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The Events Close at Hand

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posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 08:03 AM
All right. This is in the short stories section because it is, kind of, a short story. But not really. But let's pretend it is. And seriously, it's a story. Don't take it seriously.

I was just talking with my friend Claudia who is currently working in South Korea as an English teacher. For a long time, she has had psychic tendencies, as have I. While talking to her, I began to put together a picture of what will start happening in the next few weeks.

When I was in college, as a physics and psychology major, I started extensively studying how the brain works, especially regarding how free will works and such, and developed a quantum theory of mind with the help of a few notable scientists I corresponded with. Then I proceeded to write a thesis paper on this, which included a detailed description of multiple universes and how they work, especially in conjunction with the human mind.

This is actually what led me to purchase the HDR time travel device from Stephen Gibbs, which, by the way, I still own - it seemed to be the only realistic time travel option, because it was using the mind as a time travel device, the physics is complicated, but it is generally accepted that this is the case. I was planning on using the device in conjunction with binaural beats and lucid dream training in order to time travel or space travel that way.

However, I was going through some problems and had to focus on improving my living situation. I ended up moving to Idaho and in with some room-mates from college.

But the reason the HDR device and the thesis paper I wrote on the quantum theory of mind are relevant (by the way, you can check my thread history if you want to be of the opinion that this isn't a fictional short story) is because it got me into researching remote viewing.

The interesting thing is, since I had a lot of training at this point, there were certain clues in the remote viewing description that normal people would not pick up on, but that to me, made the whole thing legitimate. The main thing is how they switched the order of events during a remote viewing session to improve accuracy. The remote viewer is not allowed to read what his target is until after he does the viewing.

This is important. What is even more important is that if the remote viewer is given his task a few months after he does the viewing, it is even more accurate. To me, this is because the timeline being calibrated.

Now we can continue with the remote viewing. A recent video that was posted on ATS had a remote viewer explaining how a lot of people were picking up on some kind of event that was going to knock out our power grid. In order to get a timeline on the event, they did some viewing on "landmark" events that would happen first. They successfully remote viewed Fukushima and -

The interesting thing is, I'm not sure how old this video is. But it was posted to YouTube in January. The remote viewer was talking about how the last event before the "event" was going to be a detonation of a nuclear device on the Korean Peninsula.

The remote viewer talked about how there was going to be fire in the sky, and that would cause electronics to go out - he was convinced it was our sun, but I think it could be a series of nuclear EMP strikes.

But let's continue. The U.S. recently deployed aircraft to the Korean theater that are EMP-proof and have the specific purpose of being mobile military command posts in the event that the mainland command post is taken out.

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posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 08:12 AM
But that's not the biggest issue. There is a greater issue at hand. I'll keep this short and sweet. I have NSA contact. They warned about Obama. I voted for Obama, and never mind all of the threads I wrote trying to convince liberals that some of their ideas were not going to work, and that they should change tactics to avoid losing out to the GOP

It's kind of all irrelevant. See, when I saw Obama speak when he was in the primaries, he was a good speaker. And he handed out leaflets with his platform. I loved his platform, it was bad-ass. Later on, when I researched, I found that he had been trained in psychological techniques such as NLP, in addition, his platform was written to get him elected, not as a guide for his administration.

I don't think he's working alone, in fact, I think he's working for someone else. His purpose is to expand the executive branch's power and build up a personal army. Think about this. What if he knows that electric grid is going to be taken down? What if he is a sleeper agent?

Let's not forget that the NSA warned us about him, and my response at the time was, he is much more of a threat than you realize, I don't think you can do anything about it.

So - the electric grid goes down, there is chaos, and Obama is able to take control of the U.S. using the executive branch. Why would he do this?

That, my friends, is even more scary. If you look it up, you will see that Obama was present when Maitreya appeared in Kenya in the late 1980's. Is this a coincidence? No.. Maitreya is basically a documented spiritual being who is able to appear out of thin air on rare occasions and perform miracles.

So what's the point. I mentioned this to my friend Claudia, and she told me to immediately stop talking about it, she did not want to know. The word Maitreya was pure evil to her. So what's the point with that?

The point is, Obama could be working for the Maitreya. And if he knows that the electric grid is going to go down, he could mobilize his personal army and use the executive powers in order to take over the U.S.

This is not an anti-liberal thread, actually. And this is not an anti-Obama policy thread (I like him and his policies!). This is about a different persona of Obama, and completely irrelevant to his Presidency.

Anyway, so then bad things happen, the Maitreya appears, don't follow him, he's a bad guy, get ready for an electric black-out, there you go. Nice short story huh?

And would you like a timeline? The U.S. moves its missile defense system to Guam, but it is going to take a week or so more. North Korea said evacuate by the 10th of this month. So I would say in the next 10 days.
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