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Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in a new movie (2 Guns) Trailer

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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 11:03 AM

I actually want to see this.


It looks like a story about people working against each other who don't realize they are being played by a larger more elusive force.

I'm interested.

A movie that deals, head on, with people overcoming the old divide and conquer tactic.

...We'll see.

Mike Grouchy

p.s. this trailer was posted to youtube about 20 hours ago.
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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by mikegrouchy

it looks cool. BUT
I just saw the entire movie. After watching that trailer, I dont really need to see the movie. I mean, what is left?

SO, triple double cross, damsel in distress, unwilling partnership forged against the "the man", The money gets blown up, blah blah explosions blah, the end....

It looks cool and all, but I can probably talk about this film like I had seen it or something now and no one would notice....


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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 11:48 AM

You are too cool TaDaMan.

Love the Avatar.

And well said, yes, I'm a jaded viewer as well.
But pop references can be useful when talking with sheeple,
and hopefully this movie will have some quotes with legs that can go miles.

Remember Arnolds movie The Terminator bombed in the theaters for the same reason,
until it was released on VHS and people everywhere started saying "I'll be back."

/here's hoping
Mike Grouchy

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 11:55 AM
I will watch anything that Denzel is in, there could be the newest movie "Watching Paint Dry" the movie, starring Denzel Washington and I am there

But seriously it looks good.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 12:27 PM
That looks pretty good and funny.

I like Denz...He's cool and I like his acting.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 04:44 PM

Spanish language version.

He he he he heh.

Mike Grouchy

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