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G-Tum-mo Heat Meditation : Mind over matter?

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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 04:04 PM
Today an article was put up on in which covers G- Tum-mo heat meditation, or g-tummo, and I'm sure there's other spelling variations.

First a little bit about it:

Monks in Tibet-that mountainous country so blessed with oddities-can consciously raise the temperature in their hands and feet 6-7º C (10-12º F), in laboratory conditions (Benson, et al., 1982). There appear to be several methods of g Tum-mo meditation, as described by Alexandra David-Neel (1965), but all seem to involve the visualization of oneself filled with fire. Whether, for adepts, such visualization is necessary for control of body temperature is not clear to me, because Benson reports that one of his research participants began undergoing g-Tummo changes every time he sat down. Monks will even have little contests where they spend a night on a river bank, repeatedly draping themselves with wet sheets, and seeing who can dry the most. I get cold just thinking about it.

This is something completely new to me, in the sense that it's already been practiced and is well known.

Apr. 8, 2013 — A team of researchers led by Associate Professor Maria Kozhevnikov from the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences showed, for the first time, that it is possible for core body temperature to be controlled by the brain. The scientists found that core body temperature increases can be achieved using certain meditation techniques (g-tummo) which could help in boosting immunity to fight infectious diseases or immunodeficiency.

I just thought I'd share this information with ATS as I know that there are many that are into this kind of thing. Interestingly enough, a couple years ago I developed a technique for myself that seems to resemble this.

Upon waking up, if I know that the day is going to bring stressful situations I do the following.

Lay on my bed, then begin to visualize a waterfall pouring on my head which then slowly begins to cover my body. I visualize the source of the waterfall as a bright white light, and the water itself as flowing light like water which is cool to the touch. At the same time, I visualize that this flowing light is washing away all negativity and stress in my body, also... I then visualize that in place of the stress it is replaced with crystallized structure. Kind of hard to explain. While doing so, I don't breath heavy, I don't pack my lungs, but I actually try not to breath at all, or as little as possible.

The result:

My body feels incredibly cool, I feel incredibly light and more agile... my confidence is through the roof and there seems to be the removal of all hesitancy, not that risk isn't still assessed, it's just different. But for me, the most noticeable change is my body temp. I've literally done this just before going outside to 90degree weather in a hooded sweatshirt and still felt cool, I remember this clearly because my roommate thought I was crazy and it was the first time I ever shared this technique with anybody. He then started to do it, SAME RESULT!

Anybody done anything similar?

Anybody willing to try it out and report back?

With G-tummo it appears that it's only to raise the body temp, and the results are people claiming to feel more energised and focused.

My technique is somewhat the opposite.

Cooling the body
Not necessarily more energized, but the ability for tasks not to take away from said 'energy'.
Not necessarily more focused, rather... more confident, more intuitive, an ability to see things clearly (which I attribute to the crystallization imagery I include)

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by retirednature

how did you start doing this? Did you practice meditation first and then start the visualization?


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