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The Viking and the Pygmies, (Justin Wren and the Pygmies of Africa)

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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 08:04 AM
Fight For The Forgotten

Liberating men, women, and children slaves. Placing the formerly enslaved on their own land, that they own, for the first time since ancient times. Then see the tribe through until they are trained in a self-sufficient way of life. Develop the community to have clean water flowing, and sustainable crops growing. Provide a desired school for education which will in turn provide an opportunity for citizenship and representation for the first time in their history. These desired changes will be made while preserving their valued and endangered culture; furthering the people group farther than they have had possible in the past 1,000 years.

On this video you will see Justin meeting pygmies for the first time, he goes on to say that thats the first time they have met a white man. Here is some background info on the pygmies from Wiki...

A pygmy is a member of an ethnic group whose average height is unusually short; anthropologists define pygmy as a member of any group where adult men are on average less than 150 cm (59 inches) tall.[1] A member of a slightly taller group is termed "pygmoid".[2] The term is best associated with peoples of Central Africa, such as the Aka, Efé and Mbuti.[3] If the term pygmy is defined as a group's men having an average height below 1.55 meters, then there are also pygmies in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Andaman Islands[4] Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Bolivia, and Brazil,[5] including some Negritos of Southeast Asia.[citation needed]

I first heard of Justin Wrens story and the story of the Pygmies on Joe Rogans Podcast in an episode where he had Justin on the show....

Great podcast. Justin and Joe get into his life story and how he ended up with the pygmies in the Congo. Its really sad that in this day in age with all of the technology and money and information that we still have slaves in Africa and that we are still cutting down the rainforest when we could be growing hemp. I really enjoyed this podcast and i think you will to.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 08:48 AM
That was great loved it.
A little off topic but to do with people seeing things for the first time here.

I work with a Kenyan girl called Janet and she came over to the UK last year in summer...during a shift a couple of months back she looked outside and her face lit up, It was snowing, she had never seen snow for real and she ran outside catching it on her tongue and giggling liek a school girl.
When the snow had settled and we finished our shift we went outside had a snowball fight and made a rude snowman
Her joy was infectious and reminded me of being a child again I loved it.
S&F dude

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by boymonkey74

Thats cool, its an amazing world we live and for people to be so selfish in such a short period of time is sickening. Its sad whats happening to these people and whats happening in the congo. I am personally getting sick of it and i am making a personal commitment to not accepting stupidity anymore.

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