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See what Aussies REALLY think of their PM Gillard

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posted on May, 1 2013 @ 09:07 PM
Check out the Pickering Post to get a feel for how Aussies loathe their PM Julia Gillard.

Great reading.

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 09:17 PM
reply to post by Littlejohnny1

I bloody hate the woman. Nasty sounding, full of BS and goes back on everything she said she would never do with a big "F you" smile on her face.

She has to go

Tony is no better.

We are screwed either way. Sure you have to earn it to pay huge tax, but, I pay so much tax and as a company owner, about to pay more Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 09:21 PM
An absolute disgrace she is to the office of Primeminister. Not just her, but her entire part reeks of incompetance.

Her current term, and the former shared with Kevin Rudd, are the 2 worst priministerships this country has ever seen.

Squandering a large surplus left by the previous Liberal Party, these mongrels should be held to account for financial mismanagement.

The whole parties pensions should be cancelled to help pay for the wastage.

How someone can leave office and the country in a much worse situation without being held to account beats me.

I used to be a Labor voter, was a union rep at one stage aswell...saw the dodgy dealing many of those that now run the show dealt with in their former union lives aswell as those below them at the time, puts a complete picture to the hows and why's of our current situation.

They are agenda driven thugs, they are brought up bullying employers for rediculous conditions in their enterprise bargaining, and without any experience running a business/company or responsible for financial transactions before their new lives as politicians, they have no grounds/worth to run the country.

We will now be spiralling towards a recession within the next 3 years as mining boom ends, and manufacturing winds up in this country - again due to rediculous polices as tarrif reduction on imports, free trade agreements.

God help the future generations wanting employment.

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 09:30 PM
since the initial surplus came from selling assets we owned as a public, who cares how it is spent, no point crying about spilled milk.

there is no such thing as a good politician, they serve themselves and businesses who fund them.

mrrabbit, julezia... left right.

we are all played by the dualistic paradigm that exists.

hang them all...

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 09:47 PM
Yep Gillard is definitely on the nose and so is phony Tony Abbott.
That just leaves us with Bob Katter and Clive Palmer, we're screwed!!

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by Littlejohnny1

I just cannot understand for the life of me just what the ALP is trying to achieve. In an election year no less.

Carbon Tax.

Culling parent pensions and putting those people on the dole.

Mining tax.

Now this 0.5% rise in Medicare and dropping off the disabled as a result.

To me, it seems like the witch is trying to get herself and her party ousted, doing their damndest to make it happen. I would have thought in an election year they would be desperately trying to do the opposite.

Mind you, I look at the pair of them and think reptiles. I've never once bought into the whole reptile leaders thing before, but with her and Abbott, it's like they're not even trying to hide anymore.

My money's on Katter or Palmer. And that's something I say very sadly.

posted on May, 2 2013 @ 12:17 AM
I'm not even an Aussie and i don't like the woman. She's a NWO shill, i have no doubt.

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 10:48 AM
Every time I have seen footage of her speaking, she has seemed to be more interested in delivering the line, than she is in believeing her own blather. Mind you, thats what ALL politicians do, and it is most CERTAINLY what all LEADERS do.

Requirements for leadership of any large number of people apparantly include:

1) A crap eating grin, that makes you want to put a brick through thier face.
2) So much money that they cannot possibly relate to the majority of people in thier nation.
3) An absence of anything resembling a soul, a moral compass, or indeed any redeeming feature.
4) A total lack of patriotism.
5) An inability to trust the people with the truth.

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 09:14 PM
She is a dummy, who Labor used as a Gender vote to stay in power ,which is all they care about ,staying in power and blowing billions of taxpayers money on bread and circus's to keep da workas voting for them, and not upsetting the bleeding heart voters by doing nothing about illegal boat immigration etc ,she is a dimwit who should get a job as a Principal sitting behind a desk at a girls only school ,her rhetoric is is about the most unconvincing you have ever heard ,id rather listen to Hitler on you tube

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 09:17 PM
reply to post by Littlejohnny1

Shes a politican no better or worse than any others. Shes a bit to pro new world order for my likening to vote for her.

posted on May, 4 2013 @ 02:11 AM
She is the Most EVIL Disgusting Vile Pro Abortion Feminazi Bulldyke Known to man She is the most EVIL TROLL EVER
edit on 4/5/13 by fr33kSh0w2012 because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 4 2013 @ 03:28 AM
I dunno why you guys have so much hate for her--I'd still tap that!


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