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Life's Lessons

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posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 10:52 PM
Everyone comes from all walks of life and different parts of the world. We all have our ups and downs that have shaped how we have seen the world. Obviously we do not agree or even get along. Everyone is different as a result. Advice would be beneficial to some and detrimental to others. I would like for us to share our life's lessons that can be beneficial for us. Yes, it wouldn't work for everyone. But I and many other users would like for you to speak your mind. I would start off the thread as others would follow. Don't be shy!

1: "Everyone is different and how they define success will probably not work for you." In one of my previous threads I asked how other members defined success. Not surprising everyone replied with their own personal opinions that were very different and diverse. As a young man who would love to be a successful businessman I can see that others would not share my dreams. It's understandable because it wouldn't work for different people. Business takes a lot out of people and requires a lot of sacrifices. Which I'm not afraid of because the I see the end result of success as my goal to keep me going.

2: "Not everyone will like you." Everyone one should know this. Growing up I have been made fun of, used by others, rejected, etc. Drama! From so called friends to families to complete strangers. I have had my feeling hurt because I felt guilty of who I was a person. However, we can whine about it or learn that they do not matter. I choose the later as my happiness is not define by them.

3: "There is no such thing as a soul mate." Other users would most likely disagree with me about this. But hear me out. As a young man who likes women I have had my success and failures with the opposite sex. I can remember being a naive teen praying for my true love. However, I dated numerous different girls that have resulted in me crying like a big baby as we broke up. Yes, as a teen and in my early adult years I cried because I lost all the love and passion we had. However, as I matured I realized this was a big part in life with relationships. My experiences allow me to better look for someone who would be my partner. Which is why I feel like the idea of the soul mate is more of a fantasy than a reality.

4: "The world isn't that complex!" I can imagine many would be shock by this comment. How can this would be not complex? Allow me to explain. Yes, the world is diverse and there are many mysteries and controversies. However, that doesn't mean we can have happy simple lives. Too many people worry about others that the end result isn't always a happy one. There have been too many times my family has failed in trying to help others with problems that I find it insane to go help others. This doesn't mean I'm an evil person. It's just that I see it as impossible because I have had so many bad results I feel it is not my strong point. Others are more successful and I wish them the best of luck.

5: "Money can buy you happiness!" How many of you have heard or even believe that "money cannot buy you happiness." I wouldn't doubt a majority have. However, I would like to share why I disagree with that old worn out statement. There are many people throughout the world who have their own definition of happiness. People love music, they enjoy playing video games, working and showing how their cars, etc. But that requires money that allows you to buy happiness. In my view on money I love it. Because it allows all of us to live in our civilized society. Like many I would love to become very rich, because I never had it and channel it into my business. Because in that way I can be looked as a leader and successful person who would be a great example of good responsibility.

6: "Politics is very similar to religion." I understand that in politics it is a priority to win and get power. That is no secret why many politicians are crooked or disliked for various reasons. As a person interested in politics I try to be more center to be more adaptable because how polices can instantly changed the way we live. Sitting here I can imagine being an rational independent would most likely lose because of how my message would only impact a small few. The most successful politicians and parties are able to unite people would ideas, words, symbols, etc. That even though they're wrong and/or will not be successful in winning that a majority of people would rally behind them and worship their views and image. People would act like their political ideas are not faulty. However, history will show us that is not always true. Roosh V tells it perfectly "Every system, no matter how secure it looks, has a flaw which can be gamed." What we need to do is do our best to make our society is better than what we left it when we went to bed the night before. It's not magic, but all we need is a little elbow grease.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 10:22 PM
7: "People will talk about you behind your back" This is an addition to number 2. But I would like to comment about this. My friend Paul and his father got into another fight were Paul left. I have known Paul for most of my life. As a friend I have been both open and been through many bad episodes with Paul. However, I know he sees me as a good friend; but he doesn't respect me like the acquaintances he always hang out with. I talked with his father where his friends talked about me and others behind my back. Yes, I do forgive, but I don't forget. Because it is disrespectful. This has happened times before when people would make fun of me and I realized it is pointless to worry about it. Whoever you are succeed and be happy. Real friends will show you respect.

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 06:11 AM
8: You can and cannot pick your friends.
I know many will disagree with my comment, but here me out. I'm a very outgoing person who a wide amount of acquaintances online and in real life. However, I only have a one or two people I would call friends. Yes, I'm a loser (plays the song "Loser" by Beck), But the reason I have a lot of acquaintances and a few friends is because I do not participate in the similar activities as many people I do know. In away that helps you break from your shell and experience great moments with people because of similar interest. From videos games, to adventures, to whatever! Having something in common is a perfect way in finding friends. However, that doesn't guarantee they'll be your friends or respect you. But it is a good way in seeking friends with common interest. Hopefully they'll also come from a good environment and would respect themselves as they respect you too.

posted on May, 15 2013 @ 08:23 AM
"It is unbecoming for young men to utter maxims." ~ Aristotle

That said, here are mine

1) "Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Anyone can be cynical. Anyone can say "Well, in an ideal world I wouldn't do _____, but it's not an ideal world, other people do it, and I need to be able to compete." True, it's not an ideal world - but if you want it to be, you need to set an example. It may not pay dividends for you personally, but you can inspire others who can inspire others etc. Never underestimate the ripple effect.

2) "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." ~ [Attributed to various people]

No-one is without their demons. No-one has a purely easy life. Sure, some people have easier lives than others in terms of financial support. But you know nothing of what goes on in their heads. For instance, I despise the policies of our Prime Minister, David Cameron. I don't understand how any human can be happy knowing that their decisions cause other people suffering. But I'm not in his head. It's easy for someone in my position to judge, but I know nothing about this man's upbringing, whether he has been lucky enough to experience the amount of love, kindness and compassion that I have. We all face different challenges. I suspect that is why we're here.

3) Know when to call it a day

This is my major stumbling point, and perhaps one of my ultimate life lessons.

I get incredibly angry about INJUSTICE. If I have an experience that is utterly unfair, I rail against it. If I see someone else experiencing injustice, I feel it with them and get upset by it.

I know people say "Life's not fair," and that's true; it's not. But if I see something unfair that has the potential to be rectified, then I will fight for justice with everything I've got.

My problem is that I don't know when I'm beat. I keep fighting when everyone else has given up. In some ways this is commendable, but honestly, it doesn't do much for my mental health. I'm still incredibly angry and bitter over stuff that happened years ago that I will never be able to put right. It still rankles. I haven't moved on, I haven't accepted it; it's stored in my brain, so every time something makes me angry it releases a lifetime's worth of anger.

It's far easier said than done to just "let it go". Trust me, I would if I could. But my advice to anyone reading this, if you don't want to turn into a bitter, rage-fuelled hate monster: know a lost cause when you see it, accept it, and move on.

That's all I can think of for now

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