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Gun safety has gone to the dogs! Hide!

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 07:47 PM

An officer was reportedly parked on Reservoir Street around 2 a.m. when he heard three gunshots. He pulled around to the front of the building and saw three males driving away towards Haverhill Street, reports The Eagle-Tribune.

Okay... Routine so far... Cop chases bad guys after hearing the shooting..then......

At the intersection of Crescent and May, the driver pulled over and 28-year-old Jose Calderon jumped out of the backseat, ran to the opposite side of the road, and began to bury something in the snow. Calderon then went back to car.

Uh oh... What could have been buried in the snow? Let's send the dog! Yup!

According to the newspaper, Ivan then went over to the snowbank and began to paw at the snow. It is believed the dog hit the trigger with his paw discharging a bullet into 82 Crescent St. Officers woke up the residents of the home to make sure no one had been hurt.

This is funny only because no one, including the dog, was hurt in the production of this screw up. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction, eh?

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