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medic drones instead of war drones

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posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 02:30 PM
why do we accept that drones should only be for war?
why couldn't we also have drones for medical relief?
how hard would it be to re task war drones for medical use?

drone technology is everywhere except where it can do the most good.
i propose that half of the drones should carry a wireless remote surgical robot,
one that can be deployed from a drone into a disaster area or accident,
that can be remotely operated by surgical staff,

we now have the ability to stream data over a secured connection at high enough rates that
remote wireless surgery could be preformed.

if we wanted to we could design a small light weight package that could be dropped from a drone into
in accessible areas to preform life saving surgery and deliver medicine on scene "anywhere"

all the money that is spent on drones is only for war or Surveillance,
why cant some of that money be spent on other practical uses such as saving lives.

we have the technology, we have the secure connection able to a link robot to a remote
surgeon, so why is there not a medical robot that can be dropped into disaster areas.

it is estimated that by 2015 there will be tens of thousands of military drones in america,
why do none of them carry such a medical surgical robot,
or at least the drones could deploy medical kits to citizens on the ground?

3d printing could make the robots cheep and light weight, and they can save lives.

why does our best technology just get used for war?


posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 04:10 PM
The same reason they hide Law Enforcement Sniffers.

They do not want us to know what they are violating our rights with.

If they can smell a PPB. of a drug as you drive by.

Can you imagine the day when we can sniff early stages of Cancer?

Dogs have already been able to do this.

This Sniffer they use could even put a Dogs nose to shame.

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by whyamIhere

think the supreme court just ruled that they need a warrent to use a drug dog now adays

more directly ontopic i think some robotic legged drones that act as stretchers or whatnot could be usefull for the military use the robots to remove the wounded to medical areas while the troops hold the ground

what i would like to see is some from of robotic cargo plane that can be used in natural disasters to drop supplies in nations having natural disasters that aid could not normaly get to


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