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UFO Stone monument in Sweden after a landing

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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 02:30 PM
So I stumbled upon this piece of Swedish history today. There is a stone monument in memory of a UFO landing that took place in Ängelholm, Sweden in 18th of may 1946.

The witness to the landing was Gösta "pollen" Carlsson and he is the founder of the monument.

Here is a couple of pic.

On this site you can see on google maps where it is located google maps

On this site you can read a extract from a book written by Gösta and UFO-Sweden´s chairman about the landing. Story

Allthough, it is in Swedish, I took the liberty to translate it for you by myself as I am from Sweden and don´t trust google translator to do a proper job. Im sorry for spelling errors and such, but Im pretty sure its way better than what google could do for you

So here it is, its pretty long.

Swedens most famous - and spectacular - close encounter between a human and a unknown object occured may the 18th 1946. Gösta Carlsson, then 28 years old, stumbled upon a disc shaped object and its crew in the outskirts of Ängelholm. The incident has been under the investigation of UFO-Sweden´s chairman Clas Svahn and resulted in being published in the book "Mötet i gläntan" 1995. The following is an extract from this book, written by Gösta Carlsson and Clas Svahn.

Mötet i gläntan

By Clas Svahn and Gösta Carlsson

It is the 18th of may 1946, the clock is 10pm. The sky is darkblue and clear, a light breeze is blowing from the east. I once again have taken a seat on the fort´s steeldome at Skälderviksstranden. I´m sitting and listening on the beutiful birdsong by the thrush, robin and other birds joining the choir. As usual the so called Sjödammarna has really started to bubble with life by all the different bird´s that nest here.

These dams really is a wonderfull place for birds. Old trees are left standig making them excellent homes to owl´s, woodpecker´s and an unbeliveable ammount of other birds. Sure, it is hard for us humans to get here, but thats just the reason why nature has had it´s own way here. Time after time I have had this dream that one day I could make this place a bird reservation, and keep it just as it is for ever. But one of the most positive thing in my life is that one day, my dream would become true.

It started to get darker, and I realise it is time to head back home. It is now 10:45pm, I turn on my orientationlamp which I always carry with me on my eveningstroll´s.

I walked up on a little hill where you have a great view of both Kronans and Vegeholms forrestland. On the land of Vegeholm right after the birddam, a short way into a birchforrest consisting of big, old trees, there is a big grassglade, that I know of quite well.

One of my youths "bad" virtues was amongst other´s to get hold of birdeggs of all kind. Then, as now, this was of course against the law. But as young boys we didn´t care much of what the law said, and the law was´nt that strict back then as it is now. In this very glade, yellowhammer, corn bunting, and different kinds of titlings, and in some of the old birches, tawny owl´s nested.

By sheer coincidence, I look at the direction of the grassglade, which you can´t see to clear by all the trees. At first, I thought I saw something shiny at the grassglade, but maybe it was just a reflectance from my lamp. I turn it off, but the light is still there. It might be early season campers or some youth´s that is hanging around the place I thought. I decide to walk over there. I walk down the hill and jumped over a small hole that has been collecting rainwater. On my right there is a couple of sandhills with pines growing on them that obscure the glade a bit. I clear the pines and just as I am about to turn in to the glade i spot something that´s forever stuck in my memory.

In the furtherst part of the glade, just a couple of meters from a lonely pine, there is a illuminated craft, one of which I have never seen before or after. My first thought was that it was a carrousel someone had drove there. But I soon realized that would be impossible, as there was no roads leading to the glade.

The craft, or object, had the shape of a discus, and the craft is resting on a sturdy fin in the direction of the lonely pine, and two telescope legs, all three evenly spaced under the circle disc. In front of the fin on the crafts belly, the is a hatch open, with a ladder and leaders, like those ladders you see on boats. The hatch is about one and a half meter above the ground and I can see how light is coming out from the opening. I try to look inside the craft but the angel is to narrow. All I can see is the bright light.

On the craft top there is a streamlined cabin that I estimate to be around 8meter in diameters. With roughly 1 meters spacing there is oval windows, maybe 50cm wide and 30cm high. While I am watching at the craft I can´t keep from thinking that someone is pulling a prank on me. One thought that goes through my head is that there is maybe German pilots that has escaped from some camp. But deep inside, I know I´m wrong.

On top of the cabin there is a telescopepole/mast, almost like a periscope on a uboat. The height of the mast is about the same as the pine, and the thickness of the craft´s middlepart I estimate to about 4 meters, at the craft side´s about 1 meter, and the mast should be about 5 meter high. At the top of the mast it splits into four parts. Under the top of the mast i spot the lamp that emitted the strange violette light that I spotet from the trail. The lamp is pointing downward towards the craft and cover the whole craft like a "cheesebowl" with just a few meter of light "leaking" outside the craft. The light itself is sort of pulsating from the lamp, kinda like water from a fountain. And the strangest thing of all is that the light has a curved path. Where the light hits the ground or grass, is dissapear with a sparkling effect, like that of a sparkler. A smell, not to different from ozon is spreading throughout the air. Its like if an electric curtain has diped over the craft.

The "body" and the cabin seems to be one piece. You can´t spot screws, studs or joint anywhere. Around the bellys rim on the craft there is a couple of holes, not unlike those found on turbines, pointing down and are covered with what loke like a damper.

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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 02:31 PM
A few meter infront and outside the light´s circle, a man with a white dress on him, is standing. He is dressed like our astronauts is today. No matter how hard I look, I cant see any buttons, zippers or other "clothingattatchments". On his feets he has blue or black boots that wraps around his legs, around his waist he has a large blue or black belt, on his head something that looks like a rainhoodie or "windcheater hoodie" with the difference that it also covers the front of his face and are made of some transparent material. On his hand he got fingergloves. On his chest hangs something that looks like a folding camera, but other than that, there is no equipment. The man appears to be a guard. Where I am standing now I´m about 10meters from the craft, and about 7-8 meter from this man.

The strange thing was, that when I approached the glade everyone turned to look at me. It was like if I was expected, but not wanted...

On top of the craft by one of the windows there was an additional three men, evidently ocuppied by some kind of work. Right next to them, but below, I see two more men who is assisting and inside the lightcircle, turned towards me, there is three girls. All dressed the same way, in the same white dress, boots and belt. All the beings that are inside the light has the transparent face mask removed to the back of their heads.

Gösta was now about 10 meters from the craft and maybe 7-8 meters from the guardpost. He could see that the men and women working on the craft had normal earthly featuers and the women, or rather, girls, had light or cendrécoloured hair, cut and managed in a modern manner. The mens hair Gösta never saw, because of the black hoodie they wore, kinda like the one tankdrivers have. From this hood there was something looking like earplugs and it looked like the men was talking to each other via these whitout moving their mouths. Suddenly something happened.

The man who was standing outside the light - which whom I now understand was serving as a guard - did a perfect stop sign with his hand raised. It is a sign that can not be missinterpried and I stoped. I still have my lamp on my head, but turned off. The guard point´s his "folding camera" looking thing against me, and I get the impression that he is about to take a picture of me. I think I hear a crack from my lamp on my head, that I have turned off, but don´t bother with that.

I´m about to take a few step closer to him, but he immidietly raises his hand and at the same time I hear a crack again from my lamp. I stand still, and the guard take a lap around the craft, allways on the outside of the light, the men and girls continue their work at the cabin window.

It is possible there is two guard, one a the backside of the craft. This might explaine why there allways was a guard where I was.

I feel just like a wild animal must feel outside the lightcircle a safarihunter makes out in the bushes in the african night. Suddenly, a girl with dark curly hair steps down the ladder of the craft. In her hand she holds what looks like a bag and hands out cups to the men and girls.

Everyone stops working a starts to drink from the cups.

I get the impulse to step forward again and talk to them, but the guard once again raises his hand in line with my face and gives me the stop sign and everyone look at me with a seriousness in their faces. The guard too, like a police officer "this is as far as you get!" kinda look. He won´t take his eyes off from me for one second.

It is like the "cheesecup/dome" of light scrrens of the craft from its surrondings and the guard is there to prevent anyone from entering it. Maybe the light would hurt me if I passed into it.

When I take a step back, everyone continue their work and I feel slightly relieved. Two of th girls give me a beutifull smile and I can see their flashing white theeths. I can brag with almost never being afraid of anything, and I have spent enough time out in the woods to not belive in the devil or trolls. But this was something else.

The people at the craft makes me think about folks from the pentecostal church or something similar. All are happy and glad. You get the impression that they hav´nt got a problem in the world, and what they had, they have solved allready.

By the time I am standing there and watching, I can see the crew go in and out the craft, up the ladder next to the fin. When they do that, I observe how the two telescope legs moves up and down. They are spring loaded like the front wheel of an airplane.

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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 02:32 PM
Just as I am about to take a step forward again, the girl with the dark curly hair steps outside the cabin again. In her hand she hold a bright shiny object which draws the atention from all the other in the crew. She takes a few step towards the outskirt of the lightdome and throws the object out with a quick motion. It falls right next to a little upslope.At the same time I hear a pearly happy girls laughter, and I realise this is the first time I hear a noise from them this whole time. But I have heard the crackling of twiggs by the gaurds feet on the grass which is spread all over the ground.

The whole thing starts to be very surreal to me, and allthough I am one those person who has never tasted alchohol in any form, and can therefore not blame this on some kind of hallucination or some other kind of imagination, I decide to hike back to Skälderviksstrande and the come back to see if it is still here. It takes about 20minutes to get there. I take of my shoes and socks and wade out in the water to wet my feet just to make sure I´m not dreaming. It is freezing so I am awake allright.

This begins to feel slightly fritgheening. I decide to walk along the beach for abit and take another path to the way back to the glade so that I come in from the "back" of the craft instead. When I am about half way there I got up on the sandhills/dunes again and sit down on a old fort to put my socks back on again and look at the direction from where I first saw the light. Where I am, there is dense youngforrest so I can´t see anything at all.

Then, suddenly, I see a red light. At first I thought it was the moon rising, but after closer inspection, I realise that isn´t the case. Slowly, and majestic, the craft, wish I now see clearly, is rising. It´s almost like a ballon rising. Only a whining sound, like that of a vacuumcleaner can be heard. Higher and higher it goes with a halo of red light from the turbine holes under the craft. At about 400-500 meters altitude it slows down slightly, begins to pendle sideways a bit, I now see that the pole/mast is not up, and the two legs and the fin is nowhere to bee seen either.

It is a little hazy outside now, but the whole manouver is clearly visible and the whole craft is illumintade by the red light and the cabin windows light. And then the craft tilts so it is now pointing slghtlu up or down towards the nightsky or the ground. The red light becomes more intense, and the craft shoots out with a tremendous speed, the red light turns into violette. The craft moves sideways from left to right and back again as it was searching for something, the light turns red again as the craft slows down for a bit, but the light turns to violette almost immediately and the craft is speeding again. Three times I watch the craft make the same thing before it finaly dissapears over Ängelholm.

I stand still for a good ammount of time among the sanddunes and a quite disturbed by what I just had witnessed. We who lived through the second world war was used to see many new terrible weapons from both the allies and axis - reaplanes, atombombs, the Germans V1 and V2 bombs - that almost nothing suprised us anymore. Despite the war enden a year ago I was almost certain this was some secret but delayed weapon that "they" had kept testing. But had Hitler had one of these craft. surely he wouldn´t had lost the war.

First severly years later when report of unindentified objects started to become more frequent, I started to make the connection between my observation and these new one. Maybe, it was´nt a secret weapon I had witnessed. Maybe not even a craft from this earth. ..This I can tell you, if the people I saw wasn´t from this planet and from some alien planet, there wasn´t much of a difference from human and them. Maybe alot more technically advanced than us, but other than that, like hight, looks and so on, if you took of their suits, I dont think you could tell the difference from them to us.

I go back over the sanddunes to get to the usual way home. Landshövdinge-road is rough and hard to ride a bike on, so I walk a little, ride a little, walk a little and so on. It is now completely dark, so, to be able to see, I tried turning on my lamp. Allthough I flick the on switch, nothing happens. I screw off the bottom and take out the batteries. It feels hot, I figured a shortcircut had occured. For a moment I think of the guard and the strange cracking or flicking sound he made when he pointed the blach thing against me. But just seems to unreal for me. When I the day after put in some new batteries and tried the lamp, it worked lika a charm. Of course it could have a natural explanation, but it did occured during all this, because, I had it lit right up to when I went down towards the light when I shut it off because I wanted to sneak up to whomever it was there in the glade.

It hade never happened before, not after.

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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 02:33 PM
When Gösta Carlsson continued along Landshövdinge-road home that night he followed the road and didn´t take any more trip out into the woods. When he lay down on his bed to get som sleep, he couldnt fall asleep. The incident in the woods had disturbed him too much, and his thoughs was on the strange craft and the crews. Before he finaly was able to sleep he decided that the first thing when he woke up was to head back to the glade.

Early next morning, after a cup of coffe, Gösta took his bike and headed towards the beach. In a few minutes he was back where it all had happened. He had retuerned by one reason only, would there be any remains left from the craft, or crew?

It was.

When Gösta arrives to the glade just after 4am on the sunday morning a light rain begins to fall over Ängelholsmforrest. The sun is up since an hour ago and a lamp is not needed now. When he for the second time in under 6 hours jumps over the little hole withe the rainwater in it and follows the sandduned towards the glade his heartrate begins to rise. What will he find amongst the trees?

This time he got a notebook and folding ruler. If there are any remains, he is prepared. He couldn´t be sure. And at first glance he was dissapointed. From afar he couldn´t see anything.

- First when I got closer I saw the traces, he tells. The marks after the turbine holes was the most apparent trace. Where they where, the grass was burnt off completly. In a ring, about 3cm wide the sand was completely exposed. A greyish layer of ash was all that remained of the grass. The ring was that deep, just a couple of centimeters, so the liftoff couldn´t have had that kind of power as we are used to here on earth with our veichles. And that would be according to what I saw the truth. As what I witnessed wasn´t some known craft with any kind of propulsion system we know about.

Beside the burned ring, Gösta also observed the markings after the fin and the two landinglegs. A few meters away, the branches on the pine that was closest to the craft is burned off. And some was covered in black ash, a couple of years later they wither and dies.

Gösta measure the place and take note of the sizes of the circles. He make a crude sketch and estimate that the craft was 16meter in diameter. The prints from the two landinggears has a diameter of about 90cm.

Further, you could see bootprints in the grass. Nothing spectacular, the sole of the boot is solid, with a rifle grove pattern. The lenght dont deviate either, Gösta mesure it to be about the size of 39-44

The boot prints is located in a quarter circle from north to east off of the burned mark.

But there is more findings.

- Just as I was about to leave, I remembered the shiny object the girls had thrown away. I remembered the spot it landed in. When I looked for it, I saw somethin glimmering in the grass and lifted up what looked like shiny staff made of what it looked like, violette quartz, about 4 cm thick, 5cm wide, and about 12 cm tall. It had rounded corners and was burned and smelted in the other end.

A few decimeter from there I found a ring with the size about 17 in some kind of a greenish metal and a beutifull stone in it. It did´nt look like our modern rings, this one was
There where a couple of "X" markings on it, which I guess was kinda like initials. My first thought was that someone had dropped it and I should turn it in to the police, but I later connected it to the craft.

Inside the lightdome, close to the burned pine, Gösta finds two of the cups the woman had served the crew. He picks them up and note the strange looks with the bent pip, almost like an old oillamp. When he shakes it he can clearly hear that it still is some liquid content inside it. With his findings in his pockets he starts to ride his bike home to write a report to the authorities. But, the report to Försvarsstaben (swedish defence staff) never gets sent away. Other, more strange, happenings stops him from doing so.

- When I got home to show my wife my findings, the first thing she said to me was "But, you´re face is all yellow" I looked in the mirror, and right she was. I was all yellow. What was going on? For a moment I started to get really worried. Maybe I had touch on something dangerous. But then I saw that my coat also was yellow. And I could wash it off easily with just tapwater. I took some of it and put it under my microscope. Phew, it was pollen. And I knew from where too, the birches of course. The branches had scratch my face on my way to the glade.

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 02:41 PM
- It was about at that time I started to figure out a method, which succeded over my expectation, and made it able for me and my company I started in 1952 to gather pollen in an almost unlimited quantity, and made it possible for me to make a medical product solely based on a resource that has been around for all eternity but never been thought of. So yes, sometime i polish my quartzstaff a little (Sorry but I just hade to lol that one /Netlas OP) and think about the strange happening, the strange men and girls, and wonder where they could have come from, where were they headed, and will they come back.

What happened to Gösta Carlsson in the grassglade these hours between may the 18-th and 19th 1946 would led to a series of unexplanied happenings. Gösta started to have vivid dreams in the nights, dreams that just maybe wasn´t dreams. Dreams that brought him back to the strange people he saw that night.


posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 02:52 PM
I wonder why did they believe a story like that in those days , to make this monument?
today you'll be ridiculed about such a story.. never the less great story, nice monument ,It also has some Billy Meier content in it...

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by 0bserver1

Yes, you are right, today n one would put up a monument of such an event, and people these they would ridicule you for comming clean with what you saw.

Those day, I gues superstition was more widely, and storytelling was something you respected back then, an lost art maybe today?

Today we a sceptical to everything we hear. Back then you couldn´t disprove a storry like this in the same way we do today maybe. I don´t know, but I somehow have to belive this dude, he sounds legit in some way of explaining his stuff. Maybe it is a ll the variuos details about the craft. But then again...I begin to doubt it when I think about the artifacts he found...where are they today??

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:03 PM
Cool story,thanks for sharing it.

What happened to the artifacts he retrieved from the site?

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:12 PM
It reads like a book, the human imagination is a wondrous thing. I believe that its
not out of the realm of possibility, that this is simple a story. However there are
many documentations of ufo activity in, and through out history.

The world is a troublesome, and fascinating place. Open your mind,I guess.

Nice work on the thread..

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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by kdog1982

That´s exactly my question too
It is what breaks this story in my opinion. If he had like pictures of them, I would be glad to see them.

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:13 PM
What happened to

But, the report to Försvarsstaben (swedish defence staff) never gets sent away. Other, more strange, happenings stops him from doing so.

What strange happenings stopped him?
Excellent story there and I read from start to finish as it was well done and I believe these happen on a regular basis all over the planet.

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by scotsdavy1

I don´t know what strange things happend, the story don´t describe any other things happening, as of why he couldn´t send the report the day after for example

The story has holes, lots of them, but its cool none the less.
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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:24 PM
Certainly a detailed report and a good one at that.
Thanks for sharing

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by Nettlas

Nettlas, thanks for the translation work and sharing the story
-guess the account has to be taken at face value although Clas Svahn is a pretty well respected chap in UFO research and one of the co-authors of this great book from last year - it may have absolutely nothing to do with the account but below is an interesting formerly classified document from one year later and by the looks of the second paragraph it seems that certain folks in the Swedish Air Intelligence Service were taking the implications of the UFO subject pretty seriously.



posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Thanks man, glad i could translate it so you could take part of it too.

Yes, I have come to understand that Clas Svahn is a respected man, and not som greedy dude like Dr. greer.
But a serious man, who take UFO seriusly.

Thanks for the added document, that really brings some more depht to the story!

Wish I could meet this Gösta in person, maybe I should try and contact him?

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by Nettlas

Hola mate, from the sounds of it I think Clas remains a bit skeptical of the encounter the way Gösta Carlsson describes it and I haven't listened to the interview yet but it looks like he goes into lots more detail below.

Following that, we discuss Sweden's most famous UFO case: the Gosta Karlsson case of 1946. Clas is in a unique position to speak on the event, having written a book on the case with Gosta Karlsson, himself. Clas first provides the basic details of the case, which saw Gosta Karlsson witness a landed UFO, approach the craft, and have some kind of encounter. We find out about the two objects that Gosta claimed to recover from the event, a ring and a rod, which Clas has personally handled and UFO Sweden put on display in 1996, but have since gone missing. Clas gives his honest assessment of the two items, based on his handling of them. We also find out about Gosta's claims of having gotten recipes for medicines from the ETs and how it ended being the foundation for his future pharmaceutical company.


As a footnote they also once had a monument in memory of a UFO landing that occurred in Dechmont Woods, Scotland in 1979 but that kept getting stolen.

documentary: the west lothian question


posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 08:41 PM
Nice one, I have never heard of this before.


posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 08:43 PM
Nice translation, thanks for sharing - quite an interesting tale! Shame that the findings have 'gone missing'.

Had never heard of this case or witness before, but it's always good to become familiar with famous cases in cultures like this.
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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 08:47 PM
I S&F'd you just for taking the time to translate!!!

Thanks, and really cool story too....

posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 03:50 AM
That was a great account, thanks for all your hard work in presenting it.

I have never heard of the bent light phenomenon before, and it is not something someone would generally make up.

The guard may also have been keeping him safe from radiation, since they all wore suits.

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