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More gun laws, Multnomah County.

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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 05:05 PM
I am sick and tired of gun grabbing politicians, I moved from one state to another to avoid this type of crap, and now I am going to have to get involved in petty local politics because the COUNTY is trying to get involved.

Thats right, NOT state, NOT federal, but the peons in the county I have moved to have decided its THEIR purview to start in acting restrictive gun laws ONTOP of all the State and federal Law that exist.

BEST part it is a feel good measure to pat themselves on the back justifying their post.

Multnomah County's commissioners voted unanimously in favor of a handful of gun-related restrictions Thursday, so it's a given that they'll adopt them at a meeting later this month. The rules themselves won't really do much, but approving them gives commissioners a chance to tout their efforts "to make our community safer,"

Oregon gun values vs Multnomah county

Just sick and tired of this BS, seems I can't get away from California anti-gun values no matter where I go, Ill have to Suit up on Thursday and go to this local government meeting to see if I can voice my disdain for these politicians.

I see that its not enough that I have to write my reps on a near constant basis now I have to do the same for local idiots who want to justify their post.

Rant over.

Oh, contact info for Multnomah county in case anyone feels anything about this and live in the area.

Phone: (503) 988-5220
Fax: (503) 988-3093
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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 05:10 PM
Copy of letter I sent them.

Dear Chair and Commissioners,

I am a recent transplant to your county, having recently moved from Southern California, specifically Riverside, Ca. As you may know California is perhaps one of the most Restrictive states in the union when it comes to gun laws, which is the reason I am writing you.

The fact that a group of local County elected officials feel the need to pile on more laws in addition to state, and federal laws, sounds to me of reactionary politics. It feels very much like politician’s seeking to justify their post with an action that really accomplishes nothing but gets a lot of press.

IF the most restrictive state in the union continues to push out crime statistics as below, I fail to see what the current officials in Multnomah County seek to gain with the passage of these proposed gun laws. I moved to Oregon for the simple reason of leaving a state that felt the 2nd amendment was unimportant, As you consider more restrictive laws in Multnomah I wanted to share some statistics with you.

Aggravated Assault






Forcible Rape


Larceny and Theft


Motor Vehicle Theft


Murder and Manslaughter




Crime Rate (Total Incidents)


Property Crime


Violent Crime


The voting members of my family will also be taking note of your actions in regards to this matter and will be voicing their disdain for such actions at the voting booth. I have also begun contacting my friends and Neighbors to alert them to these matters.

I feel that this is an important enough issue that I will be making note of who not to vote for in any further coming local elections, I thank you as these actions have made me want to be more politically active in local politics.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by benrl

What a bunch of jagoffs.

I was thinking that people who are in states with more restrictive gun rights should oppose them on the county level.

Guess not...

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