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Ex-wife of Jailed Former Justice in Texas arrested for murder

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posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 10:26 AM
It seems it was not the Aryan Brotherhood who murdered the DA, his wife, and the assitant DA. The DA had pressed charged against the former Justice of the Peace for other crimes.

He had made terroistic threats by electronic means, which they found when they searched his home. Now his ex-wife, Kim Williams, has been charged with Capital Murder regarding those deaths. Law enforcement said they plan to file murder charges against Eric Williams as well.

Kim Williams

Dallas News

Authorities believe the disbarred former justice of the peace held a grudge against McLelland and Hasse, who prosecuted him last year in the theft of three computer monitors. During Eric Willilams’ trial, McLelland and Hasse portrayed him as a thief and a man with a violent streak. They pushes for him to be sent to prison. He was given probation, but the case is on appeal.

(If this has been posted previously I apologize. I couldn't find a thread in search regarding the arrests.)
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