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[Conspiracy] Hypothesis about the structured reforming geo-political balance between economics and p

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posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 03:53 PM
Greeting fellow ATS member,

I have been watching as always with close eyes to the human civilization. Recently my mind has been..wandering over the most recent of schemes involving a large group of powerful people of both the world of banking as well as the economics.

It has come to my attention that the latest scheme for power involved a large number of different financial and political groups and individuals that together have plotted the most treacherous path of forming a global political and financial sub-matrix that serves as a relay network for political control over the financial grid. The ultimate goal of this for mentioned plot is to gain control over both companies as well as the individual lives of you and me, the people.

To the leaders involved in this plot I will warn you to not attempt a theomancy for I will have you follow the path of the titans and make you bear the weight of Atlas.

Now without further to do. There are four major super powers in this world, to be known;

- The United States of America
- The Russian Federation
- The peoples republic of China
- The European Union

One of these super power differs from the rest in a significant way. You see; one of these superpowers has a bank that is independent. A bank that can act own its own accord, or at least it could until recently.

Is it the National bank of the United States?
No. The banking in the United States has been an extension of the United States government due to the Federal Reserve System since 1913. The bank is therefor an extension of the American government and has no liberty in the handling of currency.

Is it the Bank of China?
No. The bank of China is owned for 69.265% by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange as of 2006. It is therefor in control of the Chinese government and dependent upon its primary lifeline of the Chinese government.

Is it the Bank of Russia?
No. The bank of Russia, a reformed of the old RSFSR from the former Soviet Union has by Russian law the independence that one might suspect, but is actually tied down by another law stating it has to follow the governments plans for finance.

Is it the European Central Bank?
Yes! Although the bank has got figureheads appointed to some degree by the European Union it is expected to function independently and freely.

That is, until recently. The European financial crisis is under stress and in the terms spanning 2010 till now the European Central bank has been pressed ever harder to cooperate with the European Union to fight the debt crisis. Basically buying up European financial papers for an almost 0% interest rate, effectively purchasing the dept of the European nations.

It is here that I suspect is a problem. A massive 'bubble' of dept is being pushed aroun between China, the US and Russia with especially the US in general. This bubble is a weapon, an economic weapon that can be pumped into other economics making them collapse. Gradually this bubble is being pushed into the European Union, not to bankrupt them, but to force the EU to actually nationalize the ECB thus making it an extension of the European Union, or Brussels if you would put it bluntly.

With this the mayor financial system would become fully controlled by the political figureheads of those four superpowers and the corporations, even the internationally located ones would have no choice but to loan money from those bank thus owning money as well as storing it primarily on state controlled banks making them dependent of those states. This causes a gridlock of the economics that pushes the financial control into four super political control systems. (the respective governments of before called superpowers) with very little swimming space to evade.

With only Africa, the Middle-East and South America as semi-independent and economic unstable options those corporation will have no choice but to fulfill the demands of the superpowers or risk their finances in nations that can not guaranty the safety of that capital.

It will also directly allow the governments to control the finances of every single citizen who have mostly no refuge of that control. With the further virtualisation of the currency this would mean that citizens would become prisoners of their own nations as they could not move their finances to other banks.

In short; it would lock both companies as well as citizens up in a four power controlled gridlocked political economy. Leaving a patchwork of semi-developed countries with little to no hope to form an own system unless they join the already existing matrix.

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 06:51 PM

Originally posted by AncientShade

It is here that I suspect is a problem. A massive 'bubble' of dept is being pushed aroun between China, the US and Russia with especially the US in general.

You're right. That is a problem. A rather big one too. But China for one has gotten tired of it. That's why:

Trade between China and Latin America ( Brazil in particular) increased by 1,200% or from 10$ to 130$ billion dollars between 2000 and 2009

And now we have this:

Things are getting interesting.

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