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Strange Dream To Share

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posted on May, 9 2013 @ 01:18 PM
So, I've had a dream - I've an overwhelming sense to share. Just my subconscious reaction to all the madness we see in the world today - I'm guessing. Plus, I've emerged myself in new spiritual realms. They seem to have affected my sleep dreams content quite a bit.

DISCLAIMER 99% of the dreams I have are just dreams. I make no claim that my dreams are anything but subconscious desire, hopes and fears that manifest for my mind to work itself out. I just want to share this particular dream - because it was a fun one.

These last few nights I've had dreams that are inter-connected.

A few nights ago my dream:

I was in my living room folding laundry. The children and husband were there - watching TV and playing on their various electronics. Well as I'm folding laundry, I start to feel a vibration and hear a buzzing in my head...

"This feels strange", I said out loud, drawing the the attention of my family. There was an interesting reaction. My family starts freaking out, the kids rushing towards me and my husband jumping up and saying "Don't touch her!"

I literally begin to phase out. It looks like I'm de-atomizing (for lack of a better word). Soon, the living room phases away and I'm suspended in the air, high in the air with three other people and from us, an energy field is moving downward - and covering a large piece of the earth. Like a globe or Christmas ornament. Just as this force field is set into place, the bombs in the area we are covering goes off. It remains contained in this energy bubble. I can't explain it any other way.

During the time, contact is initiated with the statement "Who are you? How are you accomplishing that? What can we do to help?"

One of the other people who appeared as I appeared said to the guy hanging from a helicopter in a harness - "We are "avatars". You should know you've broken God's laws and it's no longer in our hands - humans - judgement is coming in life now - instead of death. Free will is lost on this act. Prepare!" This particular person was very identifiable. He has this birth mark that covers a large portion of his face and neck.

I woke up and thought - interesting dream. I went on with my customary - writing the dream down and noting the escalation of Arab Spring likely feeding into my unconscious fears of what might become of all if they don't settle down and work it out.

So last night, the dream continues. When I fall asleep, I'm brought back to somewhat the same moment I've left off. However, this time I'm alone sitting atop this energy bubble that covers a vast area of land. Hundreds of miles worth of diameter. I'm told, again, by a man hanging from the helicopter from a harness - "The others have now formed separate energy matrix-es over Japan, North Korea, and Russia. And more Avatars are being "awakened". I'm assuming I'm sitting atop the middle eastern bubble. Looks to be an angry black cloud I'm sitting atop though, with angry red explosions going off on the inside. It reminds me of the monster planet heading towards earth - in the movie "The Fifth Element". That's what it looks like inside the bubble. So no one is surviving on the inside of that thing. (Probably where the symbolism in the dream stems from too eh - it's one of my favorite movies I watch constantly.)

The harness dude states - "You've been atop this quarantine zone holding it together for 3 days now. Is there anything you need? Water? Food?"

I stated - "I have to wait for the rains to come. The rain will penetrate through and cause the bad into air to settle into the earth, before it can be released. Otherwise, the air will simply move it around for everyone to breath. the poison has to have time to settle into the ground, before it can be lifted. The life that erupts from this defiled land, will consume all that survive in the coming era. People need to prepare."

The harness dude. "Okay. But what do we do? The world is going mad with the realization - we were wrong to forget.. What do we do now?"

I said, "We already crossed the line. There's no going back - now. If you weren't already praying - it's too late to start now. If you didn't believe before, it's to late to say you do now. It's set into motion. The gates of hell have been opened and let loose. We deserve it. You didn't really think, we wouldn't be retaliated against - did you? We were to be the earth's caretakers. We've got what's coming to us - it's justified. We are the monsters. Not they who are coming. If we weren't, why did we all sit back and do nothing? Why did we continue on as though, we humans, were all that mattered?"

The conversation went back and forth, back and was an interesting dream. To say the least. It's always the spring when these sorts of dreams seem to take root in my subconscious. Therefore, I'm willing to believe that it's the escalation in the world arena - that sets them off.

Just wanted to share this one. It was a fun one, to have. This dream. I guess maybe I should be scared or disturbed but - I'm looking forward to my dreams tonight! Maybe it will continue on again.


posted on May, 9 2013 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

It's strange you mention Christmas decoration, as I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I felt compelled to list on ATS but thought no more of it after the two days had passed but as my dream is a little similar to yours, I might as well mention it.

My dream was very brief but the significance of this dream and the two that ocurred the two nights prior, is that in all three dreams, it was though I was trying to get around in a form of darkness. Like as if there was no light but something bordering on flourescent light.

The dream I really wanted to mention was set on a favourite holiday destination. I was standing at the hotel window looking out towards the sea at dusk and thinking to myself how heavy the rain was that night and was concentrating my view on a particular patch of sky where there were dark clouds and multiple lightning strikes and as I looked at the lightning a huge orange ball, a bit like a Christmas decoration or Sun came shooting through the clouds and skimmed across the water, coming from the South East of the Indian Ocean, heading North East towards the Indian Sub-Continent.

As the globe went past, bearing in mind, that it would have been many miles out to sea, it made a sort of crackling, humming sort of sound as it lightly skimmed across the ocean but definitely seemed to either be controlled or have a determined destination. The dream lasted about a minute and saw the glowing, crackling ball carry on North East and out of sight. No explosion, no sound.

The reason I found this dream odd, is that 1. It seemed so real and 2. I'd never had a dream anything close to this before and finally, I went back through everything I had watched that night couldn't think of one thing that could have slipped in to my mind, even subliminally (although, would I know if it was subliminal :-))

Anyway, that's my two penneth.

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posted on May, 9 2013 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

Your words are like gravity to most readers and they tend support you and your knowledge, that is why God is calling you and humbling you out of Babylon, it is written that men and woman will prophecy and have dreams before the end and the final judgement arises.

Your good person I could tell and follow the path Christ laid with his blood and he will take away the rest of the bad things,the fallen had no tempter before the fall but we human's do but we can give everything to Yeshau and be redeemed. Everyone even Christians will see this end and no one is getting taken away because we all fell but it's those who live with Christ that are truly alive in the spirit.

It's truly up to you to accept Christ as your savoir or you can go on doing as you wish but when this materialistic world comes to an end and if you think you will thrown back in to do it again you are wrong because Christ laid a clear path to heaven and all other paths have been closed by nailing him to the cross and how they must off felt when Christ took the keys from Satan.

I think my time on this site is short and I should return to my ancestors way of living and enjoy the rest of the world with nature and my children and we are all his children but heaven can't have sin and the ways of earthly materialism.

If I offend you I am sorry and I do not wish to offend

Peace and God Bless

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 07:57 PM
UKToday - That is a coincidental similarity isn't it? Thanks for sharing. The dream on it's own is very interesting.

Warrior of Light - Thank you for your words. They are well met. I found nothing to take offense at in your words.


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