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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 02:55 AM
We are at a very exciting time! The way of life is about to change dramatically, in a good way. We are on the verge of shattering some very old and sacred [to the elite few] paradigms.

I am talking about oil. I am talking about consumerism. I am talking about the very notion of supply and demand. Let's admit it. These things control how we live our life. The people in charge of these things have gone to great lengths to keep it that way. They have murdered, started wars, starved children, enslaved nations. Well it is time to end the madness.

What if I told you there is another way?

Have you noticed how adept the newer generations are at video games? I am thinking about Minecraft in particular.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, it is a voxel based game with a very rudimentary physics engine. A voxel game simply means that it maintains a 3 dimensional graphs of "objects", be they stone, water, air, etc. that is occupying that block. The players can build structures and have access to only simple actuators, levers/button/switches, and "wire" that is actually just a skin on top of a block [but if you add a wire you cannot set another block over it]. Using this game I have seen kids build some very impressive and complex structures. Not only that, they are even using the basic tools of on/off switches, actuators, and wires to create in-game calculators (video below)! Remember, this game does not provide circuitry "gates" (AND, XOR, etc) and they must be recreated. Here is a design for a simple "adder" circuit:

Pretty impressive. This thread is not about Minecraft, though. It is important to understand that our kids "get it". They are completely comfortable translating complex ideas into a 3D graph using a couple different mediums and can work with topical circuitry to bring it to life. But how does this relate to the new world order?

Put it this way. If this was 600 years ago we would liken it to children learning how to use a typewriter before Gutenberg's printing press.

If you have not guessed by now I am talking about 3D printing. You can currently buy a 3D printer for your house for as little as $300 USD. The entry price just a few years ago was $2000; it is dropping fast. This link is the newest project to catch my eye. RigidBot

They print a castle and an owl in the video. Surely the global elite are afraid of masses having the power to print cute paper weights!

Let us go deeper. Any simple object you can hold, you can print. Buttons, zip ties, phone cases, dice, decorations, earring backs, shower curtain rings. You will never need to go out and purchase these items again. Ever.

Deeper still. Proprietary objects can be printed. Orthodics, adapters, gaskets, Darth Vader, a Jaguar hood ornament. You will never need to buy these items again. Ever.

Deeper. Food can be printed. Noodles, pastries, candies, even meat. Sure it is not the Jetson's yet, but you can make corn maize taste like anything with the right additives. You will be able to manifest a cheeseburger whenever you want. No more McDonalds.

Deeper still! With a 3D printer you can create objects that otherwise would be extremely costly and difficult to manufacture; if not impossible:

I am not getting into the medical uses here. They are also revolutionary on that front too. This is excellent for building surgical graphs where precision and honeycomb structure is paramount. Custom prosthetics is another area where this is currently being praised. They are even able to use this to print kidneys!

Let us talk a moment about the plastic. You might be concerned about the need to buy the filament for these printers and the amount of landfill these will create. To that I would like to share the following link: Filabot. This is a kickstarter project to make a machine to re-use plastic; even garbage plastic found on the street. This project was fully funded within 3 weeks. Soon, you will literally be able to print up a cup for your coffee, rinse it out, print a plate for your lunch, rinse it off, print an accoustic sound amplifier for your phone, then do it again the next day. With 0 waste! [barring energy use of course].

Can you believe it gets better? You do not even need the CAD files. You can use a 3D scanner:

And if your scanner does not cut it and you cannot find the CAD file online you can always have your grand kids come over and show off their Minecraft skills.... Remember that topical circuitry I was talking about?

One last thing:

Yes, these will allow access to any simple machine. Including engines and weaponry; as long you have the file. The global powers will try to use this fact to keep these out of our hands. They will not succeed, but they will prolong their reign as much as possible. We must not let them! I believe all the POPA/CISPA laws of late have been specifically to try to stop access to the proprietary and "dangerous" CAD files for these machines. And I believe all the gun control propaganda is being used to make owning these nearly illegal and they will try to require at least a license of sorts to do so.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 03:10 AM
I can't even get this by my brow...what happens to all us old folks?

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 04:00 AM
I'm going to print my own internet and keep the googles off it.

It is certainly fast becoming closer to reality that we will have replicators. Instead of using magic beam tech. we just print it out with a printer.

When they develop organic printing material that can be used by the masses, printing out an apple that tastes like a cup of coffee will be common.

Thing is to make sure you keep that reality separate from fantasy - at least at the current stage. We can't print out any weapons on a few hundred dollar printer. Not even close. Those machines are still upwards of 20k and you just cant justify buying one to print out something that you can buy for comparative peanuts.

So with the novelty of 3d printing, you will get small scale hobby printers, sure. And this will lead to innovation. That will be something to see, then.

Not too sure how the minecraft angle fits in, we've always had craftsmen. People who can see something within an object that they reveal by carving away the extra bits. Or people who actually work in a 3D space to create 3D items... 3D being normal outside of a 2D screen, that is.

Anyone from history can attest to the old hobby circuitry books of old that kids once used to make circuits and things out of their imagination... those are long gone, and I guess in their place are creations such as the minecraft circuit. But it did no change anyones paradigm.

Still, you have a very good insight. I like this thread!

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 04:07 AM
I enjoy the empowering and positive tone of your post.

I believe all the POPA/CISPA laws of late have been specifically to try to stop access to the proprietary and "dangerous" CAD files for these machines. And I believe all the gun control propaganda is being used to make owning these nearly illegal and they will try to require at least a license of sorts to do so.

I believe also that CAD files are behind the push to limit file sharing. The future you describe has been anticipated by those attempting ever more total control.

I will mention a couple of things I read: Recycling the already pervasive plastic is a great idea, but vegetable based material may be used as well.

And some 3D printers can self-replicate to an extent, that is, print the parts with which to build another.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by Templeton

Aye, but these be rocky waters. The first win for liberty was the internet, and this would be the second. I believe three such wins could guarantee liberty for centuries.

But there are huge forces against this, and the stakes are high. For instance, printable weapons could form the basis for an argument against the free Internet we now enjoy, so there is a real risk of going back a step, instead of forward.

I'm glad for your post though, I think this may be the most important thing going on right now. Many of the effort to develop this tech are being spearheaded out of Boston btw.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 10:02 AM
Very interesting stuff.
What happens if it gets regulated?
What happens if it doesn't?

If it does it will control a lot of dangers but possibly stop a lot of progress.
Unregulated is very dangerous but blimey it go go anywhere fast.

I think about food, micro-technologies, biological, mass scale production.

If in theory this goes mass scale we are looking at trying to find new jobs for half the world no?

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