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The Chain Weakens: God Within Us, God Without Us

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posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 04:12 PM
No, this isn't a just another religious thread, this is the theological philosophy of an individual who believes that he has been down this road before, many times, like all of you. We know what happens after death, just like we know there is a God, yet we choose to ignore it in lieu of a far more pessimistic, materialistic point of view. A point of view that we know is failing, and will fail, no matter how hard we cling to what it represents. A point of view we KNOW is wrong, because it's in our blood, our bones, our hearts, minds, and souls.

We see that the universe has integrity in its vastness, laws within its chaotic appearance, yet we don't ask who made the laws, though we would ask who wrote the books of the Bible.

We see a world, an environment, perfectly positioned away from the central Sun, with elements that sustain life. We see that life, with bodies perfectly suited for general life, with brains far more complex than anything human beings will ever create, a sentience and consciousness we haven't found in any other creature.

We see these living things love, dream, hope, create, share, have selflessness, compassion, charitableness. We see them invent progressively greater things, dream up fantastic dreams, build up spectacular structures that boggle the mind.

Though we can witness the physical aspects of ourselves, we overlook the spiritual aspects of ourselves. We overlook the things that can't be explained, simply for that fact alone. Though some scientists, with a chip on their shoulder towards religion, spirituality, and other paranormal and supernormal claims, try hard in their quest to vanquish these ancient teachings and unexplained phenomena armed with the sharp blade of evidence and a shield of logic, there are some of these they cannot destroy, only explain away in terms of scientific guesses. UFOs, ghosts, psychic powers, precognition, astral projection, dream synchronization, past life recollection, out of body experiences, and many more. They pop up in droves, overwhelming some of even the greatest scientific minds, who can only just shrug their shoulders and use terms like "hallucinations", "self hypnosis", and "confirmation bias", even when none of these guesses answers any of the lingering instances of the aforementioned questions.

All the while, the world burns, our eyes glued to the hypnotic blue glow of our television screens and computers. We feed ourselves and our children the worst garbage food available, even when there are better, equally inexpensive choices. We refuse to admit that the herbs, fungus, and elements in nature can do virtually everything pharmaceuticals can do, oftentimes doing it better.

Kanna is a plant with powerful anti-anxiety properties. Kratom is a strong sedative and analgesic. Both are significantly less habit forming and with fewer side effects than laboratory-made pills. We know blue lotus and St. John's Wort can cure mild depression, we know melatonin is far better for you than that Tylenol PM and other sleep aids. Yet all the while, the pharmaceutical corporations make billions through doctors pumping this into young and old alike for any tiny problem we have.

They tell you that feeling of "not being yourself" and "not being real" is depersonalization and/or derealization, and call it a disorder. They tell you your mood swings are a problem, and you need to get on medication to balance yourself out. Your children digest vast quantities of sugar and caffeine, and when they're too hyper and can't focus in class, they prescribe them a stimulant like Ritalin which, at one point, was being sold on the street for purely recreational uses.

They keep telling you there's something wrong with YOU.

No. Not at all. You're perfect just the way you are. The fact is, there's something wrong with THEM. Every single one of them. Every doctor who buys into this failing medical system, every politician who bends over for the corporate dollar, every teacher in the public school system who stopped caring about the children, every college who forgot that college is about an education and not job prospects. It's every Evangelist that screams at you to be afraid of God, every atheist who demonizes spirituality, every Shaikh that tells you to hate Jews, the USA, and that you must fear, hate, and kill "unbelievers". It's the NAACP who victimizes its own constituency, it's the anti-gun crowd who wants you to be defenseless. It's every human being, born with inalienable rights, having those rights taken away for safety and security purposes.

We see the world burn. Is it difficult to ascertain why?

It's because we've willingly chiseled away at the golden chain that connect us with all that is good, pure, truthful, virtuous, loving, compassionate, and creative. We've turned away from that which is within us that makes us who we really are.

The world burns, the chain weakens... Nothing gets better, only progressive illusions of improvement.

But it can get better, and it starts in you.
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posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 04:24 PM
Well said. I would correct what you said about the chain 'weakening'. In a sense we are merely about to break through one of the infinite layers that await us over the course of time. Nothing is weak nor breaking other than our 'old ways'. I see it easier when comparing it to concentric circles, and as we grow we are bound to break through more and more of them.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 12:14 PM
I agree that the system is insane and need to evolve to something new. I cannot love all people around me since some of them make to much of a mess right now and I do not believe fully in unconditional love and I do not believe the consciousness you call god believe in it either. God loves all but cannot stand to be around many when they are in their small minded moods seeing everything from their viewpoint. I can love every soul from a distance as long as I do not have to notice their selfish behaviour. God waits for the small mindedness to disappear and then it comes and make a symbiotic connection with the soul. At least I can love the potential every soul has.

Science is at least still asking questions and even if some of them are as clouded by their views as fundamentalistic Christians or Muslisms not believing in any spirituality since they cannot see the thing behind the religious views. It is the stagnation that bothers me. The belief that the ego mind know the truth since people have told me the truth and they must be right. That stagnation is holding us back for really trying to explain what is as best as we can. Even if we create an easier spiritual understanding/reality model it still is an idol for what is, but it can be a lot closer to the truth than our current religions and science with the unimportant fluff that is just in the way.

Do not all souls in the end come to the ballpark whatever idol/religion they have started with? Religion does not equal gods truth but can give you hints. Even if there where no religion god would still be.

But things are getting better are they not. So many people are noticing synchronicity now days even if many of them get scared and annoyed about it.

FollowTheWhiteRabbit I really like your posts

I hope humanity make it since there is so much potential but most times it makes me very sad to see it wasted like it is now days. Humanity could have shined so bright. But still worse case scenario humanity destroy themselves and a reseed will take place and the cycle restart with younger immature souls again.
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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 03:19 AM
reply to post by FollowTheWhiteRabbit

thanks for this thread, you've put the way i feel into words that actually make sense,

I can understand my own thoughts in my head but when i try to explain out loud to other people I get really confused, its nice to know others feel just like I do even though I'm unable to express my true feelings in the same way you have,

thank you

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