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Corrupt private educated people. Should private schools be banned to stop them corrupting generation

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posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by werewolf99

I think more harm is done with public schooling where everyone is subject to the already corrupt mentalities and agendas of current administrations.

At least in private schooling you have more of a control about what is taught and how.

I would never send my kid to public schools in the US for example. When my kid has to enroll I will forgo everything that would keep me from being able to afford a private education. It is superior and it is not influenced by politics.

Public schooling is a disgrace and a propaganda cesspool.


If private education WAS ever banned like Obama and those like him want (those of which the OP speaks) wink wink...:

I would educate my child myself. Sure they would go to school in the morning but every waking moment after would be spent deprogramming them and ensuring that they have a deep seeded quest to end the monopoly on education and everything else that they would be subject to. I would breed the antichrists of that mentality and they and I would dedicate our lives to bringing ever living hell to that BS.

Dont push on the home front....

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posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by tadaman

What a load of bull#. What you really mean is if I want to cheat and rig things so my kids no matter how stupid will succeed at the cost of fairness and a better society, then so what. It really wonders how people can clearly see the world if f***ked and that those that are in the highest position all went to the same private schools and yet never connect the dots to realise that they are why it is f**ked up.

Introduce more fairness into society and things would begin to work properly: they couldn't work any worse.

posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 07:45 PM

Should private education be banned in the UK, possibly the world? In the uk right now we have a situation where all the politicians, top exectutives..... are from private school. (Some also referred to as public schools here) The Uk has never been more corrupt. All political parties are full of people who studied at the same schol, university and the same degree.

People who have been privately educated cannot be trusted to act morally from their own volition.Their immorality has destroyed the UK's financial situation of the this country and probably others too. So should private schools be outlawed in the UK? Should it be made unlawful to stop them corrupting future generations?

Don't you mean private collages, universities? Yes you do. Many responding thought your meaning was private grade schools and high schools.

posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by werewolf99

You're the last person who should be correcting anyone's spelling seeing your numerous spelling mistakes in your opening post.

As for the rest of your original post, you do realize that a child is reared by their parents right? The school may have some impact on a child when it comes to their beliefs, but ultimately the vast majority of their shaping occurs in the home with their parents beliefs rule the day. So according to your logic, we should ban people from having children.

I don't think banning private schools is an answer. We should rather start looking at why it's so easy for these people to get into power and stay in power. Impose term limits on all politicians. I firmly believe that a career politician is a bad politician. (With a couple of very few exceptions. And I mean very few.)

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 09:15 PM
Trust me I have wrote books you haven’t, If I made a mistake you are not the one who would notice it. Also to say that education makes no or little difference seems strange. How many times of ATS have people said how education is brainwashing people? But as soon as you actually point to a particular case all of a sudden people get their nappy wet. What is so strange about education changing people’s values? Also I would point out that in the UK kids get religious education at school: so their values do partly come from school. Also many people in private school in UK go to a boarding school and only see their parents between terms: so how can absent parents have influence?
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posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 09:24 PM


People who have been privately educated cannot be trusted to act morally from their own volition.

That's pretty bad.
Government education now has a lock on morals?

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by badgerprints

Did it not occur to you that the reason there is little social mobility is because those privately educated cannot be trusted to act fairly and not just favour those like them? Also the banking collapse: the level of banker causing the problem was privately educated. The corrupt politicians were privately educated.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 05:58 PM

reply to post by badgerprints

Did it not occur to you that the reason there is little social mobility is because those privately educated cannot be trusted to act fairly and not just favour those like them? Also the banking collapse: the level of banker causing the problem was privately educated. The corrupt politicians were privately educated.

Plenty of people are privately educated who have nothing to do with the banking industry or politics.
A private education does not mean anything beyond the ability of the parent to pay for it.
As I think about it, public education certainly doesn't imbue the recipient with any level of morality.
Most murderers, rapists and mimes are publicly educated.
Doesn't mean everyone coming from a public education is going to do those things either.

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 06:42 PM
Schools do a certain amount of harm and good no matter what kind they are. It's difficult to talk in generalities because the school systems are so different in the US vs. the UK. If I understand correctly, UK schools are "public," which means "private," i.e.: Parents pay tuition and admittance is not for everyone, and everyone else goes to what we in the US would call "public" schools until a certain age, when they are divided into a vocational track vs. an academic track and attend different schools. Right so far? I'll leave it at that.

In the US "public" schools are paid for via the state (usually by property taxes) and are for everyone EXCEPT those students who go to "private" schools, most commonly religious-oriented, but sometimes class-oriented. Catholic schools would fall into this category, but so would "Lakeside," a private school attended by Bill Gates. You could consider Lakeside an "elite" school for rich kids, but Paul Allen, who attended school with Gates, was the son of two librarians, though his father was Asst. Director of University of Washington libraries. Still, librarians are not considered anywhere near elite. Ask me. I'm one, too.

In the US the vocationally-oriented students increasingly go to "that side" of the curriculum, and kids who are not "making it" (either by attitude or IQ) are shunted to "alternative" high schools, often still within the district, where they can still graduate. They can't fail because, you know, everyone is equal and as smart as the next guy. There is still a very high drop out rate, especially in inner city schools, with nothing, really, for these kids to do. In my area they usually wind up working construction jobs.

BUT there is an increasing trend toward "Charter Schools," which are essentially public schools run privately with lots of parental involvement. The idea here is to get away from the public school, mandated, propaganda curriculum with a chance to "do better" than the 'normal' (also a specific school term) public school. This movement is "all the rage" with lots of people wanting to opt out of public school into charters, which are kind-of semi private. They are private schools with public oversight.

There is also a trend toward "home schooling," which lets the parents be the teachers. At first glance you may be horrified at the idea, but having seen my grandson go through it, I am very impressed. There is a great deal of public-school support including online classes, and extensive use of private tutors. I saw my grandson, who was doing poorly, partly because of a physical speech impediment, do two grades in one year. In the right circumstances, it really does work.

And there is the issue of "vouchers" which would allow any kid to go to a private school with a voucher good for X amount of tuition. The biggest resistance to all these programs is the public school unions who want to preserve well-paying teaching jobs and don't want parents to have a choice.

From my point of view, the public education system is in many ways in many places a disaster. It's not a disaster everywhere, but it is in enough places and circumstances to effectively stifle learning and teach students to follow directions and walk in a straight line. It isn't terribly creative.

So all in all I think private schools should be encouraged, not banned. If they tend to foster elitism, get over it. Someone has to teach these children how to operate and the public (state-supported) schools surely aren't doing a very good job of it. So the only reason you should ban private schools is to ensure your society will deteriorate further than it already has.

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posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by werewolf99

Personally I find private education morally wrong; I don't see why someone with money should be entitled to a better standard of education than those from poorer backgrounds - but hey, I guess that's just the damn liberal pinko in me.
But I can categorically assure you that if I had money I would have provided the best possible education possible for my daughter and would do so for my Grandson.
Yes, of course - but we all strive to offer our children the best opportunities in life and I am nothing if not pragmatic and realistic.

What we should demand is that public education should be of as equal a standard as private education.
Of course that's probably unrealistic at present - but it should an ideal, a target to strive and aim for and at present we fall woefully short of it.

What I do dislike with a passion is the positive life chances that open up to people who have attended certain private schools and attend Oxbridge.
Its highly unfair to prejudge everyone who has attended these schools, the reality is that many have gone on to achieve true greatness, a testament possibly to the methodology they use.
But its the old schoolboy network that really pisses me off.
How they use it to gain entry to senior positions within the Civil Service, the Judiciary, the Police and Armed Forces, Banking and Industry. the Clergy etc - all positions of influence and power.
They gain these position because of who they are and where they come from rather than ability.
Eton / Oxbridge alumni fill an alarmingly disproportionate number of positions of power and influence within UK society and are afforded certain protections and privileges that the rest of us are denied. They use these positions to further their own agenda's many of which run contrary to the wishes and interests of the majority of British people.

When Tony Blair announced his first Cabinet back in 1997 it comprised of more privately educated people than any other Cabinet since the 1800's - a feat since surpassed by Cameron.

Privately educated people have more say and control over UK society now than they have done since before Queen Victoria's reign.
We are going backwards.

Andrew Neil has been a long time critic of the influence of the privately educated and Oxbridge graduates and the old schoolboy network. He is the author of some good works on the subject and wrote and presented an excellent documentary for the BBC called Posh And Posher.

Unfortunately its not currently available on iPlayer and only parts 1 & 4 are posted on YouTube.

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posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by Freeborn

What a load of bull#: that they achive true greatness. No they don't they just take credit for others work. They also get seen as great because of the positions they inherit or lie their way into: they are scum. Also why is it bad to stop people cashing in on the large bribe paid by their parents to stop social mobility? That is like saying that if a parent is a dictator then a child becoming one is ok; also that if you try to stop them then you are being unfair.

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 04:27 PM

If I had the power I'd get rid of all forms of schooling and education so people can actually learn to experience life for themselves and form their own ways of thinking instead of being told how to act or think. Sadly, most people believe it's a good idea subjecting children into a life of disappointment and misunderstanding so I don't see that ever to be a possibility.

What a wonderful world that would be.

Ooogh rarugh urg aarth!

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by werewolf99

Don't ban private education to stop corruption in politics .. .

.. . Just ban the graduates of such schools from becoming MP's until they have lived at least 5 years as an ordinary community member.

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posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by werewolf99

What a load of bull#: that they achive true greatness.

So you deny that a disproportionate number of privately educated people have gone on to achieve great things?

I've in no way inferred that they are better people just that the system and standard of education is better and they are afforded far better opportunities and support than us mere mortals.
Just because I recognise that doesn't mean to say that I agree with it. In fact if you'd bothered to read all of my post I think you'd find that I find the whole system corrupt and amoral.

I've got to wonder why you would take one small part of my post, twist it and misrepresent it in such a way?

Also why is it bad to stop people cashing in on the large bribe paid by their parents to stop social mobility?

Where did I say it was?

.......also that if you try to stop them then you are being unfair.

Again, where did I say it was?

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 07:24 PM
reply to post by werewolf99

What a ridiculousness thread and concept by the OP.

Private schools are one of the better aspects of UK life for children. Having to deal with local state sponsored schools and the types of families they attract is quite the life saver.

I have no time for people who can not be bothered to give their kids ever advantage possible for a better future. especially with the way the world is going nowadays

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by projectbane

What a load of bull#. Well I don't have time for tw#atts who go on about rigging the dice in their favout then complain that people say it. People all know private schools are a way of rigging things in your favour, people get annoyed when you talk about it because they know it's true: if it wasn't they wouldn't care less. In Durham there is aprivate school where for years every pupil who applied to get into durham university: a state university: got in. If that isn't corrupt I don't know what is.

I understand that to an american this is a different issue but mainly because alal americans believe that they wil get rich somday: or have a running chance: and so by attacking this subject you are taking their right to this when they get rich. The flaw in this line of thinking is that they probably won't.But if you look past this, then the logic of my argument becomes clear.

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by werewolf99

I think the elite sociopaths that have attended extrememly expensive private schools have been taught more "magical - satanistic" things than most of us have been exposed to -

What kind of parent would abandon their child for 11 months out a year to have the pedophilic elite teach them masonic/satanic things?

That goes double for the ones that continue through the Ivy colleges of the US and the Rhoades scholars - clinton is one of the biggest sociopaths in the US history - richard riech was also a rhoades scholar educated in UK -

The satanist running the world have an agenda - and they need to be taught to serve their master.

OH- let the masons chime in now ------
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posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 07:52 PM
The trouble is that you Americans don't think you have your currupt elites outside of banking etc...Well how about Hollywood, and how many awards are given in the film industry to people educted ai top private schools judged by people who went to those same schools? You hold to the myth of the American dream. The idea that everyone can be rich, when inr reality unles born rich or you have some serious good luck, then you won't.

You are convinced that private educated people handing themselves public money, jobs, degrees, careers, staring parts in films, is something which only happens other countries. Well you have a whole big pile of corruption where you are too. The chance of becoming a movie star unless related to one is practically nill: and the media is an important part of modern life and so your elite really have bugger all chance of coming from the bulk of the population. Of course they stil get worshipped by you anyway as they screw you over just like everyother country in the world.

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