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a scenario about Boston bombing and what you would of done

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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 11:15 PM
Hey guys I would like to put forward a scenario about how I see Boston bombers brothers got involved.
This is just my thoughts on it. if i missed something dont shoot me for it just a thought at the end of the day.
Now i switched a few things as most of people reading this are English speaking backgrounds so iv changed the origins and a few things to make you think what you would of done (for that reason only).


For those who have a brother (younger or older doesn’t matter) as long as you have a connection that you look up to or after.

Alright, lets build up a short back ground information. You are born and raised in the ghetto in America, family members involved in gangs and drug dealing etc. mum and dad wish for a better life for you so they send you to Russia to study (lets just say for this scenario Russia is where opportunities can happen)

When entering the country Americans warn Russians that you might be involved in drug dealing or gang involvement. So the Russian KGB pull you up and interrogate you, but you come clean and they let you go but you are still on their books as a dangerous person so your monitored every now and then by them.

The feeling of being in the country that has no respect for who you are and where you’re from makes you feel hated. The older brother looks for ways of comfort in the religion (as that’s where you would find similar people of your own position) and sports to get anger out and to control himself and his anger. The younger is happy to just study and does good at it, due to minimum communication with people around him.

Now you both visited an event that something went wrong in (say they even seen something or someone at that event) you run only to find out you are the suspect in a country that’s already against your kind. As an older brother with defense skills first things you would do is look after your family so you run to your brother’s collage/uni/campus to grab him.

Because you’re a suspect already in the countries eyes they don’t take long to identify you or use you an escape goat (as you were on there books already), as one and the only suspect of the bombing from photos/vid/surveillance. (the other thousand people that were there is innocent of cause).

So when running out of the collage/uni/campus you encounter a typical angry officer with the gun drawn and everything (pretty much ready to kill on site(funny thing is I haven’t see any footage of this I mean what collage/uni/campus doesn’t have cameras). being and older brother and living in the country that hates your kind you end up purchasing a gun for protection (not legally). You break out in to a short gun fight where you take down the officer that threatened your life and your brothers. During that gun battle the older brother was shot while the younger one steals a car for escape. Now remember when you were a 19YO (how scared would of you been). You’ve just seen a person die, your brother shot you are a suspect/villain of the country. YOU RUN! You would run fast without thinking. WHERE? TO WHOM? WITH WHAT HELP?


Im not trying to state anything or for anyone just an What if Scenario that’s all
I don’t know about you guys but if the same was put on me I wouldn’t of done anything diff.
Now if they done it, then so be it but if they didn’t??
What gets me is they are the ONLY 2 suspects of this bombing!!!

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 12:11 AM
Not seeing your scenario plays out well for me.

Cant see myself running for no reason BEFORE being identified as a suspect, then buying a gun, then shooting at police, stealing cars, throwing bombs, hijacking another car etc... if I'm innocent.

Nice to know you would, though.

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 12:18 AM
I'd keep lots of prepaid phones around, take pics, vids, document if in notes or voice recording, even

and contact one of my lawyer uncles, at least as to where the evidential phone will be hidden, for I know time is running out and I'll be killed like my brother or staged into even more fake event/story crap


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