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Police Brutality....a.product of their philosphy

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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 02:02 AM
On rhuminating over the recent reports and videos of police using far more force than anything that would be reasonably and normally required to subdue people.i have made some tentative conclusions.....

Despite the distinct possibility of sub plots running simultaneously, the training of the forces reactions to
situational variety is distinctly lacking in its scope to handle the far more subtle nuances of police work in our society.
The escalation to violence is a trained and programmed instinct which the police forces find easy to instill in their recruits.

Witnessing this from outside seems to reveal that the police are in general too quick to apply a violent
reaction or solution to situational events.even to ones that are non treatening or minimally threatening to anyone.
Whatever sub influence that is altering the police perception of themselves,is the hidden basis of the visible violent outbursts which the police have enacted with what seems an ever increasing frequency.

Training our officers to react to situational variables requires that an overall intelligence quotient of recruits must be held to higher standards....

The psychological profile to which the officer is itself a flawed construct.
This is no simply cheaper to hire and train no minds to do the drudgery of the field work,
and train specialists to do the science.
Though the picture i paint is oversimplefied for illustrative purposes...
The real situation is far less obvious and some advance from the ranks to the offices downtown....
What we end up with are the officers who are trainable to a degree, but are actually the shock troops.....
Who are simply trained to meet resistance with violence, and to brook no resistance.

Anybody who has watched the police handle confrontations can tell you that the ecalation of violence is swift and overwhelming should one try to peacefully resist...let alone dare struggle with an officer.
This is the result of the training which they are subject to, as well as the psych profile(they choose bullies)
which is the preffered recruiting material.

As the police become increasingly militarised, with their Mrap armoured cars, their sub machine guns and swat gear, their real assault rifles,and given greater powers....Like patriot act powers etc...the need to train them in the subtelties of people management seems to have given over to the simple overwhelming application of violent force to most situations.

The result is a less versitile, and mentally less able person whose entrenched instinctual reaction is to apply instant and overwhelming force to any given difficulty he or she may encounter.
Is this the profile of the kind of officers we want to be policing our streets?

My contention in a nut shell then, is this
They are picking the wrong people to recruit for polce work.....the profile they pefer is flawed.
They are training these recruits to react with far too much emphasis on a violent response.
And furthermore react with deadly force.
This type of traning is emphasized while more subtle ploys could easily be equally successful.
The upshot is we end up playing out miniature WACO scenes....all over the country.
And we are being conditoned to accept it. us v them they win hands down and dont forget it!
further musing

The possibility of a large scale social conditioning effort should not be ruled out.
In effect the people.,you, and i, are being played in this psycho drama which goes nowhere but further down the road to total control.
And is is obvious that one day soon we will not be allowed to even ask questions.without a skull cracking by the local gendarmes.

Personally i find the psychological scope of what is tranpiring in our society is beyond doubt being manipulaed daily by programmers whose knowledge of human behavoir belittles that of outside science.
I cant help but cringe at the evidence i see around me of social engineering and mind control and manipulation on vast scales.

And somehow i have to wonder if somehow, the violence that all too often is turned on us by police,
isnt just another angle to the changes occuring across the board in western democracies.
and if so whos driving?

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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 02:14 AM
How else are you going to treat potential psychopaths, mafia and outright thugs.

If I were a police Id be alot worse as I have more " fear" id probably have a hot cattle prod. And rather than ask questions and wait for answers Id give the potential criminals a prod every time I felt they were being " cheeky".

I guess as an example however, look at the treatment of the Boston Bombers it was brutal and extrmely violent even before their arrest.

So yes I see your point the police can be quite brutal when they choose to . Then again I feel like the Boston Bombers deserved it. But...

I would have prefered that they were given a trial.
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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 02:37 AM
It stems from what they have to deal with, society as a whole, they do not know if your timid and will go quietly, or put a"till death fight" with them.

Most have Military training or prior police work experience to begin training, yes I know a few and this is what they tell me they deal with and assume all are like that til they know the situation, and or person hard nosed, ready to put a fight, pull a gun/ weapon, be on drugs, and ready to run.

Yes looks have some things to do with it, cloths, tats, sad to say color of skin, depending on the locality, but mostly it is Attitude, by you the one being stopped/ questioned and or asked, "what is the problem".

They know with in the first 2 seconds what your "Attitude" is and they push on this... to get you to make the first move and thus making an arrest!!

Other wise your wasting their time and making them do meaningless paper work, as to why they ran your name.

A yes Sir and or mam, thank you, my I help you, is like poring could water on a hot fire, it gets them off guard, and will calm them down.

You might even make a Friend or two, that one day could give you the heads up when TSIATHTF you know it as SHTF big Dif in knowing before or after the fact.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 02:39 AM
We require our soldiers in a police action to request permission to take any offensive action against targets, why are we allowing our domestic police agencies to treat us worse than we treat people we are at war with. In a police action you don't fire until fired upon. If you cant handle the job you should be fired and replaced, the police should be held as accountable for their actions as the rest of us not immune from it.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by bekod

They do know if someone is timid or not. Surely. I mean they do the same job every day dealing with criminals and suspects. So if they dont know surely they must be really thick... but

I dont do their job so I cant say. I think their work is difficult. Putting your life on the line every day ( apart from when they have time off ) must be stressful Id imagine. I think this blurs their judgement at times.

And makes them " impulsive" which is a sign of improper training.

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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 03:10 AM
Personally, I think we need more combat vets recruited...not less. It's the lack of real world experience outside books and then directly into a police car that gets us this, IMO.

I see it at school, where I'm at. Criminal Justice majors dreaming of being cops ...and they're half my age, in a condition I have no question I could beat to a pulp if I was so inclined. Someday, most of them will probably be on the street. I've seen more than one cop in my town and others, over the years, who looks more like Doogie Howser than who I want showing up if I dial 911 for emergency help on a violent situation.

I think it's deep insecurity, a need to prove themselves to overcome it (over and over) and a general knowledge that without weapons from batons to tasers, they'd get their butts handed to them on a platter ...that brings the EXTREME overkill and outright brutality.

Everyone's different of course...but the vets I know and am related to are the last I'd think of as doing more in physical force than necessary. VERY capable of it...and it's ingrained in them, I imagine. That's the point though. Nothing left to prove to anyone and no questions in their own mind for handling whatever comes up.

2-4 year college boys make the kind of cops you'd imagine, looking at them scurrying across college campuses beforehand, IMO.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by stirling

Who is going to change this mentality you accurately describe? You have stated the problem. What is the solution?

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 01:00 AM
Theres really only one way to alter the situation,amd that is for the people themselves to demand the changes they want.
Demilitarising the police would be a good first step.....
Demanding better training, and better education would yield more intelligent and versitile minded officers.
And i think a mandatory retirement age for police...say twenty years, no more.
The people on the other hand have to reach out to their police forces as well.....
CCW permits and thorough training (voluntary of course) may make a difference in the way police look at citizens....
More as allies than agents of potential comfronataion?
IDK all the answers but i do know the current regimen of training of police forces does not meet the needs of
our society.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 08:38 PM
We had an incident in a neighboring county this week that should have required Barnie or Andy of Mayberry RFD.
Two fellows had got in a scuffle, one had pulled a gun and shot himself in the leg in his own house.

Instead of one ossifer, the entire county SWAT was called out. They even shut down a local school that was several hundred yards away. Must have been 20 team members with helmets, BPVs, AR 15s, and side arms.

All for something that needed little more than a bandaid.
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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 09:56 AM
Precisely the thing i am getting at.
There is no sense of proportionate response anymore....
The standard of intelligence has been replaced with rote reactions and massive response to routine situations.
Escalation is swift, standard, and routine.....overwhelming force is the underlying theme.
The proportions have all been thrown askew.
Yet we all seem to accept this far too easily for my scares the beejeebers out of me....
Not the cops responses as much as the acceptance part!

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