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Taps, like you have never experienced it before

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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 12:04 PM
from an email I received:
The conductor of the orchestra is Andre Rieu from Holland .
The young lady, her trumpet and her rendition of TAPS makes your hair stand on end.
Many of you may never have heard taps played in its entirety, for all of the men and women that have died for you to have the freedom you have in America . This is an opportunity you won't want to miss and I guarantee you'll never forget.
Amazingly beautiful ..
Melissa Venema, age 13, is the trumpet soloist. She is also from Holland .
Here is Taps played in its entirety. The original version of Taps was called Last Post, and was written by Daniel Butterfield in 1801. It was rather lengthy and formal, as you will hear in this clip, so in 1862 it was shortened to 24 notes and re-named Taps.
Melissa Venema is playing it on a trumpet whereby the original was played on a bugle.

The story of taps is quite touching, about a Captain and an enemy combatant who turned out to be his son.

There are no glorious wars, only glorious warrors who sacrafice everything for what they believe to be right.
All buried in lands far away.
1. The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne, France... A total of 2289
2. The American Cemetery at Ardennes, Belgium... A total of 5329
3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France... A total of 4410
4. Brookwood, England - American Cemetery... A total of 468
5. Cambridge, England... A total of 3812
6. Epinal, France - American Cemetery... A total of 5525
7. Flanders Field, Belgium... A total of 368
8. Florence, Italy... A total of 4402
9. Henri-Chapelle, Belgium... A total of 7992
10. Lorraine , France... A total of 10,489
11. Luxembourg, Luxembourg... A total of 5076
12. Meuse-Argonne... A total of 14246
13. Netherlands, Netherlands... A total of 8301
14. Normandy, France... A total of 9387
15. Oise-Aisne, France.... A total of 6012
16. Rhone, France... A total of 861
17. Sicily, Italy... A total of 7861
18. Somme, France... A total of 1844
19. St. Mihiel, France.... A total of 4153
20. Suresnes, France... A total of 1541

The war to end all wars.....How many times has that been repeated?

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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 12:38 PM
Thank you - the story and the music brought a tear to my eye. It was played properly, like a dirge.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by 727Sky

Thank you for sharing the video. It was simultaneously beautiful and sad, it brought tears to my eyes.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 02:18 PM
that is a cool story, star and flag. that crazy to think about someone writing a song for there own furneral

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 02:19 PM

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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 03:17 AM
Taps is played at Military funerals and around 2300 hrs (11:00pm) every night in every military base

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 08:28 AM
Thanks for posting guys...The story of how taps came to be written has always made me think about the war between the states and what a horrible circumstance it was for this nation.

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