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One man’s hero…[RSWC]

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posted on Apr, 13 2013 @ 12:01 PM

(We hear low beeping sounds and a faint humming. Someone starts coughing.)

JOACIM: Can you get me some water?

ROCKY: You’ll have to wait. I’m not your maid.

JOACIM: I need it now.

ROCKY: The area is a bit dangerous; I can’t leave the auto pilot to serve you.

JOACIM: Back in my day we had some respect for the prisoners.

ROCKY: Back in your day, you didn’t have to fly them in space. Now shut your mouth and I’ll get you the water.

JOACIM: You know something young man, I helped rebuild this damn planet.

ROCKY: Yes, but now you’re on your way to prison, because what you helped build, you and your buddies managed to destroy it.

(FEMALE VOICE: Incoming message)

ROCKY: Control this is transfer shuttle 4.

MALE VOICE: Shuttle 4, we just received word from the Europa prison colony that there is a revolt. Until we manage to ease things down, you are ordered to stay in orbit.

ROCKY: Got that Control. Shuttle 4 out.

JOACIM: Well… trouble in paradise?

ROCKY: What will it take to just keep your mouth close?

JOACIM: A bottle of water.(chuckles) It seems that we will spend more time together.

ROCKY: Oh we have a comedian.

(Rocky presses a few buttons and then stand up from the pilot seat. Heavy boots. FEMALE VOICE: Please input your request.)

ROCKY: Water.

(Walking again.)

ROCKY: Here, take it and don’t talk again.

JOACIM: Do you know why I’m here?

ROCKY: Yes I read your file.

JOACIM: I bet they call me terrorist in there.

ROCKY: Among other things.

JOACIM: Let me tell you a story.

(We hear Rocky sigh, loudly)

JOACIM: I was born in 2027. The world was still recovering from the third world war. I remember as a child that everyone was hoping that we wouldn’t see another war like that one. Everything was destroyed. It would take decades to rebuild. When I was around 17 the only job that could keep you fed was in the military. They needed more soldiers to keep everyone under control.

Then in 2050, she (he spits) became president of the united earth. Everyone saw in her face a bright future. But humans don’t change and they never learn. She and her generals had other plans.

The orders that were coming in, were getting weirder every day. Some of us started questioning the sanity of our commanding officers. And then it happened. The order to take over and destroy a village in a place none of us heard before. In the briefing we were told that the inhabitants of this village were planning to overthrow the united earth government. They had guns and bombs, leftovers from the third war. We marched in after the bombers flattened the place. A few had managed to survive. We searched the place, but no weapons, just dead bodies of men, women and children.

As I was walking through the bodies my mind started forming the idea of killing the crazy witch.

(A pause-Rocky turns and looks at his prisoner, who seems lost in the past)

ROCKY: What? That’s it? By the way I never heard of that village and the incident you describe.

(Joacim looks at him startled)

JOACIM: I thought you didn’t care.

(A fade smile in his face)

JOACIM: I was working on the idea by myself. I didn’t know if I could trust anyone. Then I heard others talking about leaving the army, because of this. The rumors that our madam president (he spits again) ordered the destruction, because these people created the village out of disagreement with her policies. They had declared and named their little haven “The Only Free Place On Earth”. She did it to set an example.
At first we were a handful of people, but as our numbers got bigger we had to stay below our bosses’ radar and work in secrecy. We were a small army that our only goal was to kill her and restore what our parents called a democracy.

ROCKY: A democracy?

JOACIM: You never heard of the word before?

ROCKY: Of course I have, what do you think I am some illiterate? But I haven’t heard many good things about this democracy of yours.

JOACIM: Think of the source of your knowledge.

(A pause-Rocky turns his back again, looking the screen in front of him. He doesn’t want to show Joacim that he actually thinks about it)

ROCKY: So what’s next? You killed her. I know that; but no democracy was restored.

JOACIM: No it wasn’t; because we were young and we thought that the next person would know better than doing the same things that killed the witch. My young friend, as I said before people don’t learn.

(FEMALE VOICE: Incoming message)

ROCKY: Control, this is shuttle 4.

MALE VOICE: Shuttle 4, we have the situation almost under control. A couple of hours and you will be able to land.

ROCKY: Thank you control. Shuttle 4 out.

(Rocky turns again to face Joacim)

ROCKY: You heard him. You have two hours to finish the story.

JOACIM: At first things were a bit different. The new president promised many things. One of them was to restart the space program. For a few, good years we lived in peace. We were the heroes and we even got promoted for our actions. Then one by one started disappearing... Actually people from all over the world started disappearing. The rest of us went into hiding again. This time things were different. Everyone knew who we were. The civilians, at least most of them, were on our side and more joined our ranks every day. We discovered his true intentions.
In secret those in power managed to perfect space travel and they needed slaves for the mining colonies, in Mars. They started sending the unwanted, the enemies of the state and prisoners. We were among the enemies of the state, because they thought if we learnt their plans we would manage to kill the president again.
In 2073 the war started again. This time it was them versus us. And we were many, but they had better weapons and they were in control of space. We are losing the war, but we won’t stop fighting until the last one of us.

ROCKY: So you’re saying that we are the bad guys and you are the good ones.

JOACIM: You are taking me to an ice planet, they use for a prison and you will let me die there. How good is that?

ROCKY: If they imprison you on earth you might manage to escape. The war will never end.

JOACIM: Why not Mars or Moon? Why in a freezing hell?

ROCKY: Look man, I’m just a pilot and I just follow orders. I don’t like it, but…

JOACIM: But you can’t do anything about it. (smiles) Yes you can. You can join us and fight. Because part of the democracy is to be able not to do something you don’t like.

ROCKY: So what do you suggest I do?

JOACIM: Turn this thing around. We could always use a good pilot and a space craft. And for crying out loud , unchain me.

(Long pause-Rocky starts pushing buttons and the shuttle starts maneuvering.)

(FEMALE VOICE: Incoming message)

MALE VOICE: Shuttle 4 you are breaking orbit. Is there a problem?


MALE VOICE: Shuttle 4. Respond.


MALE VOICE: Shuttle 4. Respond.



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posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

Nice story. SnF.

The entries this month are very interesting reading. I like how you've presented your depiction of the future.

posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 09:44 AM
reply to post by Druid42

Thanks Druid.

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