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Global Warming to Blame?

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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 08:47 AM
Hello all, recently we've been getting a lot of strange weather this year. I can attest for that since last night we got a couple inches of snow here. While I have seen it snow in May before here in Michigan, other parts of the country are also seeing historic low temperatures,

The forecast for the first two weeks of May is well below normal, so odds are that the spring of 2013 will be the coldest on record in the US.

What were the predictions for this spring?

Crack government scientists with supercomputers, predicted in January that this spring was going to be super hot!

So could this strange cooling spell, which goes against what the government model predicted, be the result of global warming? Well possibly,

First it was the fault of Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog who mistakenly forecasted a quick end to winter. Now climate scientists are saying that Arctic sea ice—or the lack of it—is a driving force behind the Northern Hemisphere's unseasonably cold spring. As Northern Hemisphere temperatures remain below normal more than a week into the official start of spring, a team of meteorologists and climate scientists are pointing to recent research that suggests sea ice cover is a likely culprit.

However, less sea ice cover has been attributed to global warming, not cooling. The main culprit could be the jet stream,

But the way weather works isn't so simple. Without a substantial ice cover, Arctic wind is less constrained. The jet stream—the belt of cool air that regulates weather around most of the Northern Hemisphere—then dips farther and farther south, bringing cold air from the Arctic closer to the Equator.

If global warming is indeed the culprit, what about the violent weather outbreaks that we were told would follow such a warming trend?

Record low tornado activity in last 12 months: Harold Brooks of the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center reports just 197 tornadoes of intensity EF-1 or higher touched down nationally in the 12 months between May 2012 and April 2013 (the next lowest number is 247 between June 1991 and May 1992), the lowest such number since reliable records began in 1954.

Seems we could be in for a strange spring/summer. Stay safe folks. sts&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 09:16 AM
I like the " oh, have you tried making ice cubes on the stove" responce
Apparantly antarctic Ice is on the rise
I understand there is a 500 year moisture cycle in the southwest US and we just had the wetest 50 years of it
the only time there is enough moisture is at the top dead center of that cycle in that area.

I think the indians there ( Anastazi, I think) had to move out due to moisture cycles

On the great lakes we just had a regularish winter and since the moisture was not lake effect and came from the soutwest our water water levels have gone up slightly (phew! )

oh yeah i almost forgot: sunspots etc seem to be down I think an they are a huge factor according to those that are gettin their predictions right
like weather action
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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by Danbones

Snowfall this year near lake Superior wasn't abnormal. In fact, it seemed pretty mild until the end of winter.

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 01:20 PM
Okay, here we go again. This will be the third time today I posted this but I'll do it again just in case someone missed it. This is my opinion anyways on what is happening taken from several news articles describing the rare events unfolding to produce these unusually cold and snowy events. And yes, I do think global warming is to blame!

Here's what I posted on another thread:

First, this is a rare weather event that occurred in January that kick-started our winter. This is accurate to, here in northwest WI, winter didn't arrive until mid to late January. We had a couple of thunder and lighting storms at the start of December, and then when we had our first snowfall, it was accompanied by thunder. What they call thunder snow, and something I might say I haven't heard too often over the years.

Winter weather linked to rare event over North Pole

Then, when our spring was supposed to arrive, the Greenland Block arrived instead. NASA satellites tracked the event and it was reported that it was one of the strongest Greenland Blocks on record. Way back in March they predicted this thing was going to break up but it didn't and we still suffer the wrath of winter while other areas are experiencing extremely warm conditions, some much warmer than normal.

NASA satellite measures effects of Greenland Block that stopped spring

Also, as most of you know about my methane gas theories, I blame the increasing methane levels on this rapid warming that is occurring globally. I'll add this link that goes with the rare weather events that are occurring in the Arctic. This article with images shows how methane has been at record levels over the Arctic this past winter.

Record methane in Arctic in early March

As some have posted on here...if you aren't trapped within the low pressure area caused by the Greenland Block, you're experiencing some warmer weather than usual. Down in central FL, I've heard from some friends they are much hotter than they should be and already suffering high levels of humidity a month early. One poster above comments about 95 degrees on the Cali coast, where this never happens. It's already hitting triple digits in the southwest and another poster said they've had unusually warm weather up in the northwest. We're warming up big time and we here in the Midwest will soon find relief from the Greenland Block and our summer will arrive, and I'm thinking we're about to head from one extreme to another...a foot of snow to scorching hot air and extremely volatile storms! I predict that we're going to completely skip spring this year.

And then there's the moisture in the atmosphere. For anyone to not believe that the heating up of the atmosphere has caused there to be more moisture with all the heavy rain and snowfall events happening all over the world, is truly amazing. As the atmosphere heats, it will increase the moisture, which is going to make for some very intense super-charged electrical storms with heavy rains this summer. It's already happening. This extreme cold dropping so low into the US has everything to do with global warming and people need to wake up and realize that and this is only the beginning. Last year was pretty exciting, but this year will be off the charts as it already has been with these amazing snow fall events in MAY! That's my prediction anyways!

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