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When Worldwide Starvation Can't Save the French President's Camel....Will the NWO feed you?

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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 01:15 PM
All the Mali family had to do was watch over the camel until it could be shipped to France, a gift to French President Francois Hollande in gratitude for French troops fighting of Al Qaeda in the country.

BUT....the family ate the camel.

Was it bad manners on the part of the Mali family assigned to keep an eye on the camel? Or was it just another facet of worldwide starvation?

I mean, when the camel starts to look like irresistible food, it makes one wonder just how hungry the world is going.

Seven billion people....and how many of them are starving as we speak? How many would fall to the temptation of eating the French President's gift of a camel?

Starvation does a lot to the mind. Imagine how much starvation there will be in the world when the population expands to eight billion....nine billion.....will we see ten billion before starvation around the world takes more lives than are born on any given day?

So, the question begs: Who is going to feed you if it is not the New World Order?

Who has farms big enough to keep the tummies full if it is not for the New World Order?

Go ahead and admit've already surrendered your hearts and minds and souls to big government. While at the same time placating your guilt by decrying that big government will feed you poisoned food.

Starving people will eat poisoned food. Starving people will turn to cannibalism.

Starving people will eat the French President's camel.

Mali must need the New World Order to keep from starving?

Mali's defense minister had been giving regular status updates to French President Francois Hollande on his camel, a gift from Mali, until it was eaten by the family watching it.

PARIS/BAMAKO, Mali — Malian authorities will give French President Francois Hollande another camel after the one they gave him in thanks for helping repel Islamist rebels was killed and eaten by the family he left it with in Timbuktu, an official in Mali said.

A local government official in northern Mali said Tuesday that a replacement would be sent to France.


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