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That time you confused the paranormal for something that had a completely logical explanation

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posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 12:03 PM
Have you ever thought something crazy and strange was going on and then you realized much to your chagrin that nothing crazy or paranormal was happening after all and it had a perfectly logical explanation. Though it might have taken you a little while to come to the proper conclusion?

I thought it would be fun for members to share these experiences. I love a good laugh, even if it's at myself. And these forums can get pretty doomly and gloomy after all. I love to lighten up the place now and again!

Just to clarify, I have had a couple completely un explainable experiences (un explainable up to this point) in my life, but I want this thread to be just about the times we were wrong. It's good to laugh at oneself, even better to laugh with others.
And I find it somewhat of a relief to have those moments where you realize that not everything is scary and unpredictable in life.

Ok for your entertainment and amusement my recent story.

The other morning I got up at the usual time, around 6 am. I went to the laundry room, as is my usual habit. You see I hate folding laundry and end up with gigantic piles of clothes in front of the washer and dryer. But I digress. I noticed the laundry room door was leaning somewhat crookedly. Much to my puzzlement I found 4 screws had been taken out of their hinges and lay on the floor. The door was halfway off of it's hinges. I began trying to think how on earth this might have happened! Certainly our roommate would not have done this. My 2 year old son (while he loves fiddling with a screw driver) simply does not have the dexterity required to accomplish taking a door halfway off of it's hinges.

I could seriously come up with no logical conclusion, as yesterday I had noticed absolutely nothing strange about the door. Maybe I had got a visit from Beowulf type creature in the night?? The more I thought about it the more perplexed I became! What on earth could have removed a door from it's hinges in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping.

I went about my business, still thinking on this puzzling situation then suddenly 20 minutes later it dawned on me. The laundry room is at the top of our stairs, but off centered to the stairs. Because I have a 2 year old I frequently use a gate to block off the stairs, but instead of blocking off the stairs across the stairs, (because the rails are rounded and not secure enough to use type of child gate we have) I would secure the gate to the pillar that the rails are attached to, and then the other side I would secure on the actual door. This of course, created pressure on the middle of door that eventually over time led the hinges and screws being forced apart.

Well, I sure felt silly thinking that Beowulf paid me a visit in the night. But I was quite relieved to have solved the puzzle, and to know that there were no crazy creatures paying me impromptu visits.

What's your story??

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posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 12:15 PM
I used to enjoy watching the many UFOs at night...only to realize after awhile I was simply satellite watching.

Mind you, I still quite enjoyed it..very relaxing time watching the stars at night and our little mechanical soldiers drifting across the sky.

I also seen a iridium that blew my mind when I first seen it.

Out of many a hours/days/weeks/months looking skyward, I only seen one thing that was odd.

As far as a more ghosty thing that happened..well, I have experienced 2 profound "ghost" experiences...but I don't demand it was without explanation...however, I have been trying to figure it out for about 25 years now as to what could have happened. ( 10 years ago).

I also keep in mind paranormal stuff is just either misidentification or things we have yet to fully understand but not outside of our typical physics based reality.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by SaturnFX

Haha... Damn satellites.
Yeah I have never really seen anything amazing in the sky that was unnexplainable. I wish! However on my way home flying back from Salt Lake City to Vegas just a bit outside of Vegas I saw a perfectly round silver ball hanging over the mountains in the distance. It was just there, suspended in the air rather close to the top of the mountains from my vantage point. It was too far away to really really be sure it was anything crazy, but it certainly looked strange! Didn't appear to be moving and the sun was reflecting off the surface.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 12:29 PM
One I remember from years ago when I was in school. I was writing for a long time when I felt the pencil spin in my hand. It was years before I understood how if it sits right it could roll down part of your hand on the back side, making it spin between my thumb and finger.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by villagesmithie

My sister and I were Army Brats and basically latch key kids being both parents worked. Long ago in ancient history my sister and I went to school (when I was about 8-9). It was our responsibility to lock up the house before going off to catch the bus being they both were already at work and we did this religiously. We were also home before the parents got home from work.

Well one day we got home from school and every door and window was wide open. Of course we would have never done such a thing and got very scared. My sister sent me inside (yea.. I was THAT kid) and I noticed a horrible smell and ran out as fast as I could.

Now a tiny history. I've only had two "paranormal" experiences in life. In that particular house my sister and I both would sometimes hear footsteps like someone coming up the stairs or walking around in the attic. I never seen anything but once I even behind my sisters bed and scared the tears out of her and found out when she tearfully told my parents that she had seen a man in a top hat leaning over her bed staring at her on more than one occasion. Yea... I got a mild butt tan after that episode. But there was always a feeling between my sister and I that the place was slightly haunted.

So there we were... scared and trying to figure out what to do. So we called Dad and that is when the truth was revealed.

Evidently my father had came home for lunch and let the dogs in. One of the dogs got very sick and barfed all over the place. So dad, figuring we would be home in a short few hours left everything open so the dog puke smell would be aired.

Talk about feeling like fools.

The only other "paranormal" experience I have ever had was when visiting my parents (in a house my father built BTW so no history) I was going out for a smoke and when I shut the door behind me, the knob felt as if it twisted in my hand. It startled me so much that I actuall leaped about 5 foot away glaring at the door. I will never forrget that feeling I had. I know it was just normally functioning, because knobs have tension in them when they are twisted off center. But man... I did not like the way it felt that particular time and even when I really don't believe in ghosts it makes me wonder...

But I know if I were to actually see one I know how I'd react... by jumping at least 5 foot away from it and glare at the very least.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by seeker11

I got one.

I was asleep one night in bed and was awakened to three loud knocks that sounded like they were coming from under my bed. I freaked out, turned on the lights and looked under the bed.


About 15 mins later, my neighbor from downstairs knocked on my door and asked me to turn that music down. I told her I was not playing any music. I was asleep. It must have been her knocking on the wall or ceiling earlier. Anyway, I went with her downstairs to find the source of the noise.

We never did. But she's never knocked on my wall since then.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by skepticconwatcher

Haha... when I used to live in an upstairs apartment, the people underneath us would get so mad when my son (1.5) at the time had just mastered walking and running and would run at full speed from one side of the apartment to the next. We would get the downstairs occupants banging on their ceiling (our floor) with a broom stick. They gave up eventually when they realized that it wasn't going to end anytime soon. As luck would have it for them (and us) we moved out in 2 months into our house.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 07:31 AM
I've had a ton of unexplainable experiences although I always look for an explanation but the majority of the time there doesn't seem to be one.

I would say UFO's are the most common to be misjudged, often they are just stars, satellites, meteors, planes or fakes. Although I would say a majority of them are real. I have misjudged a few myself.

One experience I thought might be a ghost was when my TV cabinet would unexplainably make a creaking noise. It turned out that my PS3 was causing it.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 08:52 AM
I have one that I've told on here before, but I'll tell it again.

First of all, I'm a former ghost hunter (still do it occasionally) and I've experienced the paranormal. For the most part, it doesn't scare me so I'm not sure why the experience I'm about to share freaked me out so bad, lol. Besides, I would always try to debunk any kind of activity and try to reasonably explain it before deciding it was paranormal. On this night, I don't know what got into me!

It was dark out and I was standing in my aunt's yard with my sister. We are avid sky watchers and have been for years. On this night, we were using a satellite tracking app on my phone to try to find and identify the satellites that were flying over. This meant that we were staring at my phone and then looking up at the sky and each time we would look from phone to sky, our eyes would have to adjust before we could really see anything. While we were sky watching, I was telling her about a creepy dream I'd had a few nights before and were talking about other strange things like UFO's and such. We pointed out a few satellites and kept chatting.

I looked down at my phone to find another sat to look for and caught a bit of motion in my peripheral vision. I looked to the left and THOUGHT... I wasn't even sure, that I saw something walking between my car and my aunt's car. It appeared to be semi-transparent, cone-shaped, and bobbing up and down like someone walking. I pointed to it and said "what's that?" My sister glanced over and gasped and turned and ran the opposite direction. Since she was running, I knew that she had seen it too, so I took off as fast as I could go and was right on her heels! She ran up the porch steps, with me practically pushing her to go faster. I just knew that whatever we had seen was right behind me and was going to get me and that would be the end of me. She fell at the top of the steps and I reached down to help her up but she was moving so fast that she was down and right back up in no time flat. We ran in the front door, slammed it, locked it, dead bolted it, and then closed all the blinds in the room, lol.

My aunt said "What in the world is wrong with you two???!" Mind you, we're both in our 30's. I said, "There's a ghost out there!!!" My aunt said, "Oh, there is not!" I said, "YES there IS!" and I looked over at my sister and she was standing there with huge eyes and nodding her head in agreement with me. Then it hit me, my 17 year old son was nowhere to be seen in the house. Right then, there was a knock on the door and I realized what had happened.

We had been standing there looking at my phone and had just looked up when I saw the thing moving and not realizing that my son had come out the back door and was outside with us. Our eyes didn't have time to adjust to the darkness before we freaked out and took off running, so when my son walked between the two cars, he looked like something other-worldly, lol. We didn't stare at him long enough to realize that it was actually him. Besides that, we had already set an eerie mood by talking about creepy things.

He knocked on the door and I let him in. There he stood, scared half to death. He saw us freak out and run, so he freaked out and ran too, thinking that we had seen something terrible, but when he got to the door, he was locked out there with whatever horrible thing he thought we had seen, and couldn't even look in the window because the blinds were closed. I started laughing so hard that I ended up lying in the floor because I literally couldn't stand up. I laughed so hard I could have fainted.

There have been other times when I thought the completely mundane was something paranormal, but they're nowhere near as fun to tell about, lol. And I'm not even sure why I was scared. Like I said, the paranormal doesn't really disturb me that much. I guess it was because my sister ran first, lol. Anyway, crazy as it was, it's one of the most memorable moments of my life because I just felt sooooo so stupid! Good thing I can laugh at myself, hehe.

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posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 08:58 AM
The time I was sitting at the computer in my mom's room, it connects to the bathroom directly, there's no door. As I was reading something the faucet turned on by itself. I've read that they can do that due to water pressure or something, still freaked me out pretty good though.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by seeker11

I've encountered some strange things in my life, but here is an experience
more apropos to this thread. When I was in my early 20s, I got up one
morning before dawn. I started coffee, turned on the radio low(I lived
with other people), and lit up my first cig of the day. A few minutes later
I heard moaning, a drawn out "oh" sound, as in "oooohh". I knew nobody
else was up, so I didn't like that one bit. About 10 seconds later I heard
it again, from the direction of the dining room. I kept hearing it as I
slowly made my way through the dining room and realized it was
coming from the kitchen. I, bravely I thought, stepped into the kitchen
and found that it was my old percolator-style coffee pot making the
noise. I felt stupid, but mainly I felt relief. I'd fully expected to meet
an apparition of some sort. About a week later it stopped working. I
guess those were its horrible death throes in a coffee poty sort of way.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 05:31 PM
Thanks for sharing all of your stories! I haven't abandoned the thread I'm just drowning in work atm, which is why I haven't replied till now.

Keep them coming!

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 05:37 PM
thought my ex girlfriend was possessed by a demon.
turns out, she was just pms'ing.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 05:46 PM
Okay mine...which still make's me laugh at myself today

I was dropping off to sleep and suddenly felt my bed swaying backward's and forward's...I sat up abruptly and heard my wardrobe rattling too. Freaked the crap out of me! I shouted down stair's where two friend's were staying the night and they both consoled me and one of them even prayed in the bedroom. I went to sleep convinced it had been some sort of paranormal experience!

The morning after I saw on the new's that there had been an earthquake in my area
But take into account that I live in the UK and it's not something that is a regular occurrence or something us Brit's normally have to think about.

I think it was made worse by the fact it could only be felt in the upstairs of my property....if those friend's downstairs had felt it too I wouldn't have been so freaked about it!

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by seeker11
Thanks for sharing all of your stories! I haven't abandoned the thread I'm just drowning in work atm, which is why I haven't replied till now.

Keep them coming!

YOu should not be working so hard, working to much leads to being tired, being tired leads to stress, stress leads to nervous disorders, and we don't want you to become nervous.

Unless of course you are already nervous.

I once thought I seen something paranormal, but under closer scrutiny, it was just the same old same old.


posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 05:51 PM
Happened to me earlier tonight! I went outside after dark,and standing outside my house,about 10 meters from the corner of my house,looking at stars.The light right outside my back door is broken,and i don't intend to ever fix it really,i can see the stars better without having to switch off all the yard lights(which once had me falling over my female cat,who is as black as a politician's heart) There is a light round the side of the house though,and suddenly an apparition appeared,a pitchblack figure,round 5ft short,almost like a shadow person.I was startled for a second,and in that second 2 thoughts went through my head:1)Wow,this phantom/shadowperson sure looks in a rush..and 2) Well that's a rather fashionable hairstyle for a supernatural thingy,that is ODD

Well no wonder:it was my oldest daughter,who lives with her fiance and his family-she quickly nipped over on her way to a bbq,to bring her kid brother a choc Easterbunny

I did,nt hear her fiance's car+with the light behind her,she appeared pitchblack,looked really creepy-we had a good giggle!

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 06:27 PM
When I was a kid, about 14 or so, I used to do a 12 KM trap line with an old trapper who I'd admired for some of the things he done in the area. Anyways, at about the 8 KM mark there is a old log type of home made cabin with a makeshift half barrel heater inside it, dirt floor, hand hewn logs, etc.

I had to pee at some point in the night, and went out to leak, and I seen someone standing behind a small pile of firewood that piled makeshift style about 10 yards or so from the cabin.

This is pretty remote country of BC, and it alarmed and spooked me, I was kind of numb with fear for a few seconds as I diverted my gaze to backing back to the cabin without tripping, there was fresh snow, lots of debris etc. I looked a last time as I entered the cabin, but seen nothing.

In the morning, I told Bobby about it, and we went to the pile of wood, and there were coyote tracks or wolf tracks behind the pile, that were fresh in the fresh snow.

So I am not sure what I seen that night, but in my minds eye it was a person, but in reality it probably was the yottie/wolf or just my over active imagination.

For the next 4 KMS up and 12 back, Bobby kept asking, see any ghosts?

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 09:31 PM
We used to keep these long thin vases on top of our fridge, and every morning we would come down and they'd be all moved around. My mother is a neat freak, she wouldn't have moved them. My father and I knew my mother was a neat freak, we wouldn't have dared to move them.

So there I was, convinced we were being haunted. It wasn't until a few nights later when I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water. My mother would do her final clothes wash before bed, and as I turned around and looked up, I could see the vases jittering around on top of the fridge (how they never fell off I don't know) to the rhythm of the washing machines spin cycle, which was rattling through the floor because apparently people don't know how to build a steady, solid house any more. Mystery solved though.

reply to post by Logos23

I had that as well. Like a previous poster, I was an army brat, and we had moved from Scotland to Cyprus. My mother and her friends liked to talk about ghosts quite often, and the stories about paranormal bed shaking came up a few times. Well, when I woke up that night with the bed rattling around I was so terrified I couldn't even scream. It only dawned on me what was happening when I heard the rumbling, and the furniture creaking. It was a 5 pointer, luckily focusing downwards, or I would have been a different kind of terrified!

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 08:37 AM
Yes. Be it a personal belief, apparent phenomenon, event, series of events, series of strange coincidences, or something someone else told me about that seemed quite compelling, there have been many times over the course of my life where something truly out of the ordinary seemed to be happening but was actually only representative of something entirely mundane.

This is a lesson I think people often fail to take to heart, because I see again and again statements like, "The odds of this many improbable coincidences lining up perfectly without being indicative of anything are so low as to be considered negligible." And yet in nearly every one of those cases so far, it turned out to be nothing but coincidence. The lessons being that no matter how perfectly interlocking, bizarre, or improbable a thing may seem, it really can be something entirely mundane.

In my opinion this is something we must never forget, especially when delving into subject matter and phenomena which is by its nature difficult to define or quantify in many respects in the first place.


posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 03:46 PM
I have a story that happened to me recently. A couple of nights ago, I thought my wine glass (stemless) had simply vanished. My boyfriend and I were watching a show on tv and I had gotten up to do something. I had only had two small glasses to drink, so I wasn't clumsy and drunk or anything. Well when I came back it was gone. I thought the boyfriend was pulling a prank, but he wasn't and helped me look. I retraced my steps, looked all over the house, even places I hadn't been. It was driving us nuts, we flipped over furniture, searched couch cushions, looked in cabinets, corners, shelves, everywhere. All I could think about was hearing stories of people loosing items, only days later to have them show up right out in the open, or in their normal place. So the next day, it was still gone and I was determined to find it this time. And I did. The glass had ended up sinking down in a torn place inside the couch and gotten stuck. I felt kind of silly thinking a ghost must have took it.

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