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What really happened in Fatima?

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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 12:41 AM
I hope pope Francis will say a part of the truth soon. Even on this Pentecost. The clock is ticking!
Or the angelic forces (to avoid the name extraterrestrials) will manifest first, for the lack of action of anyone on earth beforehand. That is a scenario that is most likely to occur. However, the time is quite short, and seeing the couds of big, nuclear war on the horizon Before the Solar event, there might not be enough time for preaching and explaining. There might be a time only for a decision making for those who still didn't make their decision - and that is the majority of the Christians and other religions. Then there will be those who are saved physically and continue humankind including Christianity, and those who die. Perhaps holy people, but they will not bring humanity beyond that barrier in history. I don't rule out 2 or more ways of rescue. But let use the first one, because Jesus talks 10 times in the Gospel of it. "to escape all those things". Let choose the first one! I am sorry I cannot repeat all the reasoning made in older posts, and will not start answering provocative questions and statements about issues like rapture, life on other planets, Ezekiel and Elijah vehicles that are space vehicles. I just cannot go thru that whole process and see no reason to do it. Don't say "rapture is not in the Bible" because itis and is even written so twice in Latin that I know about and many time sin Greek. The rapture will not be flying in the air as many modern protestants think. Of course it will be with spaceships because the human body cannot survive the space travel. Of course there are other planets, if the space telescopes found 400 or more of them. Are we going to deny the scientific fact as they did in middle ages? What use of finding all those planets if cannot reach them? Read some scientists that I already posted. You have to start from somewhere.

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 01:12 AM
"If you expect money, you should not be touching Fatima in the first place."
unfortunately, Phantom fire, no one offered me money for that, no one gave me money after that, instead I received only insults, ridicules, and ignorance from people who should have their role to lead others on the way of salvation. People who would call themselves christians, catholics, devote followers of OL. Perhaps they will be sorry and will ask for pardon at that day, but I will be nowhere near to hear them. Those people will be the real losers on that day, when the humanity splits and one part survives and the other - not. Perhaps they will find God's mercy at their last hour.

Mgr Corado Balducci about extraterrestrials, he was papal astronomer at that time

It is crazy I have to repost these things so many times over the course of time, years may be, and the stone headed faithful do not even want to touch the subject. Was it all in vain? Perhaps so, for most of them. I still hope that some of them, may be the children who watch Clone Wars and do not read ATS will be more sane with more adequate reactions than their parents and grandparents. I am disappointed and despaired by the majority of the so called catholic faithful who appear online. Do not accept it personally, Phantomfire or anybody, but if you are real to yourselves you will find that fact connected with other issues. Just tell me where is the free, unsanctioned, uncensored Catholic forum? There isn't such a thing on the free internet!
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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

[color=6699FF]Nope. That's just not accurate.

The Vatican local hierarchy were immediately putting their

!CONTROL! freak spin on things though the children were not, initially.

The claim that the fairly typical large, glowing UFO was the "sun" come down to earth is absurd physics on the face of it.

The Portuguese researchers who authored 3 books after exhaustive local research are accurate in assessing the event as a somewhat specialized but still quite typical large UFO set of incidents. The "END TIMES" delusion Christ spoke about was being set-up a bit early. s
. +UFOs

The very thorough--VERY thorough authors/researchers were given unprecedented access to primary source materials no longer available--even by local RCC church officials.

They interviewed all the observers and/or their relatives still alive.

Please Check out Cris Putnam and Tom Horn's EXO-VATICANA for further insights into all that.
. ATICANA%2Cstripbooks%2C237

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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 03:18 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart


I'm dismayed at the undiscerning, wholesale lack of critical thinking on the part of sooooo many

RELIGIOUS . . . in the worst sense

folks. I'm not RC but am Christian. I see it in all denominations. May God have mercy.

Fatima and incidents of similar ilk are wholesale . . . staged . . . contributions to a meme, a paradigm shift; a lie; a delusion; a deception . . . hatched in the pit of hell.

Fallen angel critters are NOT NICE beings. Please folks--Avoid swallowing their swill!

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 05:51 AM
the general idea of the RC Clergy embroiled in sexual scandals might be the crux of the 3rd prophecy..


see... the 3rd wisdom given by the Fatima Lady (holy mother?) has to do with the great falling-away...

not only by Catholics but by all Christian Faiths, but the Fatima prohecy/ 3rd secret was the attempt to have at least a hard core of believers (in this case Roman Catholics) to be a force at the start of the Great Tribulation era....

the Fatima prophecies were intended to stall off the start of the final 70th week,,, until a multitude of souls are safely in the 'sacred heart' protection era

? how many months did the visitations continue after the 1st one in 1917....
that should be a clue to the timeline involved.... perhaps a month was comparable to a present, prophetic, decade

there will come a great falling away first.... read Matthew 24 and inject the knowledge that the 'early birth-pangs' and 'beginning-of-sorrows' immediately preceed the final week and the ensuing 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation
and the fatima prophecies (by whatever delivery mode) were spiritual communications and meant to unite-unify believers at the time and throughout the extended period of the great "falling-away"

falling away from christianity for many different reasons, like church cleric sex abuses, becoming either Muslim or becoming a secular socialist/progressive much like the president of today is... there will be many excuses for falling-away or losing Ones' faith

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 09:13 AM
deleted by myself
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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 09:30 AM
deleted by me
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posted on May, 23 2013 @ 04:43 AM
How many of the modern day apparitions are in fact ET pretending Mary and Jesus? Is there a way for the seer or for anyone to discern between Our Lady and extraterrestrial human with all effects unimaginable?
How many of them have agenda that in fact does not envision any salvation or rescue of the humankind in case of a Chastisement as they call it? Because many of them predict it but few very few ever speak of any rescue.
I reach the point to doubt all past "apparitions" including those who predict 3 days of darkness and who call the faithful to go to refuges. Where are those refuges? The whole agenda is to let the faithful die on this planet, whenever the doom comes.

today's secular sources speculate that the doom event is likely and it may or may not depend on the human will (as WW3) but may come thru the sun or other space event. The "apparitions" actually fuel the notion of imminent doom event (called mostly but not only Chastisement). That might be the correct portion in them. From now on, I will make no difference between alleged apparition agenda and alleged extraterrestrial agenda. Rather will evaluate each of them according to their agenda. Whether or not they give any beneficial fruit for the humanity, at least for the willing humanity to be saved. Or whether their only promise is life after death. Thanks so much but all world religions know there is life after death. We don't realy need an "apparition" to tell us that! To go back to Fatima once more, it is shocking the leaked words of JP2 below. Now, decades later, I see how absurd those statements were.
In a 1980 interview for the German magazine Stimme des Glaubens published in October 1981, John Paul II was asked explicitly to speak about the third secret. He said: "Because of the seriousness of its contents, in order not to encourage the world wide power of Communism to carry out certain coups, my predecessors in the chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication. On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much:if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message.

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 05:23 AM
you may call me whatever you like, esp the devote catholics, but I am a Christian whose first allegiance is towards Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in His public revelation on Earth. Perhaps we don't have a full record of that public revelation.

The private revelations, the so called apparitions, should not substitute that public revelation of God thru His Son on planet Earth.

What we see today is they are in facts substituting key elements of that public revelation. For ex. to claim the time has come and "jesus" will come soon, to name this or that country as the beast or the dragon, or the harlot, in any combinations. This phenomenon that sees hundreds of thousands devotees captured in its snare, is NOT a devote serious intelligent reflection and analysis on prophecy of the Bible . This is arbitrary judgment and absurd interpretation of the Bible's end times. The faithful who can reason do not need this stuff. The faithful who do not reason n the Bible, will call me heretic and will pray for my soul. Or will send me to hell. It is their problem. I have to say these things. The apparitions cannot substitute the words of Jesus said during His life on Earth (although not fully recorded).

The public revelation of the Son of God does not Exclude extraterrestrial life. Instead, He mandated His disciples to go to the ends of the Cosmos, if you read the Greek original of Mark 16.

What we witness to happen in the apparition arena, with may be 90% of all well known apparitions, is a brutal exchange of the Gospel with something new with purpose known to its originators. They might be hostile aliens, or whatever. I am not the one to say what those originators of apparitions are or what their exact agenda is. What is clear though, their agenda is not the agenda of Lord Jesus in the Gospel. He said, "pray to escape all those things". He said "two will be on the field, one is taken another left". He said many other things who are totally banned to be discussed in the mainstream congregations. Many smaller congregations call them simply "rapture". I do not believe in rapture fly in the air as a bird. We cannot be certain the End Times are NOW. It might or might not be the case. We haven't seen key elements of End times prophecy of Daniel to fulfill yet. I'd rather think God allotted longer time for this Earth's population that is nowhere near fulfillment of its original goal.

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 06:06 AM
What happened? .....The first and most important thing to remember is much of what was put to the public in 1917 in Europe was propaganda related in World War 1

The three 'secrets' scribbled down by Lucia didn't hit paper until the 1940s (she did it at the absolute insistence of her bishop)

So believers say, the first two accurately 'predicted' the end of the first world war and the second world war. Not sure about you, but i would never believe something that had happened already as a 'prediction '

The third one which was meant to be "future" was total poppycock, and just proved that she made no prediction.

The miracle of the sun, is hardly a 'great miracle' that the kids said was coming. Not everyone saw it and some claimed to have seen the sun dancing around. If you stare at the sun you're going to see things.

There was no report anywhere else of movement of the Sun itself, Only evidence came from a crowd who had been primed to expect a 'miracle'.

it was one of the following::
1) a psychological mass 'hysteria'
2) a local atmospheric condition such as a sun dog. I remember reading someone who looked into the time of the event and proved it could not be the sun as the position is not where the sun should have been, but as it had just rained a "sun dog" is highly likely.)
3) a optical effects resulting from temporary retinal distortion caused by staring at such an intense light

Likely all three .

So many reporters there, pretty sure they weren't going to report noting, that doesn't sell papers
If you go through the accounts from witnesses they are so inconsistent it's a stretch to call it a miracle.

How about the miracle of stopping the slaughter of millions in the World war? yeah no dice.....

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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
you may call me whatever you like, esp the devote catholics, but I am a Christian whose first allegiance is towards Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in His public revelation on Earth.

The reason you have undermined the 2nd secret of Fatima on multiple occasions, is because the secret mentions Russia in a negative light.

Even in your latest post, when you opposed prophecy that specifically "names this or that country as the beast or the dragon, or the harlot, in any combinations."...

You were undoubtedly referring to the prophecies that speak negatively of the country Russia (prophecies of Russia's errors and of it being "spurred on by Satan"). You made this clear to me in the past when you warned "don't make Russia the enemy" on more than one occasion (don't have your exact words. Nevertheless you were clear about your discomfiture with prophecies that made RUSSIA out to be the bad guy.)

You have asked me once if I "speak Russian." You have posted many many Russian songs. I have seen other evidence of your potential affection towards Russia, on a youtube video that obviously was posted by you.

It all makes me think you speak or at least understand Russian and have an affinity to Russia.

You have refused to declare that you are Catholic. And you had made crystal clear in the past that you reject prophecy that mentions the Catholic Pope/Catholic Church in such a positive light (at one time you rejected outright the prophecies of Sister Aiello stating this was precisely the reason).

You have posted this last year:
"2012newstart:...I would rather accept Fatima is grossly falsified, than to deny the apostolic succession that Russian orthodox church (and other churches) do indeed have! If needed, they will be the ones to baptize the galaxy, and not Rome!"

I know that your goal of hitching a ride on alien-spaceship rescues, was far more important to you than anything else including Fatima (that was obvious in what you wrote.) I know that you believed the Catholic Church hierarchy was reading these forums and blogs.

I am convinced you actually believed that combining your alien-spaceship rescue demands on this forum with the Pope's obligation to release the Third Secret of Fatima, was part of your self declared mission (somewhere you wrote "I'm on a mission") to pressure the Vatican into releasing instructions on when/where/how to hitch a ride on these alien-spaceship rescues.

Now, suddenly you see no evidence that your "mission" to press the Vatican into releasing your alien spaceship rescue instructions can be accomplished on these forums any more. The "devoted"(as you put it) Catholics also resisted your calls for them to post in your Fatima thread....So you have no reason to support Fatima any more.

I resisted agreeing with your latest attempt to make the triple solar flare occurrence into another imminent doomsday threat, that in your mind you could use to demand of the Vatican the spaceship directions be issued pronto before the solar fire scorches the planet at any second without further warning.

To recap
1) you are pro-Russian, the Fatima Prophecy speaks of Russia as a future bad guy
2) you are pro-Russian Orthodox Church, while Catholic Prophecy speaks of a period of one faith, one baptism, one Pope, one Church, that is not the Russian Orthodox Church
3) your interest in posting about Fatima was based most of all on a belief that aliens would save the skin on your ass from a nuclear exchange and a requirement to first reach out to and convince or shame the Pope into releasing the directions to the spaceship (timed with a release of the Fatima secret.)
4) you are greatly displeased with the Vatican for failing to provide directions to the spaceships.

Not to forget you complained often about not receiving money for promoting these apparitions.

That's all fine, but undoubtedly you have major underlying biases against Fatima and Catholic prophecy and wish to blame the Vatican for your dream of spaceship rescues failing to be realized.
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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 03:37 AM
my friend, I am not in a position to pressure anyone, let alone the Vatican. If I cannot convince you and others like you who at least read and analyze that, from my self-proclaimed mission and logic based on facts I listed...then I will convince no one else either who didn't even read it...So don't worry, the Vatican the biggest and oldest organization on earth that collected the brightest minds of 1.1 bln Catholic church, won't be convinced by me either, even if they lose their time to read here, something that I would doubt it.

I never rejected the apostolic succession of the popes, even if some of my posts someone might interpret otherwise. If they sound so to someone, sorry. I say again, I accept the full validity of the unbroken apostolic succession of the chair of Peter in Rome, and the possession of all sacraments. Is this enough? Of course there are other successions and they are not denied by Rome itself. You may study the issue by yourself.

I will not comment on personal issues in a public forum. Seems you put me in someone else's shoes. That may serve well your unbiased analyzes? Knowing your hi style of expression and valuable posts, I sincerely advise you you don't need that. You will sound better without that part for the reader.

Russia is an issue in prophecy as well as politics, and let hope, a positive and not destructive one. For the good of this planet. As John 23 built bridges. The other possibility, there are enough good threads in this forum that explain in details what a nuclear, chemical and biological warfare might look like. I was stunned to read somewhere not that long ago in ATS that a biological warfare will be the main weapon of WW3 after the first disabling nuclear strike. I guess nobody really religious from whatever faith would like that happening. No matter who is the aggressor. Any scenario is bad enough.

Why I post Russian songs, I love them and I hope they build the case for peace. Have you listened before Russian songs, esp these songs with particular actual content? Why don't you like them being posted? Let me find one more for you now.

bout the dreamed spaceship ride to get out of here before it becomes to hot (for whatever reason) or just for leisure time among stars (I'd love it!)
You may want to read the latest Spiritdaily UFO post, that slowly but surely turns the wheel, turns the minds of the believers towards that possibility. Only he will see the Universe after his death, as I understand his conclusion. Well, that is an option too, for him. I'd advice him to reread what Mgr Balducci said from his position of papal chief astronomer at that time. Seems Spiritdaily didn't include him in this particular article, perhaps next time. Still, I congratulate Spiritdaily (if he ever bothers to read here) for his courage at least to touch upon the topic that was taboo for too long (counting also the historical taboo that may go to that Cross in the air that converted Constantine to Christianity, and is analyzed by ufologists as one of the earliest UFO contacts in history that changed historic direction. The other being Alexander's flying shields that won a key victory, but stopped him to cross into India...)

I remain available for both Fatima and other issues in ATS, but I also have other duties in life than typing here nonsense. Perhaps there are more erudite people than myself who could defend or oppose the above positions from their strong Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, or may be Buddhist and Muslim views. It would be more interesting than now.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 04:13 AM
you put a hard musical question to answer, I hope to make a good presentation.

"Santa Lucia" performed by sisters Tolmachevy (translation from Italian not needed)

"Katyusha" sisters Tolmachevy (translation from Russian not needed)

"What is it 'sky'", performed by group Neposedi (translation not needed)

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 05:18 AM
with so many "secrets" around Fatima, but also in modern apparitions, let not list them, someone would definitely manipulate them for his ends. I don't say this is the Vatican or even Catholic church as a whole. Everyone may benefit of manipulation of events that are secret, allegedly told by Our Lady that multiplies over and over again, but speaks differently. Or Jesus. You suggested I talked of Fatima, no I talked of modern apparitions esp those without a clear ID - such as the warning. Reread my previous posts before making your own conclusions based on your own view on all that, or on myself. I speak facts for a great part of my posts. I post links to people whose credibility is without doubt. As Balducci and Hellyer. Comment the facts. How on Earth you could have one Jesus in one "apparition" who says the Second coming is coming, and another Jesus from the gospel who says not even the angels know, not even he himself? Or perhaps 1900 y later God has told him and he came down to tell the unidentified seer to spread it online? Thanks God in Fatima the second coming is not discussed at all, as far as we know. But again, we don't know the 10 secrets in Medjugorje, we don't know other secrets. Tomorrow everyone of these seers may pretend everything. Including by naming not only countries but also PERSONS as being 666 for ex. That is DANGEROUS. For the faithful who believe them in FIRST PLACE. Not for the Buddhists or for the fallen away Catholics who would not read or believe. But how would you prove for yourself who is speaking thru particular seer? We know of haarp capabilities. The ET have 100s times better tech. But that is a already a big problem for many devote people. Many don't accept or are at the level of haarp knowledge and not an inch beyond. Sit and read Einstein or watch it online. Then you will understand the hyperspace is just as real and on theory studied in our modern schools it is not forbidden to cross it. The physics doesn't forbid it, the mainstream physics. Not that our teachers tell us that is doable. See what Hawking has to say on Discovery. No, don't say all that is from the devil. That is already a science fact that makes its way in the public space, similar to early 20th century when the new then theory of Einstein made its way painfully thur old paradigms of Newtonian apples. They on their turn hardly could convince the faithful in their centuries that the Earth is not the center of the Universe, etc stupidity that does not date back to the Ancient era, only to the Middle ages. Is this sanctty or craziness, you judge. But judge the facts. If the hyperspace tunnel is allowed by modern mainstream physics, that fact alone is enough to assume a highly advanced civilization has done it. Then no problem for the ET to come, at any time in history. And the ball starts rolling. You face the reality and start analyzing it, discern good ET from evil ET. The religious people refuse to enter that process. For them the world is divided into angels and demons all spirits. If you listen to Balducci, he has a quite different view for the space between humans on earth and angels in heaven. That space is filled by other beings, extraterrestrials, who are more evolved than us. He speaks freely during pope John Paul 2 pontificate. Isn't it enough for you? It is enough for me. Although Balducci is not the only person to count on.

Many devote people are just fanatics. You know them. It is a tragedy. Because they indeed believe in God, but are shut down for God's creation at the same time. They will refuse to be saved physically. Esp if some "apparitions" tell them so. The earth races will be continued, but not by the most devote people. Rather by people who love the life created by God, who have love in their hearts. May be fallen away catholics (again fundamental terminology), may be liberal evangelicals and orthodox, may be buddhists and muslims. They will know the truth at that time, they will be given the grace to believe the truth. Because they are open to God's action in our time. While the staunchest believers are closed. Who think in categories of centuries ago. Nobody told them the truth. OK now they are told. Even by the spreading the denial of reality, as some fanatic sites continue to do. Even by that the sober people will start asking themselves questions.

My Russian songs have nothing to do. Oh yes they have, they actually say that with artistic playing and singing. In fact your children and mine know more than you and me. Be it from Clone Wars or from fine art as presented on the songs that I love. The choice has been made by those who will be saved.

Does it matter if a mega solar storm comes, if a galactic wave will wipe out the life on earth, or if God will allow nuclear war? I just don't see the point to go further if some refuse the facts that I list constantly. Go back to the facts and research THEM. Not what slipped from my mouth/fingers online to make your case. FACTS

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 05:19 AM

Originally posted by maes2
reply to post by 2012newstart

WW3 started by Russia ! what an absurd !! If Fatima had predicted anything, surely that would have been the corruption of Vatican and it's share in corruption and supporting oppressors of the world, that is it !!!
moreover Fatima is a word which is respected by many people regardless of their religions. even in other countries.

I am not trying to be awkward but what does that have to do with it

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 05:42 AM

Originally posted by marky1

Originally posted by maes2
reply to post by 2012newstart

WW3 started by Russia ! what an absurd !! If Fatima had predicted anything, surely that would have been the corruption of Vatican and it's share in corruption and supporting oppressors of the world, that is it !!!
moreover Fatima is a word which is respected by many people regardless of their religions. even in other countries.

I am not trying to be awkward but what does that have to do with it

This is one of the Fatima conspiracy theories.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 05:53 AM
here are some sources that I listed in a similar topic Please comment that stuff, and not endless comment of comment and build up theories upon someone's views. Who cares of that? The ET are making their way in the public space. If you believe they are demons please prove it.
If Phantomfire believes so much Russia is the bad guy (and she might be, you know, many countries have been the bad guy in certain period of their history and then repented, incl Germany and Japan), if so, then please talk about the failed consecration and what is done by the catholic church in that regard. My Russian has nothing to do in all that. Did the popes fail to consecrate Russia? Or not? What if yes, what if no? This is what the serious Fatima analysis must include. And now I questioned that the legitimacy of the second text should be put to test, if the legitimacy of the third text (the vision) is doubted by almost all Fatimists. Is it something heretic I said? Let it be so then! But that doesn't answer the factual questions EVEN about the very text of Fatima prophecy that this thread is devoted to. Let alone to more complicated issues that the current and former catholic administrations tried to painfully explain to the vast population. But - to the FANATIC population. Because there is a population that is not fanatic, that watches History Channel Ancient Aliens, that watches Hawking on Discovery, or Michio Kaku. They do not need the words of Balducci and Funes. The fanatics do. The fanatics need spiritdaily to patiently explain to them that Ezekiel started his book with description of beings far beyond our imagination. Is it also in Fatima? I bet, yes, if it is real. But that is my own view that might be wrong. Do not concentrate on my view, but investigate why 96 years after the Fatima era we are in the situation of cold peace, and so on. Even if I stop writing today (die etc) those questions won't be answered by fanatically repeating phrases of old time. They can be answered by open mind and truth seeking devote research. If they are to be answered at all. Or the devote people will think the "second coming" is coming when the next biggest solar flare will wipe them out. After they have missed the rescue spaceships. Good luck! In heaven they will know everything in detail, as spiritdaily suggests. In such a way the humanity cannot go forth from the current deadlock. Thanks God not everyone thinks in that way.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 06:08 AM
I wonder how Phantomfire would explain the validity of 1984 consecration of Russia done by John Paul 2, with the followed collapse of communism, but with NO ERA OF PEACE as of now 2013. If this was the case, all of this, then I suggest the catholic prelates would do it 10, 20 times if needed. They didn't. Why.
And pls do not mess my Russian in the game. As far as the payment goes, I guess every frequent serious writer in any forum wonders why the newspaper columnists are paid and he/she is not. Because he/she expresses personal view, and they - not? Just a guess.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 06:26 AM
Let make a favor to Phantomfire and others with my Russian skills and show the other side of Russia that matches to the so much desired image of the bad guy of Fatima. (and let no one then says I receive my payment in rubles, because if I do all that info that also makes impartial judgment also to Russian side, then whom do you receive your payment from if you do arbitrary judgment, just saying not believing).

Russian bishop consecrates nuclear strategic submarine

popular singer with submarine song speaking of Christ Hristos

so, seems the Russian nukes are blessed. How about the American? Will we die in blessed nuclear mushrooms, or the sun will do the job of OL Fatima? Let face the reality and stop with pre-set views thatmight be derived from cold war propaganda period, or worse. This is not Phantomfire, this is not 2012newstart. Let think with our heads from now on, and think of the facts they way they are.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 06:39 AM
the famous song "We need one victory" from the WW2 film "Bellorussian railwaystation". The music is NOT WW2 era, but is as popular as the WW2 songs. Just see the enthusiasm of the people in 2010 May 9 victory day concert
A Studio is also one of the best pop bands in Russia.

The Fatimists forget that behind the virtual enemy lines stay people who have conscience and will be judged by God according to their conscience and religion, not by pre-set statements of the hardline catholics. Those same people overruned communism on baricades in 1991 stopping tanks of the most elite forces. The West forgot too fast that it was on the brink of the total nuclear annihilation during Andropov in 1980s. How about the modern churches and the fact that the Russians eat McDonnalds and watch American movies more often than the Americans do. How about the fact that the abortion is forbidden in the late months in Russia, and is not in USA?
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