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Honoring the Departed-Boston-and a social issue.

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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 12:14 PM
I was in tears most of today-because of eomeone i saw today,for the first-and Last time-last for anybody to ever see him again,really,Martin Richard.Or Krystle Campbell,or Lu Lingzu.

I KNOW,i know hundreds of children have been killed by people of Some faction, already this year,especially in the Middle East,Afghanistan,etc.

This murder touched my heart especially,because Martin Richard looks So much like my own son its completely heartbreaking-his lil permanent teeth were'nt even properly grown-i noticed that aspect,especially,because in my country we think kids are at their cutest when they're small and missing teeth-we call them "haasbekkies"-literally translated,as "l'il rabbit-mouths"-ok so we're weird,but that's btw.My l'il dude's a "haasbekkie,at sixyo.

The other departed women were described as being: 'So very helpful".."a heart of gold"..."bright"..."exceptional"

That led me to thinking;'What do i remember best about the last person who i loved,that died? One of my best friends,an elderly lady passed away recently.And in my past,a 20yo young friend of mine died in my apartment while i was at work.About each of them,i remember at least one unique thing.

My elderly friend's Exact tone of voice when she was happy,or said "Oooohhhh yeessss" whenever i said,eg:"Auntie K,do you want some choc-chip-vanilla-doublechoc cheesecake with vanilla sauce?" Or the gleam in my old departed friend,who was so young to die's catgreen eyes.I include a vid that makes me always think of her-because when she was still here,it always reminded her of me.

So that got me thinking-the cautious way people are with each other-the distance caused in distance caused by net-friendships,as substitutes for real ones,in the real world.We must never become so wary of the world+people in general, that one don't have at least one great/good friend-because when that one passes,everything good/nice/positive/inspiring the departed had done,is brought back into this world again-you can tell,by the warm feeling you get in your heart-when you remember them,and it gives one this smile.or even a good laugh or two.

So,the departed remains..

Point of this thread-try to have at least one "Realworld-friend"/relative/even just an aquaintance-that you Remember good stuff about-stuff that will make you smile(even if through tears) or laugh,that will make you feel brave.etcAnd here's another idea:There are old-age homes all-over,full of neglected elderly,sometimes maybe one should just drop by,and ask if there's a thing one can do to help at least one of them out,just as an example.

People have grown apart in a way,i think,because of the net,away from real contact,as in the world before the net.In the long run,that can only lead to a world of less connection and caring.If you don't know what some one looks like-you don't really care if they live ot die-not enough to make you cry your eyes out,anyway.

Well,this is sort of a tribute to Martin Richard,that lovely lil boy,and to two wonderful young women too.And to my own friends who have departed-maybe we should reach out to "real-life people" more,if you're a person like me,who likes to keep to myself-i'm preaching to myself more than anyone,really.
Best wishes to all,Rax.

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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 12:38 PM
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Okay, I was lured in, S

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 01:07 PM
This was one of my departed young friend,Dora's fave songs-because it always made her think of me

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 01:13 PM
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Sorry,i hit post button by accident as i was starting to write.Its finished now.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 04:59 PM
I had a dear elderly friend die not so long ago, she was so young at heart, but in her 90's chronologically. She never met a stranger. Going around my area, anywhere with her was like being with the postman, everyone knew her. She got hugs all the time. She was an excellent listener.

She was a widow and she said her husband had the personality while she was in the background. When he died she said she was lost and did not know how to make friends on her own or even if people would like or be interested in her. It must have taken so much courage, but get out there she did. She was fun and unintentionally funny, I loved her so much, still do, and I miss her all the time.
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posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 10:51 AM
Hi there,Ias,thank you for your reply,it was beautiful to read.Bless you,have a good week ahead.

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