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Sharing Thoughts - Conspiracy

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posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 11:17 PM
I want to start a thread to encourage the sharing of thoughts and ideas. I want to encourage thoughtful discussion on the topic of conspiracies and why we actually visit this and other sites - whether we look and read or whether we read and respond to what we have read.

It has long been swimming around my thoughts that what we are actually doing on this and other sites - is - sharing and discussion information. The word conspiracy is but a word designed and put in place to direct the thinking of the reader.

I took a look at the word conspiracy in my well worn small dictionary - conspiring especially in an unlawful plot, such a plot, the group taking part in such a plot (Collins Australian Pocket Dictionary Of The English Language, 1984, page 189)

Next I looked up the word conspiracy in my well worn thesaurus - secrecy. Continuing with the thesaurus I looked up secrecy - hiding, reticence, seclusion, solitude. Gets interesting when I stay with the thesaurus and look up the word - hiding. Hiding - corporeal punishment, hitting, losing. (The Pocket Macquarie Thesaurus, 1991, Jacaranda Press)

I never pay attention to the word conspiracy I simply log in and read information. The information I read is shared by people who are seeking answers, researching, studying to simply have a chit- chat as in this thread. How is it that when I log on to this 'conspiracy' site I am automatically labelled as conspiring in an unlawful plot??? I thought I, as a human being with freedom of thought am merely exercising my freedom to speak, via typed words, to anyone who wants to read and perhaps even respond.

When did I enter into a conspiracy by virtue of wanting to share information? I have a passion for the written and spoken word. I think the manner in which we can twist the meaning and intimation of a word is amazing. Take for instance the term - sleep with. Mostly people use this term to intimate sexual activity. I am always bemused when I see it written in print or used in scripts for televised programmes. Sleep with means sleep with and to have sex with means to have sex with. It makes me laugh everytime. I think to myself about all the relationships that could have been saved if only the 'betrayer' had been sleeping with the 'other' person instead of having sex.

So - it would appear - that everytime I log on to Above Top Secret I am conspiring and I did not even know!!! Anyone care to share their ideas and thoughts within this chit-chat thread or are you afraid of becoming a conspirator??!!!

Much Peace...


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