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Dreams of four men?

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posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 03:07 PM

reply to post by Raxoxane

Thank you.


Have you ever wondered if your special place is similar to what you have access to now ?

There was once a moment where i thought i knew what Heaven on earth was like. Then one Christmas i drove from Joburg to Durbs and passed through Harrismith along the N3.

The views of Drakensburg still stun me to this day. And to know that faith in Jesus Christ will lead to an even more magnificent paradise than the 'Burg' both High Velt and Low.
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posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by Rapha

There's a place in Mpumalanga province,over to the Sabie area.You walk through this almost fairytale junge,on a twisting overgrown path,and get to a waterfall and pool.Not the MacMac waterfall and pools,another place,i don't recall the name,i should check up what it's called-to me,physical-world-wise,that place is like i imagine Heaven.
On the other hand,to me Heaven is warmth and love-like one of my best memories Here-laying in bed on a cold winter morning,with my youngest daughter(she was just 6 then)snuggled up to me,listening to the owl that lived in the big tree in our yard.

That is what the entity Jesus is to me-warmth and love and acceptance,comforting and radiant joy on a level that no human words or language could ever describe,in a billion years.So its an experience too,of which i am inordinately blessed,to have experienced a bit of.I never really knew what the word "transcendental" Really meant,till that-to actually be lifted into a higher realm,while physically still residing here.Without drugs,without meditation,without going astral,or any of the esoteric practices folks would associate with such an experience.

posted on May, 20 2013 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

realms no words could describe in a billion years?

My most memorable dream occured the night before a vision quest while camped at the foot of the stunningly beautiful Superstition Mountain. Long story yet the highlight was - remember the old painting where a seeker is lifting up the edge of a great curtain to see the Celestial Realms beyond?
I rose up to these realms and snuck thru the curtain to have a look around, because i can, yet the "Gods" there sent guards to kick me out, "You can not be here, humans must not see how we create all this!" like stealing fire, loooonnnggg story about that one. I quickly got around to the argument - 'The stone rejected by the builders shal become the cornerstone of the new church!' Blammo- seems the old "Masonic" order does not tolerate my total honesty, lack of secrecy, AND they are doing some old school Laws of Solomon stuff while i am monogamous, or was.

Suddenly I was falling down thru endless black, supposedly being punished for my use of my hard won abilities, as a newly born Divine Immortal, (demi-god is such an awkward phrase, and phase! ha)
Far far below in the inky dark i saw a red dot. It grew to a large dot, then a face, then a laughing "Devil" who opened his mouth so large I was like a speck of dust falling into it, deep into the underworld. So I woke up and went up to the forbidden worlds of the mountain no Native American was allowed to go on, on pain of death.
There some really cool stuff happened - so read the whole story in my book, if you dare know the whole truth -

In a nut shell There are many Gods, Goddesses, spirits of all grades working in a cooperative hierarchy to create the best World we can AND all beings are expected to climb the ladder to see how high they can go. All who say their 'God' or Christ is the one and only are holding you back and that Church has imposed a Great Dark Ages on this planet and will continue to do so until...
"The Stoner rejected by the corrupt olde builders becomes the cornerstone of a new and better church" - not depending on Ye Olde Gods for everything yet challenging everyone to lift the curtain and learn for themselves - FACTS that can be repeated over over and need not be taken on "faith" and the word of others who never signed their work.
I could go on yet I must go check my laundry - as I said at Woodstock (99) 'After we had done it ALL, we did our laundry.) T. Gordon Anderson et all.

Oh did I mention - this new 'Better Religion' is already being murderously suppressed, especially in China where it seems to have reached over a million followers before, we do not know what all was done. Why so hated?
Full equality and Freedom for ALL men, women and children.
No secrecy or secret rights one must pay to learn, I'm looking at you Eckencar///
all expected to learn from leaders like Master Yeshua a Christ yet then see if they can grow, even EVOLVE to higher levels of cooperation, peace, harmony, and lots of dancing. [it is the dancing part that angers "them" most...]
Sorry if i seem especially pissed today but I just finished a book on the French Troubador trad. which i embraced and followed- Eleanor of Aquatain and courtly Love for Loves sake and all that - putting a Royals money into arts and music, instead of invading peaceful lands to steal them...having a strong King AND Civil rights OMG- All influenced by the learned people of the East and their 'demonic' musical instruments, which snuck up thru Mooroco and Spain - Only to be crushed and turned to smoking ruins and torched fields when the "Crusaders" found out about it - by 1209 it was all replaced by the fat sodding sods of The Church of Rome. sods. So fearfull they had to kill even all the animals since some of the True Followers and Recievers of the Power of the Holy Spirit started by Mary of magdalene, were said to be able to shape shift to escape when necessary - oh the horror, the whorers, the whorers.
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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 02:29 AM
Yes, I am also interested in dreams, and I always try to understand the dreams. I do not have any memorable dreams of four men as you have shared yours’. But I have another memorable and unforgotten dream which I want to share. It’s an incident of 4-5 months ago, when I went to a place, I felt that I was familiar with that place, but that was the first time I ever visited there. Then after some days I had a dream of that place again and I saw that I was born there and I lived my whole life there. I am trying to understand the meaning of this dream, what does it wants to describe me.

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by Timkitchen

Look under the dreams forums on ATS-there are many people who go to the same place in their dreams/dream travels often:

The 2 bottom links may be of specific interest to you

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