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The Prepco take over (RWSC)

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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 03:12 AM
The year is 2023, and much of the known world has fallen prey the the global mega corporation Prepco. They broke into the scene with a line of " Health Soda," that gained popularity amongst the masses as the beverage of choice. Little did they know, the CEO Prepeya, had little more than complete and utter global domination of the world and it's inhabitants. Much of the world no longer makes sense, the water was shut off after masses of civilians broke out with a strange illness turning them into violent zombie like beings who want nothing more than to consume Prepco's headlining product Prepoka, and lashing out violently on anything that moves.

No running, water and aside from those employed by, and Prepya himself Electricity is a thing of the past.

Our story begins at a lonely bus stop, in the middle of no where, the fields surrounding it are dry and garbage, and empty prepoka cans litter the streets.

Two Disheveled looking young men with scraggly hair, and worn out jeans are standing at a worn out bus stop. Stained shirts. Immediately the two stand out as odd. Twisted, the one on the left. Is wearing a horned red and black helmet, black goggles glinting in the sun. The other Phrae, is wearing a MICH, ESS landops goggles, and is absolutely covered in grease. A hot breeze blows a trash along the street.

Twisted: Yep..
Phrae: What are we doing again?
Twisted: Waiting for the bus He pulls out a fudgsicle.
Phrae: Oh....
Phrae: Ain't the bus not run no more.
Twisted: Oh.... yeah, what were we doing?
Phrae: Hell I ain't know man, I thought you knew what we was doing, and where the hell did you get a fudgesicle?

Twisted, scratches looks at his feet, then back at phrae, and scratches the side of his face with his .357

Twisted: I found it!!
Phrae: Man where in the hell did you find a damn fudgesicle we ain't had no power for.... pauses Man I don't even know, and what the hell were we doing, we've been standing here for over an hour!

Twisted: ..... Oh yeah, we were going to get some stuff to make some more greed... Man, I love greed.
Phrae: Well what the hell we standing here for, let's get to it.

Twisted flicks his well chewed fudgesicle stick on the ground, and the pair start walking off down the street.

Phrae: So what do you put in that greed anyways?
Twisted Laughs : Heck, man that's a family secret or something.. Besides I don't really know, I'm usually drunk when I make it.
Phrae: Well how in the hell are you gonna make more greed if we plum out? Man, Stinky has been bugging me all week for a taste what the hell we gonna tell em?
Twisted pats his hip, implying he has something there.
Twisted: Man you know me, I'm always prepared.
Phrae: When in the hell have you ever been prepared?
Twisted waves his .357 at phrae.
Twisted: What do you call this?
Phrae stops, resting his twelve gauge on his shoulder.
Phrae: Man Aside guns, we always got guns. You even member to load that damn thing anyways? I ain't think I ever seen you shoot it.
Twisted: What in the hell you talking about, I'm always shooting stuff.
Phrae: Kinda my point, yer always popping rounds off at random **** in your drunken stooper, I'd be surprised if you got any bullets left.

Twisted dashes off the road into the ditch to fetch a mayonaise jar glinting in the sun.
Twisted: Man alright! We was running low on jars for our greed.
Puts it in his backpack filled with various empty containers.

Twisted: What were we talking bout?
Phrae: *sigh* Forget it.
Twisted: Forget what?
Phrae: Man just forget it already, I already done told you.
Twisted: Alright, then.

The two come upon a worn out shack, equally as disastrous as the streets before it. A worn out old mustang sits partially in pieces in the garage, the garage door laying on the drive way in front of it. Windows broken, front door peppered with bullet holes.
Twisted: Guess I better get to work.
Twisted pulls out a 1 liter milk jug filled with some cloudy greenish looking liquid and takes a swig.
Twisted: Man, that was a good batch.. It's got one of those tastes you can chew.
Phrae: Give it here.
Phrae drinks deep, followed by a meaty looking chew.
Phrae: Man, that really does hit the spot.

A man in worn out blue coveralls comes wandering up from behind the house, carrying a radiator. As phrae and twisted continue to drink from the stained jug.

Stinky: Hey Y'all. Think I found that part Y'all were looking for, is the new batch ready.
Phrae: Hey man where you been? We was just fixing to start the new...
Twisted spins round and let's off all six rounds from his .357, shrieking like a howler monkey.
Twisted: Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Phrae: TP !!! You stupid, son of a... Ahhhhh.... ahhhh..... ah com... .ahhhhh
Twisted: Told you I was always prepared?
Phrae: Prepared? You sketchy son of a... You just gone and shot ed.
Twisted. Oh.
Phrae: Now who and the hell's gonna fix my ride man. I ain't got the know how to fix old betty up.
Twisted: * in a snide voice* Well he shouldn't have gone and snuck up on me.
Phrae: Man he ain't gone and snuck up on ya he walked round the house, said hello, and you gone done and shot him up.

Ed: *coughs*
Phrae: shut up Ed, I'm talking.
Twisted: I ain't mean to hurt him, he just snuck up on me.
Phrae: Man, a marching band driving a dragster could sneak up on your drunk a**, but a man walking up all polite like saying hello and you go and shoot him.
Ed: * gurgle* he shot me!
Phrae shoots ed.
Phrae: shut up ed!

Twisted: Woah.....
Phrae: WHAT?
Twisted: Just saying.

Twisted scratches his head with his .357, Phrae staring at him.


It's now getting dark, Phrae is in the garage tinkering on ol' Betty. I guess, this is about the time our story needs a little more explaining. It's been 10 years since Prepco bought every known commodity and service on the face of the Earth. Water was banned on suspicion it was causing the people to get sick, even though Prepoka was the real culprit. Prepeya, the mastermind of the global take over, a disturbing maria net Charactor, who's strings always extend from sight. A voice like mickey mouse if he smoked for 50 years. " Prepoka, Prepoka, it's got the flavor that you want to drink." This jingle would ring out, at the beginning of every commercial. In fact it was the last thing ever heard before Television, and radio were banned, and the electricity became to expensive for anyone to afford. Not that it was much of a loss, as TV and radio had become endless adds for the mega corporation, and any program that did play was merely a stylized add placement that lasted for 10 mins with constant interruptions for Prepoka advertisements. " PREPOKA!! New flavor! Plain." This was there latest release, a flavorless version of their "Health" soda, to replace water after the break out.

Twisted is passed out on the floor dreaming. He is in a lavishly furnished ballroom, wearing a penguin suit style tuxedo.

Twisted: *in a french accent* ello, Monsier hotdog.
A hot dog dances in the light
Twisted: Come to me, hot dog.
Twisted dances in circles holding a hot dog, and just as he is about to bite lovingly into his meaty treat he wakes up.

Phrae walks in, and looks at twisted..
Phrae: Man were you having that dream again?
Twisted: Better days.... of better days

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 03:25 AM
Note's from the Author.

Writing as a radio/teleplay is a lot harder than I thought, and I thought it was going to be hard. I chose to write my story about an idea my brother and I had for a youtube skit. We came up with it randomly one night, and it's been a running thing with us. We talk in the voices we think they would sound like, talk about really random things. We have a really lose story idea going on like the characters, random things they get up to. The world having come to an end at the hands of Prepeya, and prepoka. We often make jokes about what the commercials would be like, how Prepeya would act. That he is a paranoid, sadistic evil maria net looking thing who's strings extend out of view, so you can not see who is at the hands of the puppet.

They make an alcoholic beverage they call greed, from completely random ingredients often jarred in odd unwashed containers. TP has strange moments where he drifts off into dream like hallucinations that we accredit to drinking too much greed.

Greed is basically a grain/fruit based alcohol with random other ingredients added like candy, and caffeine. They came up with this substitute when alcohol, and soda were no longer a commodity available after prepoka's take over.

We often will randomly spout out weird flavor ideas in the voice of the mascot " Prepoka!! New flavor, live bees."

It's mainly this weird comedy idea we had for you tube video's we've never had the drive or resources to produce. We have never done any writing for it, aside from our random moments where we think of strange ideas.

Basically the characters grew up as gamers and now go by their gamer tags rather than names, well because they are too drunk and hickish to remember who they are. They often reminisce about the times before the take over. Hot dogs are a key moment, as well as staring at a black television screen TP Squinting " Man, why the heck did we spend so much time doing this." Phrae scratching his head. " I guess we had nothing better to do."

The two are often confused and lost in everything they do. Phrae wants to fix the mustang to go driving, and figures he can run it on greed, but has no idea how to work on a car. He is always greasy from this task.

Alas, I am not one for teleplay/radio writing. I would have rather a short story format, poetry or lyric, but I gave it a shot. This was all written in one go, off the top of my head. Hope you enjoyed !!


posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 03:35 AM
I enjoyed it. Thanks for giving it a go!


posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by beezzer

Thanks Beezer! I Spent days trying to put an entirely different idea together, but writing in this style kind of threw me for a loop. I was really unsure how to go about it, so I scrapped the old idea and just winged this one.

I see it's gotten two positive results so far, and that's good enough for me

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by Hijinx

Hey great story!

Really enjoying all the submissions, keep them coming guys.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by Hijinx

Truly enjoyed every word. You created something that I did not have to even concentrate on for visual images, they just moved, flowed with the story. This needs to continue! Do they discover that the water is safe afterall and use it in greed?

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by antar
reply to post by Hijinx

Truly enjoyed every word. You created something that I did not have to even concentrate on for visual images, they just moved, flowed with the story. This needs to continue! Do they discover that the water is safe afterall and use it in greed?

If there is enough interest, I will continue writing the story absolutely. Water is safe, that's part of the back story. The water was never the culprit in the strange break out. Rather the "Health Soda" Which has become the one and only available liquid to the masses. There are small pockets of individuals who do not Consume Prepoka, which seems to have an addiction like hold on those that do. It has driven them to complete madness, and the characters do have run ins with these individuals. Outside of the city itself, life has merely been driven back several decades. People Barter as money is worth absolutely nothing, the pair in the story produce "Greed" for both their own consumption, as well as a bartering item for other goods and services.

Greed does have a requirement for water which is mostly collected from puddles, streams, ponds or the containers found to jar it with.

I'm so happy everyone is liking this story, I will absolutely continue it in the short stories thread regardless of the contest.

posted on Apr, 11 2013 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by Hijinx

Right on! I'm happy to hear that you've decided to continue this story! I've subscribed to this thread and will be watching for the next installment.

It was way too short.

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posted on Apr, 11 2013 @ 01:33 AM

Originally posted by Weremom
reply to post by Hijinx

Right on! I'm happy to hear that you've decided to continue this story! I've subscribed to this thread and will be watching for the next installment.

It was way too short.

edit on 11-4-2013 by Weremom because: (no reason given)

Alright, well there has definitely been enough interest to write some more for me. I'll get to it here in the next little while. I already have some ideas cooking up, I'll try to make the next bit longer.

posted on Apr, 13 2013 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by Hijinx

That was really good. I liked it and enjoyed reading it friend!

I tried to write one for this contest ...but mind went blank!!

Good job

Peace and love

posted on Apr, 13 2013 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

Well done mate!. That was a real good story and must have took some effort. I also to enjoyed reading it..Your on a roll now you know...No pressure or anything lol

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 06:37 PM
For all those following, I'm starting to write out the next episode for you all. I don't know if I should continue it in this thread, or make a new one. If it develops a following I will make a new thread, linking the first two stories in this one.

Hang on it's gonna be a bumpy ride !


posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 07:27 PM

We come upon our lonely little shack, in a neighborhood dotted with equally disheveled unkempt homes. Dry grass waste high. A flag charred hangs solemnly on a crooked mast in the yard.

In the Garage, rests Ol' Betty, a well worn dirty mustang. Her parts strewn amongst her, and onto the driveway. In the engine bay rests Phrae. Feet propped, dreaming.

Phrae: *sleeptalking* Oh, mmumumumumu muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu maaaaaaa.

his foot twitches

Phrae *sleeptalking* Oooooooooeeeeeeee listen to ol betty.... Bububububububububububbuuuuuuuuu

To the rear of the well worn home leans a shed. Not much of a shed, rather a bunch of old fence segments, some corrugated tin roof, and a door crooked on it's hinges. A sign hung on the front reads " kE!p Owt!"

Twisted*humming to himself drags a heavy tarp filled with odds and ends up the step into the shack*
Twisted: Howdy! *as he tips his red and black horned helmet* Best be getting too it.

With a heave Twisted Drops the tarp onto the floor, bottles, corn, barley and other odds and ends roll amongst the floor. He stands in front of a home made still, with a look of admiration on his face. Copper pipes, steel oil drums, wheels levers, and knobs. All arranged in a nonsensical, maniacal mess right out of a 1950's mad scientist B-movie.

Twisted: Ahhhhh pappy... You were a master of your craft.
Twisted: GOGGLES ON!!!!

Twisted grabs the black tank goggles on his helmet and snaps them over his face

Twisted: Best be getting to it.

Twisted starts to rummage around the objects strewn about the floor, humming to himself

Twisted sings: Did the devil make the world while God was sleeping?

Phrae rests, in the engine bay of ol' betty. Dreaming deeply of cruising in old Betty. 4 on the floor, wire rims white walls, all 8 cylinders purring like a lion. He sits slumped back in her leather seats, an arm hung out the window. Cigarette between his teeth lips curled back in a devilish smile. He pats his hand on the door to the beat of the music. Nothing but black top for as far as the eye can see.

Phrae, shifts gears and puts his foot down.

Phrae: Ohhhhhhh mumumumumumumumumu mumaaaa

The speedo spins round and round like a top


At the side of the road, stands a young woman named Clementine. Fiery red hair, a helmet in the dirt her foot rested on top of it. Leaned back resting on her M16, a thumb out to hitch a ride.

Phrae: Yoweeeee, looks like my lucky day.

Phrae, pulls ol' betty off to the shoulder, and revs his glorious V8
Phrae: Ooooooo mommaaaa! Ol' betty you sure do run like a dream.

Clementine: Well, howdy handsome

Phrae: What's a purdy thing like you doing out here all by your lonesome?

Clementine: Waiting for a strong handsome man such as yourself to come my way!


He leans over the seat to open the door, when a tremendous Explosion rattles Ol' Betty's hood loose and it comes crashing down on his head.

Phrae: *shrieks* In coming!!

Phrae shoots out from under betty, and crawls round behind her.

Phrae: *says to himself* Goggles on!
Phrae clumsily puts on his ESS Landops goggles

Phrae: TP Where are you TP? He fetches his 12 gauge that was leaning up against the garage wall

Phrae: *in a scared voice* TP, Talk to me brother. HOW MANY ARE THEY? .... . Oh TP, Talk to me.

Phrae scrambles out the garage and throws himself against the side of the house, shotgun pressed against his chest. He shakes, as thoughts of losing TP race through his mind. He shuffles along the side of the house, and does a clumsy roll behind some trash.

Phrae: TP!?

Smoke pours out of the shed, the door blown clean off it's hinges. Phrae, inches closer shotgun raised up ready for anything.

Phrae: *whispers* TP.... You they getcha TP?
Tears well up in Phrae's Eyes.

Phrae, lowers his shot gun to wipe the tears from his face biting his lip.
Phrae: You son's of... you gone... You don't even know.

He crouches beside the shed, trying to comprehend what just happened.

Another poof of smoke billows out of the shed, as twisted stumbles out.

Twisted: Hooooooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeee
Phrae: TP!!! *he says in an excited voice* You're, you're alive.
Twisted: Well course I am, and Maaaaaaaaaaannnnn has this batch got a kick.
Phrae: Aweeeee man, we were you smoking next to the still again?
Twisted: uhhh.... No.
Phrae: Well what in god's name happened.
Twisted: Oh yeah, blow torch. We was out of gas for the burners so I was using a torch, but turns out we wasn't out a gas, they just wasn't lit.
Phrae: You stoooooooooooopid son of a b... I could kiss you right now.
Twisted: Yeah, I know we got about 5 gallons of greed.
Twisted holds up a few greenish looking jugs
Phrae: 5 gallons?
Twisted Well yeah I had to taste it, make sure it's right.

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 07:34 PM
I'm going to continue writing but I may change the format to more of a short story format. I'll continue the story if it keeps demand. It's really hard to write in this format.

I will start a new thread, for the new format. Thanks for reading guys.

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

I liked it hijinx, in a kind of a Cheech & Chong, meet's Bill & Ted Meets, Deliverance way.

S&F waiting for chapter 2.

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by rockymcgilicutty

I did continue it for a post a couple above this. I'm going to start a new thread for the further additions.

Thanks for reading!

Part 2!
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posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by Hijinx

I enjoyed the second part ...esp. Clementine in the dream sequence

Can't wait to read more


posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 03:19 PM
Very nice!

Normally I might offer critique, but since I know literally NOTHING about radio script writing, I have none.

Awesome job!

posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by XxNightAngelusxX

Hey Night, I am absolutely open to critique if you want to give it. I absolutely know nothing about Radio play, or script writing in general. I just winged it. I literally just visualized what the scene would look like for a few, then started to writing. Of course, it got condensed to fit in a single post, as running out of words sort of interrupts the creative flow. I should really start writing the episodes out in a word document, and copy and pasting what fits into the posts. I had a chapter two a few posts above this. There is enough demand to keep it up for now, and if it develops a following or maintains interest I am going to continue this story as an ATS mini series.

Thanks for the read. It's always nice to see another writer commenting on my work

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by Hijinx

You already got my SnF when you first posted this, but I didn't comment due to the depth of your story.

Even after re-reading, I stand amazed. Well done, a blending of analogy and fiction, masterfully worked, grammatically smooth, and if this was in the new book section of the local library, I'd snatch it up and read it.

You deserve "Writer" Status on ATS, no doubt of that.

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