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Boston vs 911

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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by samkent
The reports from MSM keeps changing.
As of early this morning they claimed a third bomb failed to detonate. But the Feds say there were only two bombs.

For those who believe the 911 conspiracy do you see how the reports keep changing?
Can you see how early reports will be used to support a conspiracy later? Just like 911.

Or do you think the feds planted 3 bombs but one didn't go off so they had quash the reports of it. Basically another conspiracy.

No, I think it was the case of irresponsible journalists imagining themselves to be Woodwarda and Bernsteins were reporting any factoid and rumor they could get their hands on in order to shove it out on the air. In the meantime, conspiracy mongors seeing sinister secret plots and boogeymen in everything from terrorist attacks to the price of bananas declare this is is yet another false flag in a never ending series of false flags to justify their own antiestablishment outlook on life.

To which I answer, Islamic fudamentalists have legitimately been slaughtering each other over incredibly petty things for millenia and the world is legitimately getting smaller and smaller to the point where you can use the internet to buy a wife from the Ukraine. It was only a matter of time before the two would meet and terrorists would be launching attacks on US soil. We don't know yet whether it was Islamic fundamentalism behind this but you don't need to read ATS posts to compehend that the most dangerous person in the world is someone with a blind devotion to an ideology. The Nazis, Rev. Jim Jones, Pol Pot, pick your own example.

Wallowing in paranoia for paranoia's sake while deliberately ignoring this fact is unrealistic, to put it mildly.

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by DeeKlassified

You are right, there isn't any evidence for the "OS". As long as you ignore all the video evidence of planes crashing into buildings, the subsequent fires, photos and video's of the inward bowing, actual scale model of a wtc floor, etc etc.

But thats all irrelevant. The existance of evidence supporting the OS has absolutely nothing to do with the existance of evidence for explosives. Nice attempt to dodge the question, but it won't work.
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posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 03:12 AM
I follow the news on twitter. I don't go by the tweets themselves, just follow the links from the news agencies. It leads me to articles and live and recorded videos. For the Boston bombings, they (all news agencies) were walking on eggshells. They were NOT confirming reports on CNN, Reuters, NBC, ABC, or CBS. I do not follow MSNBC or Fox, so I cant really say what they reported. But out of the 5 I listed, as I said, if they found something out, they did not confirm it. I was working at the time they caught the 2nd suspect, listening to CBS and watching ABC, and CBS reported the capture several minutes before ABC.

On September 11th, it was much much different. They reported on MSNBC that it was controlled demolition. One of the channels reported that there was a helicopter at the pentagon. Others reported explosives at the Pentagon before even mentioning a plane. BBC reported WTC collapsed before it happened.

The thing that both 911 and Boston have in common is post factos; that no matter who 'did it', it will be used to remove more freedoms and towards disarmament.

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