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Saudi National's Deportation Record Altered?

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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 07:23 PM
This report is from Breitbart, so take that for what it's worth to you.

Saudi's Deportation Record Altered

Not sure what to think about this if it's correct. I mean, What is the real deal with this guy anyways?

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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 07:35 PM
By the looks of it they wanted to use him as the scapegoat like they did with Saudis in 9/11. But the problem is this guy lived. That and Hannity and the other idiots are now trying to save face after screaming he's being deported and not charged for the bombing. Let's see Hannity back his claims up it's always some unnamed source.

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by buster2010

Agreed. There's a lot of howling going on from guys on tv over this, it'll be interesting to see if there's any truth to it.

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 02:19 AM

does that mean he has an unexpired Visa?

or that he may have an unexpired Visa, but they're not going to deal with it since thats purely an INS issue,

Wonder if INS goes after expired Visa stayers??

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by tropic

(Shrugs) I'll be paying attention to the info today. Supposedly, there's going to be a big reveal by Glenn Beck about this guy.

If it turns out to be nothing, I'll be ignoring any further stories about this Saudi.
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posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by ProfessorChaos

Reckon it will be this[/ url]

Damn you ATS and your continuous breaking of links
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