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What really happened in Fatima?

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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 06:49 AM
The Red Army choir was once in the Vatican invited by John Paul 2. Does it have to come a second time, not as a choir, to fulfill what Elena Aiello dreamed? Let those who know what REALLY is written in the prophecies, answer that question to themselves. I don't need that answer for myself. It is a fact Elena Aiello's texts have 2 versions published online. In one of them it speaks how righteous the priests are/should be, in the other, how perverse. Thanks so much, but that is what comes as a "impeccable" source from "heaven". Think with your heads! I wil restrain myself from stronger words. Let listen to music and reflect.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 07:13 AM
Let clarify, I do not suggest that the few catholics who answered me and kept company in Fatima threads are paid by the Vatican or by any other Catholic group. I don't think so. (despite someone else would have assumed so, I know how hard believing the catholics could be and I believe it is a product of exactly such kind of belief and not paid agents). But I think they are too much encapsulated in their own pre-positioned views and do not see the other side or any other side. May be they have never been to Russia or even outside America some of them, outside of the developed countries may be. I just don't know, and particulary do not care for any personality (as some do). I do not accept their statements of personal character regarding myself! They do not have the right to categorize me personally. Similarly, we reached to a bitter spat with one of them in another prophecy thread. (was it the goal?) Luckily that is now past. Other events came meanwhile, as the election of the new pope.

I don't know the truth of Fatima. I know the responsible people failed to deliver the truth for 96 years. These are several generations, my friends! None of you was born in 1917 yes? What to say about La Salette. Seems God's time is not our time and God's perspective is much wider than ours.

Questions that do not start and end with one or more angry posts, but will remain even if the solar flare tomorrow kills both you and me. I also do not accept as adequate the lack of argument discussion about the extraterrestrials in any so called catholic website. What spiritdaily recently did is the minimum of the minimum. The evangelical demonization of all ET is absurd. The shock is too big indeed, we have been denied the truth for centuries if not millenia, but we have to learn to live with it. God bless.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 07:27 AM
I also don't think that the Vatican staff will fall so low as to play under cover in public forums. For the job that they didn't finish in office (namely, Fatima secrets). I don't think so and hope this is not the case. If it proves so, however, it will put a bunch of new questions as the real dimensions of the secrets kept. Not just Fatima or la Salette. Everyone with internet could see what I mean by simple browsing. I believe the new start in 2013 will bring indeed a new better start in all. I want to beieve this is the case with the new pope and his rule.

To press Vatican, are you joking? It is the Vatican that is in charge of all that. The public oppinion is a good thing, thanks God it exists, unlike the Middle ages.

Extraterrestrials in "ExoVaticana"? I am supportive to the Church's view of them, but actually where it is in the public space? I do not support Exo Vaticana's skewed absurd statements, and will not repeat them to avoid propaganda. But they exist in the public space available for both catholics and non catholics. Where is the catholic answer? Will the catholic and other churches (all of them practically) face existential threat when the extraterrestrials manifest in broad daylight, or will they find strength to go beyond that? To re-read the words of the Gospel, of Jesus, who speaks of the universe and the cosmos (Mark 16 in Greek). To deny all that in a forum is a good time-killing but has no use. Until now, with the exception of Spiritdaily last article on UFO, and Balducci and Funes interviews, I haven't read consistent view of any catholic prelate or newspaper, magazine on the issue. Indeed there is demonization going on on several levels, and one of them is ultra-conservative apparition-related catholic websites. Another level, not catholic, are several televangelists who as erudite on End times as they could be, are not shy to characterize the extraterrestrials like devils, demons, or at best, Nephilim. This is just not serious, when we are told repeatedly of 5 races (canadian ex-minister of defense), 57 races (2001 conference in Washington DC pressclub Clifford Stone) and some speak of over 200 or more, already visiting the planet. Canadian ex-minister spoke this month of ET who work in USA and are indistinguishable from humans. Others like Bob Dean (command sergeant, top clearance) speak of that too. What more does it need to say the truth? Obama to say it on CNN or to see the ships thru the windows? It will be a disaster for the churches if they do not prepare adequate positions. Perhaps they do. Hope so.
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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 08:27 AM
We will never know. Religion is quite crooked

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by makaveli3601

we will know as soon and as much as we want to. It is the problem of religion if it will accept the reality or not.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 09:35 AM
Phantomfire, you think I want to force the pope to bless and load the catholics on the spaceships? In face of possible cataclysm? And you think this is bad? Isn't it laughable? I guess the pope knows not only that info that is now public online (I don't have another). But he knows much more thanks to his access to secret archives, now 2 months after his election. I wonder why don't you ask whose are those spaceships, and instead of maintaining an absurd and outdated position with so much energy and skilled efforts, to start seriously investigate those ET races that are talked about in the public space online. It is possible, very likely, some of them to be evil. Indeed what the frightened to death catholics see similar to demons. But that should be proven who exactly. And to see who are like the angels that the Gospel talks about. "Men in white clothes" stand next to the tomb. They appear on Ascension. They sing on the birth of Jesus. There are no wings on the angels described, not before the centuries later icons to start painting them. The angels are the good extraterrestrials. While looking for the devil everywhere, the devote but ignorant catholics will fail to see the angels, and therefore - their salvation. "God will send his angels" says Jesus. I can continue on and on. The Vatican must do it, not unpaid users like myself. Not only the Vatican. All churches who want to move thru the current deadlock and to continue in the new period of time. Until the Second Coming of Jesus, that may be after 2000 or more years. Not even He knows. How then some "seers" know? Apparently what they see is not Jesus!

To be honest, I want the pope to bless the spaceships and not only catholics but also buddhists to find safe haven. Hope he listens to me, yes? It is laughable, indeed, to think that a forum even a good one like ATS, will have any impact on such a big thing. I'd wish it is the case, but have no illusion that the decisions are taken for other criteria. In anyway, I did my humble job and hope to be rewarded by the ET-angels themselves. In the time when the humans are so ignorant that do not care for their own rescue and that of their children. That is absurd that the world haven't seen since the time of Noah when the people waited until were drowned. It is absurd on the background of the superintelligent mind and communication of today's men. It is just absurd but it is a fact. I guess many many will be drowned, this time in the fire that Peter speaks about. Few will see the new heaven/sky and the new earth. Even fewer of them will be devote catholics. Thanks to the total ignorance and even hostility of those few who know it by chance.

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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 12:45 PM
For those who still don't know it: EXO-VATICANA By Tom Horn & Chris Putnam claims that the Vatican has relations with evil aliens for a long time (longer than a century). I don't give any credibility to that claim. It is interesting however the interview of Tom Horn with the Vatican astronomers on Mt Graham Arizona observatory. He shares that in a radio interview available on youtube. They said the UFOs in their telescvope were daily experience and messed their work for discovery of earth-like planets...That alone is enough to start asking questions.

Although I don't believe the thesis of ExoVaticana of contact with evil aliens (let first define what is an evil alien), it should be denounced with solid data by someone from the Catholic church. Articles like that of Spiritdaily that say we will know the Universe only in eternity, and that only God and the angels could know it, DO NOT HELP, the opposite. We live in 21st century not in the middle ages, in the era of freely available internet. Pls stop with those Middle ages views, those who claim to be responsible and educated catholics, especially the owners of catholic websites!

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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 01:15 PM
What I suggest as closer to the truth, in contrast with ExoVaticana, is that the Vatican is in contact with GOOD ALIENS at least after the meeting between president Eisenhower and aliens in California airforce base (pls search internet for that). On that meeting according to Robert Dean recent interview posted by me in this or another thread, was present the cardinal of Los Angeles McIntyre. After the meeting he flew to Rome to inform pope Pius XII. Since then, every pope was informed, according to Bob Dean. It is well known and published the meeting between pope John 23 and the contactee George Adamski that took place inside the papal palace. Adamski gave to John 23 a package with unknown content. This all is online and I didn't add anything from myself. You don't have to believe my words, you only need to click the mouse to find it yourself. Since we have info of the kind of meeting of Eisenhower, I suggest the ones contacted are most likely Pleiadians. Eisenhower reportedly had 3 meetings with 3 different races, one of them should be the Grey, the other Pleiadians and the third should be the Annunaki, according to different sources. Both the Pleiadians and the Annunaki are human looking and indistinguishable in the crowd. They may sit next to you in the airplane and you would never know, say people who met them.

On that background develops the entire Fatima story. So my suggestion that Fatima itself is connected to the extraterrestrial presence, in anyway, is not that far from the reality. It might be Our Lady warned, advised, told of this and that. We don't know it. No one of us who writes here knows it. No one cardinal let alone pope who has read the secret has ever written in this forum. So none of us knows it. Sorry Phantomfire, but you know it as much as I do. It is unwise to reject any possibility, even less in the way you did it last time. Sorry again, because I have a higher view of your research capabilities.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 02:46 PM
M-Generation Jewish Boys choir sings Childhood Millennium Theatre Brooklyn. Sings in Russian and English.
The choir is composed by children of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe and Russia, and since then enjoys enormous success in USA and abroad.

I wonder why that Russian connection in Fatima. Isn't it because of the many Jews in Russia who if accept Jesus will increase the chances of the second coming sooner? Just a suggestion. We have 10 lost tribes too, at least some have gone North. I am skeptical to classify Russia in Ezekiel 38 because the Revelation 20 gives another version: Gog and Magog are only after the Millennium! For me the Revelation has a precedence and explanation power over the Old Testament, as long as it is not changed in the first centuries as may be other texts are.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 06:13 PM

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 06:34 PM
"2012newstart: ...perhaps they read what I and others alarmed online."
"2012newstart: ...I really hope the Catholic Church representatives who probably read here will take seriously the issues discussed."

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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by 2012newstart

I'm about half way through Exo-Vaticana.

The amount of supporting documentation on the DVD is in the thousands of pages.

The amount of research the authors have done is wayyyyyy above that of any other research I ever read or read about in my PhD program. They have been EXTREMELY EXHAUSTIVE researchers.

They note opposing views from a diversity of sources.

They build their case extremely meticulously and methodically.

After studying the related issues since 1962, I believe their assertions are quite reasonable if not 100% accurate.

They also include a section on Fatima and conclude as do the also extremely thorough Portuguese researchers in their Fatima Trilogy--that Fatima was essentially a somewhat dramatic and extended moderately routine type of large UFO set of incidents.

The "sun dancing" was clearly the large disc shaped craft showing as a super bright light.

OF COURSE the actual sun COULD NOT "come down to earth" as the earth would have been obliterated much before the sun got anywhere near that close.

Here's the 3 extremely well researched books on Fatima by the Portuguese researchers who had access even to local Vatican archives on the topic. They also interviewed all remaining living witnesses except the cloistered Lucia. They did interview all they could find of those who had had any contact with Lucia after the incidents.

HEAVENLY LIGHTS: The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon:

= = =

= = =


= = = = = =

The manipulation of Fatima events--AS THEY WERE OCCURRING--by the RCC hierarchy was all too typical of that bunch of political power-mongers.

The officials insured that the events were framed, described and defined in keeping with the RCC dogma, memes, expectations, priorities etc.

It's not clear whether the UFO critter described by the RCC SYSTEM as "Mary" designed the events to result in that or decided along the way to in the end play that role.

Certainly I agree with Putnam and Horn as well as Guy Malone and his panel of high quality scholars,

that ALL the written about UFO critters are fallen angels.

HOWEVER, IT DOESN'T MATTER if they are fallen angels or actual citizens of distant planets. THEY ALL ARE CLEARLY

involved with the human globalists toward setting up the Biblically predicted one world government and one world religion to ultimately worship satan.

That's all I need to know about their values and goals.

The critters are NOT NICE. Some seem to treat their human captives as humans sometimes treat their farm animals--caring for them in healing ways as one would care for a calf being raised to be eaten.

imho, Putnam and Horn and Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada make an excellent case for their assertions about Fatima and related stuff. Their warnings are well worth anyone considering fair-mindedly.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 11:48 PM

Originally posted by Phantomfire707
"2012newstart: ...perhaps they read what I and others alarmed online."
"2012newstart: ...I really hope the Catholic Church representatives who probably read here will take seriously the issues discussed."

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Hopefully they do, my friend. But not as an answer in ATS, although I'd be glad if a cardinal would take a time to answer here. Perhaps he would receive many and more intelligent questions from other people, people who are not even Christians but who CARE for the fate of the humankind. But they (the hierarchies) could do their work for the benefit of humanity from their own place that is the Vatican, the observatory of Mt Graham, the Canterbury archbishopric, the Moscow patriarchate. etc. And the world will repost their words many times over and comment them. As it is normal in the free societies who have public opinion, in contrast to the totalitarian societies known in the Middle ages and later in the Nazi regime and Stalin's regime. I believe the society today is not that, and the culture to allow opinion different fromt he mainstream is valued.

I have the faint belief that something important will be fixed in the last moment. Such as the blessing of ET in the last moment. Why in the last moment BTW?

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 11:59 PM
The OP has revealed he can understand the Russian language.

He believes it is not a relevant factor.

More importantly, the OP has informed me in private today, that he is 100% serious about his intentions towards getting rescued by the spaceships, and that (SIGH) I better not mess with his plans for ET contact otherwise (SIGH) he will deem that I am an agent of the Vatican or some other group.

He went much further than that with his warning to me.

I'm done with this thread. And the lesson I learned is not to react to his attempts to goad me into posting in his Fatima threads. From now on I don't care if or how many times you denounce Fatima. Your delusions and Fatima postings have nothing to do with me.

BTW, your free to believe what you wish.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Thanks for your review. I believe a part of their book was published online by themselves, because the publisher was late and the conclave of new pope was impending event. You could search internet. You see I can't agree with much what the respected authors have said in this book, in Petrus Romanus, and others. But they are well documented, well defended positions, and it is a pleasure to know how the other side thinks INTELLIGENTLY and INFORMED much more than most of the faithful. In a sense, the faithful can learn from the books without accepting some core disagreements. I would like to discuss it with Tom and Chris in an intelligent way. After I suggested a cardinal to come, why not to suggest Tom and Chris to come for interview in ATS. They already gave a couple of landmark interviews, and I didn't heard any insult to the catholic faith or faithful. They are very well mannered people.

The same way I would like to discuss with the Andromedan representatives Alex Collier and... their very anti-Bible views. Still they are representatives of the first extra-galactic civilization of humanoids, allegedly. It would be strange if they think like us. But it would be strange if we agree with their view on OUR religion. I have a lot to discuss with them.

And we still expect the official acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial contact that already happened on Earth. Even before the start of discernment of goods and bads. That will be the next question immediately following the official disclosure. Hope it doesn't happen too late for many. What we have today in the public internet space for whoever has done the effort to browse it, is almost total demonization of the Grey as being involved in bio-experimentation. This is not proven with any hard evidence! Moreover researchers speak of 200 kinds of Grey race alone, from different planets! Perhaps not all of them are evil ones in underground bases. Another demonization is that of reptilians, particularly of draconians. It might have quite bigger reason. But again we need the facts as the basis of any scientific or amateur investigation. We don't have them for the greater part. Alex Collier who is outright opponent of the Draconians and the microchip, at the same time acknowledged that most of the star systems are populated by H-based life that is closer to what we call Reptilians (incl reptilian humanoids) and of course not all of them are evil. The way not all Germans are Hitlers. Our type of life according to Andromedan view is O-based and we can travel faster than light. The H-based can travel only with sub-light speed that makes their movement restricted and used of natural bodies such as comets and asteroids. This is the Andromedan view, not my view! I present a tiny part of it for your convenience because otherwise you have to spend hours, days, only to listen to the lectures of Alex. Please do not blame the messenger that sends the message. I would not blame Alex either. he did the best ambassador mission. Only we have a lot to discuss with the guys from A. who intend to come on 1/1/2014 together with the superwave of the galactic core.

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 12:53 AM
Perhaps this is more appropriate for a thread with ET name on it, but I started already many threads and this current one got the attention of the people. Anyway everything ultimately reaches prophecy and the biggest prophecy of modern days (that we still don't know) is Fatima.

Soon the humanity will be separated. Different ET races will come to save different earthly peoples. Once they were called gods because of the poor level of conscience of the natives. In China for example we have the veneration of the dragon everywhere. Perhaps draconians or other similar kind of ET will save the Chinese on a separate planet controlled by them. China already built up a 100m structure of metal very similar to Stargate from the serial
I am not proficient with all ancient beliefs. Seems to me the Egyptian ET have a place in the Mediterranean. The pyramids as we know were built 12,000++ years ago, far before any contemporary Egyptian to write down any hieroglyph. Far before the creation of Adam and Eve too. We have to accept the fact that besides Adam and Eve (created by God), there were numerous other Extraterrestrials who created their civilizations. Pre-historic bones date back tens of thousands years before Adam. Moreover, all the planets that existed for billions of years, would logically have their ET races billions of years old. It is a time for the theologians to do their homework, and THIS IS NOT MY JOB TO DO. I don't care if they will find the formula on time, or not. It is their problem. God is one and the same.

So, who will save the Christian civilization? Who will save the White civilization, that includes the West but includes also Russia? I don't have definitive answer as of which particular Et group will have the task to do so. Many have spoken of Ashtar group (human Et), many others of Pleiadians (human ET at east 7 star systems). The Canadian ex-defense minister Hellyer named 5: Pleiadians, Altair, Orion, Zeta Reticuli Grey, Andromeda. Pls review carefully his statement because it is the highest rank who speaks on that. If we exclude the joke of Medvedev that he has a full list of ET persons who reside on Russian territory. A joke?

So what I argued so hard in previous posts, is easily to be enlarged and even negated in portions by skillfull and informed people like Tom Horn. Not every ET is human ET. And seems to me the humanity will separate itself once more after the Tower of Babel and will leave this earth that is doomed to firely end soon (any reason, most likely space reason). After millenia perhaps the life on earth will be restored and the generations at that time will think on the book of the Apocalypse pretty much as we do. Only they will have all the info available. Including all authentic words of Jesus. Because there is a technology to record all the past as on a movie. Looking Glass similar to Stargate. Search Dan Burisch. I don't want here to enter into travel-into-time scenario, but surely those advanced ET races thousands of years ahead of us have recorded every word of the Son of God during his public mission on Earth. How much is not told to us, I can only guess.

In that view, the disclosure is not IF but WHo. The sooner the churches and governments take positions the better for all of us. For a Chinese a draconian who saves the nation would be as good as a Pleiadian who offers his ship to the unbelieving catholics (I speculate, not sure they are the Pleiadians although they would have looked like Biblical "angels"). Dr Steven Greer came with a fantastic movie called Sirius (available for purchase online) where he presents irrefutable proof of a small mumified skeleton of being not from this earth. Very small. I will not comment further on it, but the time of the blind denial is far gone in the past. I expect those whose views count to take their positions as who of the 57 or 200 kinds of ET already on Earth should be followed as beneficial to humanity. If not, tomorrow I will make my own decision when finally they appear to offer last chance of PHYSICAL salvation. Pls do not mess the SPIRITUAL salvation. Jesus Christ's death on the cross saved humanity and saved all the Universe. You can share that good news with your space brothers or you can stay and die useless death.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 01:42 AM
Phantomfire, I know you'd probably mean well for myself. But the same cannot be said for the people who will benefit from your way of arguing. You don't know what stays behind them. I am not afraid of their evil ET to "punish" me because I am punished by the life already enough, and don't really care if will live one day more or not. But if they, those in the shadow, continue their arrogance with the feeling of irresponsibility to anyone, they will meet the strongest resistence of the catholics themselves. Of the sober hierarchy in first place who wants to save the flock, not to betray it to the coming fire. Unfortunately there are such hideous people who would prefer to leave the faithful to "sacrifice" them using some composed apparitions and other psyops known from the Middle age practice. For ends known to themselves. Why the need of not-informing the people and sacrificing them to the coming celestial fire, and not instead saving them? Hitler wanted to kill all Jews, so God's promise to Abraham to make people as numerous as the stars in heaven would never fulfill. If that sinister plan of new Hitlers fulfills even partially, the new earth populated by Christians will see very few hardline Catholics. Think of what I am saying, not of myself personally, and review your outdated positions. That is valid for other writers here who attacked me in the past. They just don't realize whom they serve to. Or may be some of them do.

Because this is a Fatima thread, the coming fire is mentioned clearly in Fatima-3-Neues Europa text, where it is said the oceans will vaporize. It is conformed by no one else but John Paul 2 himself int he comment that I published in this thread (why don't comment that instead?). It is further proved by Akita "fire will come from heaven" fully approved catholic apparition. This is far more than enough for the faithful to open their eyes and see it is coming a celestial event, symbolized by the solar miracle (whether UFO played or OL made a beam hologram, or other). The Earth oceans iwll become vapor. We may speculate whether it is a result of megaton explosions and final ignition of atmospheric N2 into nuclear chain reaction, or more likely, it will be a result of a mega solar flare triggered by galactic processes far beyond our human reach. But we were warned. The faithful esp the vocal ones who write here and there, make a grave mistake underestimating that and substituting with the fabricated version of antichrist in the vatican promoted by the failed apparition of Bayside (and condemned by the church bishop). That antichrist should be dead by now. Understand that when we have 96 years after an apparition we have generations passed. Even more since La Salette. These are not human measurements. You may want to see antichrist in Putin, in Obama, in religious leader, but you will ultimately fail and the years will pass along with your lives. Worse. The celestial event will come and catch all dwelling on earth as a snare. You will have lost your chance to be apostles to those who do not have your knowledge. May be to your own children and grandchildren. Well, the few saved will continue the life. Actually they might not be that few from other nations who do not pretend to be christian but who know of Jesus no less. If only one person converts thanks to my preaching, I will feel my mission fulfilled. If not - you all devote people have been warned officially. Internet allows all of you to potentially reach this page.
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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 02:18 AM
John Paul 2 comment on Fatima-3 has two parts. In the first he warns of the possibility communist regimes to be established in new countries. At that time of the height of the cold war the world saw increased pro-communist regimes in Southern part of Africa that led to South Africa making its own nuclear weapon later abandoned. This is the first part. I don't really understand how the communist leaders in Kremlin would believe Fatima prophecy and would start their march, but at least one person believed so and this person was the Roman pope.

The second part of JP2 comment on Fatima-3 includes the possibility of mega disaster where millions will die from one moment to the other. Is it the expected at that time WW3 or another event, JP2 does not hint. He only says that if it was the case with Fatima-3 there is no need to reveal it.

The conclusion is stunning, because it should be just the opposite. OK the Vatican didn't reveal the sacred text until this very day. The prelude with the vision of martyrdom may or may not be true at all. There are doubts of 2 different handwritings of Lucia, i.e. 2 different Lucias. I am not specialist to say. BUT the text of planetary calamity has not been revealed. The leaked Neues Europa (and here I simply repeat for those who haven't read previous threads or Fatima at all) was leaked and confirmed by hi rank cardinals. Ottaviani I think. As being close enough to the real text. Later the same mgr Balducci who advocates ET life, published that Neues Europa text in Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican. The publication happens after the death of JP1 in the interregnum. The death of JP1 is mysterious enough, connected to the revealed masonic longue and possible connection to insiders in Vatican itself - see wikipedia for more.

In other words, to get out of the many small but important facts and to get to the bigger picture. Fatima-3 is never told word by word. It is likely to deal with planetary event. Whether Russia holds some key, such as connection to extraterrestrial race, I can only guess. With or without Russia, the humanity will experience deaths of millions (may be billions) in a matter of hours or minutes. This is enough for every sober religious and politician to start reflecting on the real measures to be taken. It was said in Le Monde French newspaper who reprinted Neues Europa, that the text was revealed to Kennedy and Khrushchev and they were deeply moved by that. They did, but not today's catholics!

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 04:05 AM
I THINK it would be wonderful to invite Cris Putnam and Tom Horn to be interviewed on ATS.

Have at it.

I think Guy Malone's documentation with more than 400 cases where spiritual warfare in Jesus' Name, Jesus' Blood stopped abductions in mid stream and prevented further abductions

is pretty emphatic evidence as to what sort of critters we are dealing with.

imho, Fatima was 'merely' a grand component in the planned END TIMES DECEPTION that Christ warned about. . . . the one so slick, that were it possible, even the very elect would be deceived.

If it walks like a duck . . .

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 04:26 AM

I think I am crystal clear about the sequence of Fatima timeline. It has NOTHING TO DO with my likes and knowledge of Russian language.
It is clear Fatima-2 and Fatima-3 are parts of one same text. This text is hidden from the world up until this date and hour. Shame the world is considered as stupid. Shame more people do not talk of that, incl more within the hierarchy of Roman catholic church. Because it concerns the entire world, if there are millions to die from one moment to the other - ref. John Paul II. To think the opposite, is to think against those people, to betray those people who otherwise might have been saved, let say if they have repented, or wanted the salvation. I am sick of conspiracy of Fatima, and totally repulsed by the catholic clergy whos till claims they, those who lied for 96 years, they are right and the faithful who ask legitimate questions, they are the wrong ones. Pity there are hi ranks involved who are still hi ranks. Let they come clean, as it happened with the election with John Paul 2, and not like the sad story of John Paul 1 repetition of Middle ages scenarios. I suggest no more personal attacks to receive from anyone, otherwise I will say many more things. God bless!

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