asked should be done of course. But something must. The other way is disastrous, first for the catholic church itself.

On that background, my Fatima questions and ET questions are nothing near "pressure" but reminder for those catholics who spent their entire lives under the sign of Fatima apparition, and now retired are still expecting. What? Their kids are watching Clone Wars, and let make it clear too. The younger generations are much more adaptive and they already have accepted (may be without realizing it) the big changes that the leaders still think the world society is not ready for. There are people who will never be ready for any change and will die with their preset views. It was so in each epoch. Should the entire world wait them? Let also notice the average age of the world population is nowhere near the average age of the Western population. I have to check statistics, but most people in the developing countries are somewhere in the 30s and younger. Young people who live poor miserable life without any of the perspectives a Western youth would have as a given fact. That just cannot continue anymore. Not even for the so called developed countries that in the last crisis 2008-now showed they are incapable to fix their own problems, let alone the problems of the poor world. For me the biggest change would be the ET disclosure and all its sequences. For someone else - the sexual issues. For a third one, the social issues. Time has been lost, decades after the end of the cold war. Decades during John Paul 2 who indeed believed "civilization of love" would be possible on earth but without much change except for the spiritual. His theory failed. I would not comment ex-pope Benedict but I didn't see any big change in his reign either. Understand, the time is lost. Unless you have a time machine to get it back.

The change must occur in the next months, or disaster is imminent. Already Andromedan envoys predict their involvement after 1/1/2014. Empty talks again, as 12/21/2013? Canadian ex-minister named the Andromedans as one of the 5 ET races named by him. We should face the reality or we will be made to do it. Perhaps alien invasion is not so much sci-fi anymore, if our choice is not the right choice. As I said before the Andromedans have a rather anti-Bible position, well argumented and presented online by their envoy Alex Collier. It is worth the time of watching, to know what the other side thinks. Hellyer proved they are real entities. Against draconians, yes, but also against the Bible and archangel Michael whom they call "evil Orion fleet". So may be the Orions are the good ones? Questions that must be asked and answered in the remaining time.

The only benefit the humanity could use widely from Roswell was the computer and the internet. The rest is in the military - stealth, optical fibers, and so on. This is not the disclosure, this is a selective program that is also responsible for me and you to read these things now. The catholics have no excuse, those hardline catholics of Fatima-like style, who are retired and who have enough time to watch the excellent videos available for free on youtube. You need to watch one to connect to all the rest. It is inexcusable position. Their demonization of the things they do not try to understand an inch is CATASTROPHIC for the future of the church. Perhaps the saved part of the church will have very little in common with what we know as "church" today.

OK that is enough isn't it?

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 03:30 AM

Originally posted by Sankari

Three superstitious Portuguese peasants had an unverifiable religious experience.

The well researched Fatima trilogy I've noted above documents that

the Fatima incidents were not per se a RELIGIOUS experience

as much as they were a UFO experience.

It can be argued that the critters were fallen angels perpetuating a great deception component. In that sense, it could be characterized as a RELIGIOUS experience. But NOT one as the RCC cast events.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 09:13 AM
UFO light in Medjugorje. Called "miracle" by devotees.
Will this be the new term about UFO and ET? Call them miracles and angels, and it is ok for the Catholic church? For me it is OK as far as they bring any visible and REAL help to Earth's citizens, and soon. That hasn't happened yet.

Alex Collier in February said the Brown Dwarf comes in August - October. He was one of the few who did not bow down before the 12/2012 hype and maintained his end of 2013 theory. No matter how I respect his views, I cannot agree with him on a number of issues of religious matter. The Andromedans are the other side. Unless they sit down for a dialogue, not one sided directives, and say what they will really help humanity even before we discuss theology. I write this to be read by Alex, Tolek and any other Andromedan envoy. You need not ridicule ME for what THEY have said.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 09:17 AM

Originally posted by BO XIAN
it can be argued that the critters were fallen angels perpetuating a great deception component. In that sense, it could be characterized as a RELIGIOUS experience. But NOT one as the RCC cast events.

I assume the term of fallen angels or devils to be exchanged with the term of evil aliens, draconians, or whatever you find. It is more appropriate for 21st century discussion.

I don't think they were the ones in Fatima. What secrets otherwise, they would have trumped it all over the world as NWO, Nazi or Marxism. It didn't happen in that way with Fatima, just the opposite.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 09:32 AM
The 5 ET races announced by the Canadian ex-minister of defense Paul Hellyer May 2013 are: Zeta Reticuli (Grey), Orion, Pleiadians, Altair, Andromedans. I think we should take that as a solid base and build upon it. He mentioned more -20 races. Clifford Stone said of 57 in 4 main groups (in 2001 pressconference). Others speak of 200. But we have to start from somewhere. If such a hi rank person names those 5, I think the impartial researcher should accept at least those 5 as established fact. There are no reptilians among them, actually all are humans except for the Grey that are humanoid. So we should expect the reptilian races to pop up too. Notice the big difference between reptilian humanoids (1 head, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 eyes etc) and other forms, such as winged draconians. Those who claim contacts with reptilian humanoids have rather favorable view of them. I don't know.
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posted on May, 27 2013 @ 09:40 AM
If what is said above is true, including the Andromedan 213/14 theory of black hole radiation /superwave, we should expect fast action in the months and weeks to follow. Medjugorje incident is not just isolated incident. It is not a secret for anyone that is the most favorite apparition site of ongoing apparition, popular for the most part of the catholic strong believers. Of course they will say "OL sent this light" and after all they might be perfectly right. Only what is sent by OL if God sends angels in the Bible whom we may call rightfully ET.

In that way I again underline my principal disagreement with Alex and Andromedans, who acknowledge all of that but take it as evil aliens. One cannot take archangel Michael as evil alien and claim to be on God's side. But the Andromedans have their chance to repent, as the humans have it in Jesus Christ.

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